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  1. I completely agree. Archwing needs its own set of controls. It should have been done long ago, but its almost like DE made something and forgot about it halfway through, then just released it "as is"... Now, we all know DE would never do something like that... BUT, they did. I have a PC account now, but I used to play on PS4 all the time. I have no idea how this will work for any controller. Even with controller support on PC, its not possible to perform rolls, at least I haven't figured out how to roll on PC with a controller.... I really do hope they do something to fix this before railjack comes out otherwise, there will be loads of confusion and criticism.
  2. Warframe.market dont use trade channel, and ALWAYS check your goods. Everyone else can wait, or find someone else. Its happened to me too, but learn from this and dont let it happen again. Thats all I can say friend, good luck to you in the future.
  3. I so wish it was tradable... All I need is the bp. I would drop 200p easy just to put an end to that one grind.
  4. Ive been farming them for two years outside of raids... Still no brakk. GL
  5. When can we expect a full rework on the [PH]runningman's kit? Im hoping for more synergy between his 1 and 3, also his passive needs a buff please. Thanks!
  6. My friends just told me that Scott is removing Itzal... That is my favorite archwing... I thought they were going to make archwing better, what happened to that? If they remove the best one, how is that making it better? I love that game mode and always thought it was a shame that not many people liked playing those type missions. I was looking forward to railjack as it would give us all an excuse to do more archwing missions, but I guess Ill have to settle for the Odonata Prime... Its not a bad archwing, but it only sits at second best in my book. If they want to remove an archwing they should remove either the Amesha... It is by far the worst archwing in the game... I hate that one, take it instead.... Or even the Elytron... Its not as bad as Amesha, but still... Man, this blows... Who said anything bad about Itzal, and why would they remove it? So what if its fast... Volt is fast and he's still in the game...
  7. Why does Space Mom keep abandoning us?
  8. Baro to carry Primed Chamber perhaps? Pretty please with chocolate syrup, whip cream, and a cherry on top. I'll love you forever and ever and ever.
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