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  1. There is absolutely no way in hell a system like this would not break the game, even if they gave us the worst abilities from each frame. I've always been a member of the nerf camp, but if this is the route DE wants to take, then let's just embrace the chaos. This is going to make it so that nearly any frame can push the threshold of being useful in high level content, at the very least, and the absolute best frames are going to push well past the point of anything meaning anything.
  2. And this changes... What, exactly? You can do the entire star chart including Steel Path with any frame. You can do 8 wave ESO with any frame. You can do tridolons with any frame. While yes, the meta squad is more efficient at it and that matters for tridolons especially, what this will do is push more frames past the threshold they need to be to perform well in certain roles. This game isn't hard. Everything is made of paper if you build right. A one-shot is a one-shot is a one-shot. Just because the meta is one-shotting harder doesn't change that you're still one-shotting. If anything, I see this opening up the 5x3 meta more, at the very least, and push the maximum tridolons even further.
  3. There's so much potential for this to outright break the game it's not even funny, and I love it. But, question, how will augment buffs stack? Ie, Volt's Shock Trooper with Ember's Fireball Frenzy? Is that subject to the double damage buff rule? Or can I have 600% rad damage and bring her to eidolons with some meme weapon like a mk1 braton?
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