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  1. I can't see anythin' :/. I think your link may be broken again.
  2. Clan Name: Guardians of Asguard Preferred Payment Type: PayPal. Design Details: No font, Outer ring - Basic rainbow colors, Top left ring - Red/Black (kuva), Top right - Lime green/ silver, Bottom ring - Blue/Gold, Hammer- Silver head/handle, brown leather. Widen the colored rings some, if you would kindly. Links to reference images: https://www.deviantart.com/joltshanto/art/Warframe-Clan-Emblem-prototype-Guardians-of-Asgu-775718213 Additional Comments: If I don't respond right away I'm sorry, I'm probably asleep or at work. I will get back t'you Asap. Also a Ps4 Clan if that matters at all.
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