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  1. Guys, the old void was no fun for me. It was as annoying as it can be. I have at least 4 prime warframes in the factory missing only one rare component, because I don't have that much time to farm it. Yes, you can be emotionally linked to the tileset, but I was really fed up with that because the gameplay was ultimately boring and repetitve (do x waves of defense a million times to maybe get the needed drop). So don't ever frikkin bring it back. I see that the new system is not polished enough yet, but I see it as a better base to build upon.
  2. Maybe you should check if there are some duplicate faces? Can't think anything other than that.
  3. I have a friend who's working in an Activision-owned company, and he told me that it's a good working environment. No EA style crunches and stuff like that.
  4. 1. Blow up the void ASAP :) Seriously, the farming is really tiresome. I have at least 4 prime frames in the foundry, each missing only one part for being able to complete. Lot of us don't have that much time to play to do countless and endless runs to have those. Or consider non-endless void missions the same Orokin cache system like void sabotage missions. Ok, of course there is trading, but: 2. Trading is currently a really annoying thing - constantly watching the chat, trying to remember the name of someone or be quick to click on his name, then maybe you can contact with someone, who might not f*ck you up. Consider please for example a clan-to-clan or alliance trading. Maybe a clan could build a treasury, where the members can contribute tradeable stuff, and the clan trade kiosk might be visible for other clans, where those parts can be bought... Or something... But not this. 3. Damage rework for making every weapon viable.
  5. Yup, I can confirm that. I tried to modify one of the colors, and no palette were shown, just inactive buttons (back button was highlighted on hover, but not working). :(
  6. While Prime Acces will end next week, the U17 and the new prime access (possibly with Ash Prime) will arrive in two weeks (or more, but I think this is the reason why DE already announced the end of the current prime access).
  7. Yeah :) I can think of something like if you running on the wall for long it would be more like an arch, not a straight line (depending on the frame speed, weight and the mods), and maybe some stamina system for the charged jumps (more like a charge bar, which refills almost immediately), so the jump distance would depend more on the base frame abilities and the mods you put on. Some applications in my mind's eye: * Volt is running on the wall like lightning * Ash or Loki climbs up on the wall, goes invisible waiting for some sorry-a$$ enemy troops and drops on top of them (melee finisher ftw!) * Rhino with a Heavy Impact mod from above ... and so on :)
  8. Basically they were showing some directionality in wallrunning, stopping and hanging on the wall and on ropes, charged jumps and a few combos with warframe powers, like Vauban's jump pad or Zephyr's flying abilities. For me, it was a good start, most of us here I think are worried about the stamina changes (well, the fact that the devs will think on it later).
  9. The problem with coptering is that different weapon animations are causing different movement speed, trajectory and so on. This goes almost similarly to directional melee. Compare for example Scoliac, Reaper Prime, Dual Ichor and Glaive. Scoliac gives a somewhat rocketjump feeling, while Glaive is suprisingly bad and slow regardless of its size. Dual Ichor is fast, and gives a lot of speed, Reaper Prime is the slowest of the four example (not surprisingly). I tried to collect some really weird examples, I think these can highlight the problem. They are not logical in their movement, and only depending on the current animation (take Glaive again - it's even slower when the new stance is equipped). These effects are killing consistent and reliable movement. This is why coptering is unbalanced.
  10. Cute :) What you don't know that I was in game development for quite a few years and you can be pretty sure that I know a lot about how animation systems work. Let's end this, because it just derailing the thread. Let me summarize my thoughts: Overgrowth is really bada$$, I love it, the technology, the idea, the cleverness, the execution. What I'd like to point out, is that the procedural, generalized system MIGHT not apply as well to Warframe, as you expect. I'm not even completely sure about that, but I had a strong feeling that it won't. And just let it go. I will not go into it any deeper. You might tell me that "yea, thats the easy way", but I just don't want the hassle. Not worth it to make an endless argument about how animation systems are working in a game (I was working on on back in the time).
  11. That there is a tradeoff: in the case of overgrowth system you'll have a general movement/navigation/fighting animation engine, but you'll lose almost every characterisation/personalisation options. Each system is good, the overgrowth guy can't afford 10 animators working on characters all the time, so he had to implement a system instead. On the other hand (current game engines are all having movement trees and a lot of nonlinear animation possibilities) you will have things like noble stances and distinct, characterised animation sets, but it's a lot of work. The thing what warframe is failing to do currently is not dependant of the underlying animation capabilities.
  12. Yes, I saw that video. And no, it's not what I was talking about. The 13 keyframes are the KEY frames, personalization is from the inbetweens. What the guy does (really nicely btw) is a generalization of human movement. The only thing you can play with is the interpolation curves between the key frames, and the other systems driving the character. All actual game engines are having these in some form or in some depth, transitioning and overlaying different animations. Again: owergrowth is fine as it is, I just having concerns about applying the same system to warframe (and I didn't said a word about control, I'd like that to happen as much as you do).
  13. Well, I'm following overgrowth for a while, checking the videos and all, but I'm not that impressed. While it has really cool and smart techniques, I can't really imagine the same movement style in warframe environment. From a coder standpoint, I admire overgrowth's procedural engine, but the downside of this method is that it's really hard to add personalisation (like the different warframe style stances, and the like). From an artist/level designer standpoint, overgrowth has large open spaces with big, flat surfaces. Warframe is really different. It has narrow corridors, irregular open spaces. The same physics and engine would only hurt warframe control and feel. I'm not saying that some of the stuff overgrowth has doesn't fit, but in a whole: no.
  14. On Excalibur: I'm not a fan of power related weapons. It'd be more logical for me if the power would build upon the currently wielded weapon. Weapons for building another: It's okay in terms of advancement (Lex -> Aklex, dual swords, or modified ones), but totally disgusting if used as a locking requirement. Augment slots: HELL YEAH! Maybe you might add not one, but more depending on mastery rank (One at MR1, one additional for every 10 MR). Also, primaries and secondaries could use an augment slot also (which should work like stance mods). Super/Prime forma: Well, although I voted yes, this depends. I always hated relevelling of my items. Not only because it takes time, but for losing my current build, all the stats and so on. What if the normal forma can polarize one already polarized slot, but the super forma can polarize a blank one (without the relevelling requirements)? I'd use more forma then, now it's just a pain in the a$$ to rebuild an item from the scratch. Chat 2.0: Yes. I'd call it a bit user-unfriendly as it is now, a lot of trouble when you want to see what others are typing, and doing some tasks in the UI the same time.
  15. Kinda funny tho that XB1 and PS4 are also running AMD GPUs :D
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