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  1. I can't remember; I browsed the wiki again just now based on your reply and can't find the same page again. Maybe I wound up on the wrong wiki at first, beats me...apologies! Cheers for the info.
  2. It also annoys me that Sentinels are weaker than the other companions, and that we can't simply have both the general-utility Sentinels and the more focused-utility MOA/cat/dogs active at the same time...maybe I'll get around to a suggestion thread on companions, when I can get my head around this content I'm catching up on.
  3. This is really good to know, and eases some of my concerns about whether I want to bother getting into things - thank you. Not having the death on failure, only used when it's the correct combo, consistent Larvaling spawning - all makes it sound MUCH less annoying. Guess there's a number of QOL updates that haven't made it into the wiki yet. Is the first step to start collecting the Requiem relics via the Kuva Floods, then, to accumulate the necessary mods? I suppose there's always room for more Kuva. And I remember reading a thing about converting the Lich, in the case it's not a desira
  4. Yeah...I took a look at this list on the wiki, the only one I might use is Perspicacity on Ivara to make spy sorties a little more convenient, given I never use half her ability kit anyway and I'm feeling rusty on the hacks since I returned. Master's Summon doesn't fix the problem with pets dying - enemies doing so much damage that the pet just instadies. Being able to resummon them with some energy doesn't fix that issue, they'll just die instantly again, making this a complete waste. It really seems like that Shield Rebuild ability is purely meant for Hildryn. No other Warframe is goin
  5. EDITED DISCLAIMER: I based my impression on what appears to be out-of-date information. Still convoluted, just not as annoying as I initially feared. I mean, what the heck? Sometimes on Grineer missions a larva thing will appear that if you kill, you can spawn a Lich that chases you, and if you kill it, it gives you a weapon - that sounds simple, right? Except that you also need mods. Special mods that only come from a certain new kind of Relic that can only be obtained in a certain new way and opened in a certain new kind of void fissure thing, and that can only be used 3 times, and als
  6. Echoing a few other threads on this subject, I really do NOT like this new end-mission screen. It's nonintuitive and hides information that I actually want, like what was displayed on the prior version. Seems like some things never change with Warframe - as amazing as it is, as wild as all the new features and content are, it's eternally hampered by bizarre UI design ideas. If something isn't broken, don't fix or replace it. Improve on it, sure. But tossing out existing functionality and trying a whole new approach? It's been a mistake made more than once with this game. I think you fol
  7. Returned to the game after a long hiatus, came on here just for this reason. I really do not like the new end mission result screen. I want the old one back.
  8. In the short term, Limbo makes things easier. Or Mesa, depending on how you want to do things.
  9. I quite like your idea. Deployable turrets are always fun (and it really sucks that the one turret we get to deploy via our dropship isn't worth a damn - in fact, the air support stuff deserves a hard rework, too). I also totally agree that the mines/grenades stuff should be merged, it's like old Zephyr having 2 abilities to manage the same thing. The syngergy between his abilities would also be excellent. 👍👍
  10. Haymaker & splat. The mods are straightforward, Hornet Strike + Barrel Diffusion + Lethal Torrent + Augur Pact + Primed Pistol Gambit + Primed Target Tracker + electric dual stat + toxic dual stat. I also have one with Lovetap & splat, it's kind of up to preference with DPS there - I found that Lovetap sort of made armor strip a little *too* fast, though, so I went and made the Haymaker one, which does perform better against status-immune bosses.
  11. Primaries are in a bit of a weird spot. Hunter Munitions is mandatory on anything not-a-sniper-rifle, and sniper rifles only get away with it by virtue of the sniper combo mechanic. This is partially due to the modding situation, and partially due to the wonky Damage 2.0 mechanics. What I've arrived at as the 'ideal' setup between the 3 sources of damage is this: - Viral + Hunter munitions (using Primed Cryo Rounds for more damage) for all my Primaries, because slash + Viral can still deal with armor scaling is B.S. and it enables me to be effective against any type of enemy. Weapons that
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