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  1. Casual & usual reminder that I would deeply, deeply love to see minimap position & opacity controls, please and thank-you!
  2. Yeah, I've felt for a long time that 5 waves is out of line. Should be 2-3 waves, tops. Same amount of enemies if you want, just get away from the repetition.
  3. The day/night cycle thing is the biggest reason I don't bother much with Eidolons except when I need another Riven transmuter.
  4. Is there some kind of internal plan to up drop chances after a couple weeks of releasing a new item to motivate players to blow plat on these rather than grind for them? Or does someone at DE just have sadist tendencies when it comes to drop rates and grind? Seriously, I've already done the hoop-jumping several times over while playing this game with these shenanigans. Every new release feels like it gets even worse with drop rates. Could you please take it easy? Or let us know if we should wait a bit if we intend to grind rather than spend a couple hundred plat for potential MR fodder? Frustrated and annoyed.
  5. Damn. Wow. Nice. That's going to be a fair bit to chew on for awhile! I can't help but wonder though...all this, and we still have no minimap opacity & size controls??? Don't get me wrong, this is all fantastic and amazing - the bow thing surprised me and I'm eager to check out those in particular - but if you can manage to make all this magic happen, then *surely*.... I'm begging, you please - minimap opacity & size/location customization!
  6. I like seeing so many fixes! Usual reminder that I and others would like minimap transparency, size, & position controls!
  7. Lots of cool stuff to see.... But we still don't have minimap position, size, and opacity options?
  8. 👍 Minimap size & opacity customization options, please and thank you. Longstanding number 1 pet peeve, really a pain on the eyes particularly as more and more eye candy gets added to the game.
  9. Hacked drones during PoE bounties are getting stuck on the terrain and refuse to move, causing the mission to eventually fail.
  10. Sounds like very solid rework to me. Something I want to know about in an official capacity though, are Nezha & Wukong "un-prime-able" or will their prime versions be coming down the road?
  11. Any hotfixes on the way for Ropalolyst fight not progressing? Also, while you're on the UI focus lately, can we finally get some minimap opacity & size customization options, please???
  12. This looks like a very good idea to me. There's been so many worthy suggestions to rework frames like Ember and Vauban that seem to just go unheeded by DE, who then turns around and comes out with something like Wisp. 🙄 I hope that trend changes.
  13. Wait a minute. But my kavat doesn't have energy colors...? (It's got 6 forma on it?)
  14. I just want to voice how much it pleases me that you do these rapid hotfixes after more longterm 'big' releases. Some goofy stuff going on with the relic UI lately for sure, but still. This effort is not unnoticed, and is in fact much appreciated! The change for people extracting from disruption and the kavat tail are a couple things that stand out for me personally at the moment.
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