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  1. Can't find the manacles for the life of me. Already spent 30 minutes walking around like a complete idiot. Wow riveting gameplay there, DE. Thank you.
  2. lmao Kronen nerfed, no more 2-3k riven, excellent big F for my boy Paracesis and Redeemer
  3. Isolation Vaults got the treatment Railjack has. I barely see people recruiting to do them anymore. Once again same as Railjack. The change from 3 minute wait inside the toxic chamber to a 1:30 is a welcome one but far too late. People already farmed what they needed and very very few are willing to get back into ISO vaults for some 0.0000000000001% mod drop from a Necramech even with 2 nekros drop chance booster and whatever else they bring. It's still low and not worth the trouble. Hence the mod prices 300 plat, 400 plat, just like some good riven. What is more mechs are pretty useless.
  4. Very welcome change to the isolation vault toxic phase. Thanks.
  5. I love how my reply about 3 Umbra formas and a booster reward for farming MR 30 for years and years was deleted, clearly taking it very well to the feedback there, mods. lmao
  6. Uuuuh, what did they say? You're not very clear on this. You get to rank 30 and how are you different from rank 1-29 exactly?
  7. Week 2 sitting at max rank NW with nothing to do and counting...
  8. Yeah i just stay away meleeing anyone if i see Telos Boltace on them. The weapon is there, people use it. It is what it is. Can't blame the players if i'm honest, just a bad balancing from DE's part and those blades are definitely S tier overpowered in Conclave.
  9. Good question, I'd say it's between Trinity, Harrow and Khora imo. Personally i'd lean more to Harrow just because of Defection and his Systems. Trinity has a 1 in 3 guaranteed chance to drop and takes about as long as it takes to get to 8 waves on Defection, which is 10-12 minutes. Difference is Harrow is not guaranteed, neither is Khora which also takes over 16 minutes.
  10. Who cares, my toaster won't be able to run all this anyway. Stick to fixing stuff gameplay wise that's being done on the feedback subforum. EDIT: White overexposure is still horrible with "Color Correction" on and having 50/50 lighting and contrast set. The Starchart map is dark as hell overconpensated with a bright white over planets which renders one barely able to see the planet's nodes. This hasn't been fixed in ages. I don't know why. Any white posters or personal quarters in your ship are also either very very dark if you choose a darker tone for color or the overblown with w
  11. I mean i don't disagree with you there, i don't even know how long people have been waiting for the Glassmaker act 5 and for it to finally end. The frustrating part is nobody knows when it will end. It's at least 1 week. I missed some Nightwave acts since i haven't been playing then returned, so i don't mind repeat Nightwave like Wolf of Saturn Six or something. Repeat cosmetics should be replaced with nightwave creds in those slots for those that have completed it, i agree 100%. Something like 60-100.
  12. Why is Nightwave capped at rank 60? Act 5 of the Glassmaker isn't even out yet and i can't earn or spend credits anymore since i'm locked reaching prestige 30 or rank 60 or whatever it is. So what now, DE? I have to wait another month or maybe more till a new Nightwave comes out? Remove the Nightwave rank cap.
  13. Why are primary Kitguns not giving any MR xp while also being greyed out as if they're supposed to?
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