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  1. You don't need same amount of money to host ~35-40k people on PC, consoles is even less, as Blizzard, LMFAO what are you even talking about. People pay for this game every day, skins, when prime warframes come out. They've been doing that for 8 years. You've no idea what you're on about. I'd rather take chances with stable dedicated servers than with the ms i'm getting in my region which is like every 3rd host over 200 ms somehow miraculously and then a host migration and i'm alone. Yeah i think i'll be fine throwing the host migration system in the bin and having a dedicated server for that s
  2. You lose all your mech xp or xp in ESO, xp loss also happens in normal missions. xp gets bugged and gives 1/10th of what it's supposed to after host migration in ESO sometimes. I've lost items, mods through host migration before. There's no such thing as "succesful" host migration. The system itself is a failure and should be scrubbed completely and maybe DE should get back to the drawing board or start looking into dedicated servers after 8 years or whatever it is, no? Because hosting 30-40k people playing isn't really a big deal throughout i think 8 regions with Asia, Europe and NA definitel
  3. Bump, Just did 3 rounds for endless Deimos bounty, correct, completing bonus objectives does not grant bonus loot at the end of the round.
  4. When host disconnects you get a host migration anyway and lose everything. What are you talking about. Yes i want host migration system gone. It's not trying to fix anything it's breaking the game.
  5. Yeah it's baaaaad, real bad lately. Imo they should remove "host migration" system completely, that way if the host lags people can extract and change the host or leave VOLUNTARILY without losing the xp and loot they accumulated. tl;dr remove host migration system
  6. @ParanoiconThanks. Well that sucks. Wonder if Reach and Seismic do. Not that you slam with mech all that much but it would be still something.
  7. Does Necramech Reach, Fury, Seismic Wave and Pressure Point affect the Bonewidow's Ironbride? @ me in this thread if you tested, got answers, i know that it says Fury doesn't in the Warframe Wikia, but i'm not fast on trusting the word of a wiki. Thank You.
  8. Does Necramech Reach and Necramech Seismic Wave work on Ironbride though or nah? @Ulseth
  9. Yeah, agreed, they need to fix the codex. I'm actually having a lot of fun filling it with my helios. But all the old unobtainable entries must be deleted. NPCs from events that haven't come back for over a year and entries that you can't scan anymore. eg. the pulsating tumors from old jordas precept that are not there anymore and are still in objects list blacked out; nemes from datalysts (old event) the ones in index don't count for me with heliocor for some reason; nightwatch type enemies from another event also non obtainable anymore and many many more.
  10. BUMP. NOT FIXED. Just had to leave a group because my mech was bugged and couldn't leave it in any way, not by /unstuck, not by operator, not by jumping in water, not even by letting it die. It still showed me as i'm in the mech, i couldn't even extract with timer for goodness sake it kept pushing me out of the orb vallis elevator and resetting the timer for the whole group. These are MAJOR AND COLOSSAL BUGS, i've never seen bugs like these in any of the games i've played before. Never. Lost all my XP gain AGAIN after deciding to leave the group. It is NOT fixed. I repeat. It's still
  11. Thanks, when is the Ebisu Spear getting some love and getting a fix?
  12. Nothing of the sort for me. It feels like i'm trying to melee with a baguette when i use Ironmaiden. And it's modded too.
  13. I'm sure this has been mentioned about 100 times, but i'll just add that Ironmaiden needs to be on par with the damage a modded Arquebex deals, which is a A LOT OF DAMAGE, currently Ironmaiden can be outdone by any melee weapon that's not even potato'd and you have at least 4-5x combo accumulated.
  14. @[DE]MeganThanks for the hotfix. Any talks about fixing the Ebisu spear so it's actually silent, it's not at the moment. Any and all Deimos fish can hear you throw it and run away mid throw especially the new one, lobo(something something). Also Bonewidow's Ironmaiden exalted sword is extremely underwhelming. Compared to Arquebex i can deal more damage with about any unmodded melee weapon with a bit of combo accumulated. The sword should be on par with the damage of the Arquebex. Currently it deals (modded properly mind you) from 6-9k damage per swing. That is ridiculous and completely useless
  15. Necramech XP does not save upon leaving the party. Just did some mech xp farm and upon leaving the group it saved 0. It's still not fixed even though i think i saw it marked as fixed in recent patch notes. It's not.
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