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  1. Why exactly does this thread exist? Over twenty pages of feedback in the "workshop" was completely ignored and the numbers came out unchanged, are we supposed to believe that this one is going to be any different? Why even have workshops at all if they're just gonna be a sham? But sure, I'll bite. Vazarin was the focus school I used. I don't even have Zenurik leveled up yet, so I don't really have a choice since most of the other focus skills seem to be... well, bad. Out of all of Vazarin's skills—excluding the waybounds since everyone can use those—only two were worth using; the insta-revives and Protective Dash. The insta-revives were pretty niche already, since you could just revive people while in void mode without risking yourself anyway. It was QoL at best. That leaves Protective Dash. I'll be up-front with this, and of course I can only speak for myself when I say this. I didn't use Protective Dash so I could heal warframes. Magus Nourish and Magus Repair are far more efficient for that, and using one of those to top myself off doesn't lock me out of all the other focus schools like Vazarin does. After all, there are two arcane slots. You can only have one focus school. As for healing other players... well, you try chasing down another guy sprinting past at Mach 7 who doesn't care about his own HP. If he dies, he dies. So what does that leave? Healing my companion (Protective Dash does not heal other players' companions) and healing static objectives. We already know how the latter ended. The kneejerk nerf in the wake of Scarlet Spear was so harsh that the entire skill is now a write-off. Only halfway through the starchart, Protective Dash already becomes obsolete now. For Arbitrations and Sorties, it just becomes a painful joke. A 100HP/s heal is not okay when the static objective can have tens of thousands of HP. Like... what? Didn't we literally just cover this with the excavators' static HP values and how hated they were? Is it the same guy coding these numbers? Why did he decide that a skill that takes weeks to grind should be outperformed by unranked warframe skills? What is even the point now? Is anyone going to grind Protective Dash now if they don't have it already? Vazarin was already niche enough as is. If your intent was to completely kill off Vazarin users, then congratulations, you have succeeded with me. Guess I'll just migrate to Zenurik with everyone else. So much for that "build diversity", huh?
  2. No comment on how being able to heal players with the dash is kinda worthless since operator arcanes exist?
  3. I respectfully disagree. Operator arcanes are just as good if not better for self-healing, and you can use two of 'em without locking you out of a valuable energy dash. As for healing others, trying to chase down a fellow Tenno flying past me at Mach 6 who doesn't care about their own HP isn't exactly my idea of a good time. Speaking for myself, I cannot justify using Vazarin any longer when Zenurik provides so many positives that DE has shown no intent of nerfing.
  4. Welp, Vazarin is now officially dead despite the overwhelmingly negative feedback to the changes you got in the workshop. You really want everyone to use Zenurik, huh? Thanks for the Railjack changes. They were badly needed.
  5. Most of these changes sound excellent, though I'm a little worried about capacity costs for the new mods changing. I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Any thoughts about tweaking the damage values on the swarm missile battle avionic, though? As it stands it remains little more than a fancy light show.
  6. "We want to increase build diversity." - DE *forces players into only using Zenurik by making all the other focus skills terrible* - also DE As someone who mains Vazarin, this change will basically force me out of the focus school since using it to heal defense objectives was basically the primary use for it (since healing allies can be done far more efficiently with far better tools than attempting to dash a sluggish operator through a crazy person parkour'ing past at mach 5). As countless other people have said, a flat 500 HP heal is basically useless on a scaling objective that can have hundreds of thousands of HP, and completely gutting the invulnerability effect instead of replacing it with something else seems like spite at this point. At this point, what else does Vazarin have? I can use it to top up my sentinel, and that's about it. Might as well just switch to Zenurik with everyone else at this point.
  7. What Shedu part did you lose? I've got an extra barrel, receiver, and chassis, and I've already built one for me and gave other Shedu sets away to my friends.
  8. The arsenal seems to be missing from the ESC menu while in the orbiter, at least on my game install. Also the FoV settings seem to reset to the default value whenever I restart the game, despite the options menu suggesting otherwise. (ex. I have it set to 90, but the game's FoV very clearly isn't 90) Can anyone else confirm?
  9. People cited grind as the biggest problem with Warframe at the end of last year's community poll, and yet the brand-new event of 2020 is a bucket of insane grind. To quote Dewey, "I expect nothing and I'm still let down." I guess the new deluxe stuff looks nice though.
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