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  1. All in all the new UI looks a ton better. However! There is a huge difference between playing on console vs playing on a PC. The console cursor is a lot slower, you can make it faster at the cost of accuracy. The delay between stopping mouse movement and releasing an analog stick is quite significant.These factors together make it quite a bit more of a chore to get things done. There are some ways to mitigate this though. - More hotkeys on console. - remove the click for showing an info window in for example the inventory. Makes it a lot more snappy and speeds it up by quite a bit. Regarding the multi layered approach for showing information. In my daytime job as Engineer I really appreciate having all necessary information at a glance in programs, saves a lot of time. For beginning players this leads to an overload information. Could this be fixed for both parties by having an "advanced interface" setting that shows more upfront information? I think it would. Also another point, I imagine having pop-up confirmation windows for a lot of the actions makes people want to press as fast as possible( remember the good old windows, "are you really sure?" Pop-ups?. This could lead to causing the exact thing to happen that the pop-up was supposed to prevent.
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