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  1. What are you even talking about lmao, no one is screaming. They removed momentum completely as before you had to break with 2, now it stops, regardless how fast you move, instantly. Momentum was a hindrance in Tridos, how are you maintaining anything zipling yourself to the ground hahaha.
  2. Tell me 1 situation where someone would use this combo of 2 and then 1 instead of just, ya know, moving forward normally using 2 again for invisibility. Ripline/Zipline, whatever it is, is useless, keep coping.
  3. Who even uses zip-line on an archwing it's such a laughable design and completely pointless on an archwing.
  4. Remove Heavy Attack bind on E already. Messes the flow on fast attack speed frames or frames getting the fast attack speed and leave it on MB3 as it is now.
  5. Hey Megan, are you going to fix and ----> REMOVE <----- the heavy melee on E so it's not on 2 binds now MB3 and holding E?
  6. imagine how i feel running berserker and 111% No.2 on a Valkyr then.
  7. Remove the heavy attack bind on E since now it's on 2 buttons pressing E too long and MB3. Bring back credit booster to sortie reward table.
  8. Remove the heavy attack bind on pressing E too long, with very fast attack speed it's messes up the combo points accumulated because you do heavy attacks UNWILLINGLY. I can't unbind that nonsense since there is no option to do it. The bind to heavy attacks in MB3 in controls so why make it on 2 BUTTONS? MB3 AND pressing E too long???????????
  9. It is optional with hold to Heavy at the moment, but it's on E, which comes with the problem i listed above.
  10. Please please please for the love of God, DE, remove the bind on pressing E too long for heavy attack. With a high attack speed on certain frames or with certain mod setups it is INNEVITABLE that you will unwillingly do a heavy attack and lose ALL your combo points (what a dumb idea that was - removing all your accumulated combo points just because you use a heavy attack, whoever made that decision, please fire him). Previously it was and it still is for some reason Mouse Button 3 for a Heavy Melee attack, you could do it, you could choose not to do it. Now with it being binded to pressing E a bit longer with lightning fast melee it happens ALL THE TIME. I dont want to use it, i dont want to see that animation and i dont want to lose my combo points.
  11. For some reason when i spam E like everyone does it occasionally counts as a heavy attack so i see the animation, obviously cant stop that and see my combo counter goes down the drain, at least with MB3 i could avoid that, now it happens anytime it wants.
  12. >Added more Parazon finishers for you to enjoy Well i can't enjoy them, because everything dies in 0.0000001 seconds and the NPC's that dont sometimes cant be Parazoned or whatever because they have some dot or a blind or something else on them and Parazon disappears. Delay the death on Parazon viable targets like with thralls.
  13. Agreed. NPC should enter a state of invulnerability for 3-4 seconds just like a thrall, if parazon is not used - die. Now i just pulverize everything infront of me with new melee rework and there's 0 seconds to react to any parazon indicators because enemies either: 1 too low level and die in 0.00001 seconds or normal/high level - still die in 1 second with me noticing parazon over their heads too late spamming that E.
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