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  2. Ember's 3rd and subsumable ability, Fireblast, for some reason has random, inconsistent blind spots. In the Ballroom simulacrum, standing in the middle of 20 bombards, with the ability subsumed onto Nezha, it takes 7 casts to strip all armor with at least neutral (100%) power strength. Using Nezha's Divine Spears to ensure the enemies do not move from where they stand, I used Fireblast 7 times and several bombards still had armor, requiring 1 or 2 additional fireblasts to fully strip armor. This is the easiest way I have found to reproduce the blind spots glitch. An alternative is to simply ca
  3. Same issue. Also the flowers are all white.
  4. wait he just asks for tokens, not raw standing?
  5. Honestly, I think the open world itself is the best one yet, going for quality of the space you inhabit rather than the quantity. Plains and the Vallis are plagued with vast swathes of empty land where nothing happens and there's nothing interesting. There's always something interesting in the Cambion Drift. The syndicate associated with it, the bounties, and especially stuff like Scintillant needed a ton more testing and work put into it though, definitely. I think the problem here though is, they're working from home. The psychological effect of working from home means people generally do
  6. Evasion is a flat % chance for enemies to miss. You could look at it as a chance to have 100% damage reduction in a way, I suppose. As for the sly vulpaphyla in general, the devolution buff is always there while it's dead, as far as I can tell, so at the very least a 20% chance to not get hit seems pretty good and worth considering. Survival Instinct definitely needs some work though. At least it's not as bad as the Crescent Vulpaphyla since it's devolution mod is actively worthless, meaning its alive precept is the only one worth using. So do you let it revive itself on a 30 second timer,
  7. I wouldn't call them pointless since grandma tokens are needed to buy a crafting material you need for the new weapons and Xaku, and she asks for a metric boat load of tokens for that resource.
  8. I think it should be an upgraded tranq rifle that you'd have to buy seperately. Or maybe just buy it as an upgrade like with the sunpoint drill. Every other side activity has a progression system like that, and something as simple as a hot and cold beep or an arrow pointing toward the creature would be an easy way to make a progression system for conservation.
  9. They already released the new war. They've stated several times it's not going to be a one and done cinematic quest, it's going to be an ongoing cinematic event. Scarlet Spear was the first part, we're waiting for the next. Also, do remember, they're working from home. Beyond not having access to their equipment and ease of access to each other to coordinate well, the psychological impact of working from home tends to make it harder to work. Honestly, I'm just glad they pumped anything out at all, because no way in hell could they make another cinematic quest or operation from home. They do
  10. The set bonus does not proc off slash procs. It procs off killing enemies with heavy attacks, and the damage increase definitely helps that. 30% evasion for playing a heavy attack build is pretty strong for what it is, and 6 seconds of status immunity is huge, definitely the main attraction. The main thing is that the 30% evasion stacks with the Sly Vulpaphyla, giving you up to 90% evasion. This makes squishy frames a lot more viable, and if you run this set raw on Xaku with his 4, he's basically unkillable without running any other defensive mods, suggesting to me that the set is made specifi
  11. She also gives you more if you do the bonuses and she gives 100+ for the steel path bounty. She gives the damn things out like candy, it takes no effort at all to get max standing. The other family tokens are the main gatekeepers but even then the only ones that are a pain are daughter and son since they tend to ask for really rare things for most of their tokens. At least son's you only need 2 to trade for a grandma token.
  12. You don't need to wait for the reset to know that. It previews the crafting costs in Son's offerings.
  13. Hydroid's puddle can do it too, though only to walls, not floors.
  14. They have no telegraph or wind-up either. It just kinda happens. One second you're shooting it, the next you're dead and it didn't fire a shot.
  15. I think either letting us customize it or making it context sensitive is best. No one color would work best. Bright blue is a very common color on the vallis, so maybe a deep red would be best there. But that doesn't work best in deimos so a vibrant green would be great there. But Plains is pretty green, so how about we do blue there?
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