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  1. @Firetempest Put that mess in [.spoiler][./spoiler] tags (without the . obviously, forum UX is another thing that could use some touch-up 😐)
  2. Oh, this explains perfectly why we still don't have basic minimap customization options like position/size/opacity, right? Look, it's true enough to say developers pay attention to *some* of the feedback the community has to offer every day, but there's a heck of a lot that's either going under their radar, being pushed under the rug, or being kicked down the road. There's real justification for player's frustration over many specific subjects at the moment. There may indeed be only so much they can do at once, too, but there's plenty things where there's obvious community consensus and a whole lot of developer inaction.
  3. You've got a bit of toxicity yourself going on here in the attitude of your post...anyway. The feel of the Karak Wraith is definitely good, I enjoy toying with it from time to time. It's a fact though that its stats are inferior to other alternatives. It's pretty telling about the modding power spike problem that you can take even an inferior weapon and turn it into something that can easily deal with even level 155 enemies.
  4. I still won't be playing Arbitrations. The rewards only appearing at every other interval is bull. Regular "endless" mission modes are already too long as it is - if it were up to me, I'd change Defense to 3 waves, Survival to 3 minutes, and decrease the amount of time per round of Interception (also reducing the impact having more players has on how interception works). Not only that, but I am literally drowning in relics - I do NOT want more from this mode. I've made it a personal goal to actively seek out void fissures that specifically do not drop yet more relics for me. I've been pursuing this goal for months now, and I STILL have hundreds more relics to go. It's insane. Diluting the drop tables of content like this, "assassin encounters" like the Wolf, and so on, with Relics & mods that are already thrown at me at every possible avenue is absolute nonsense and kills my motivation to bother with it at all.
  5. I should add though that the Secura Lecta is my go-to melee option at the moment. Gas + innate electric + high status + the meme strike wombo combo makes for easy and reliable crowd clear - just so happens Secura Lecta has the highest base range that I'm aware of out of all melee weapons.
  6. Yeah, unfortunately the amount of credits the Secura Lecta can get you is negligible. The Index on Neptune is where you want to go for printing credits, mostly. Secura Lecta can be real handy on Orb Vallis bounties though.
  7. The "close all button" is very poorly located. I've had more than a couple instances of losing multiple trades at once because of a minor misclick. It's a function that does NOT need to exist in that location.
  8. Just another symptom of the core problem, namely the lack of balance, stemming first from the modding power spiking we're given - which has the knock-on dominoe effect of the damage system, status/damage types, armor scaling and enemy scaling being totally out of control, boss design revolving purely around invulnerability phases and artificial B.S. damage reduction because there's no other way to deal with the insane amount of power spiking we get thanks to mods....
  9. Right, and when Series 1 ends, you no longer can get Series 1 rewards. That's what I meant, sorry for being unclear.
  10. - "Gilded": What if I've already built and gilded all of the modular things already? Why would I want to invest the considerable time, reputation, and resources to make another just for this, just for 3k Nightwave reputation - the same reward I get for just 3 Nightmare missions? Dislike. - 40 waves of Defense? AND 60 minute survival/kuva survival? What the hell? Why? I already hate Defense as it is when it's just 5 or 10 waves, why make me sit for a full 40 freakin' waves? That's well over an hour or two innit? Come on. Oh, and I have to make sure to have a friend/clanmate and needle them into suffering with me? Seriously, guys? Normally I'd just ignore this week's nightwave missions, but apparently Nightwave isn't actually going to be around forever and if I don't get this program's rewards, I miss out and that's that? Top that with the absolute lousiness of The Wolf and now I'm wishing we just had old alerts back. Ugh.
  11. @ml1201 You probably want to make your own thread for that, that's a separate issue (albeit it's also to do with trading & UI). ___ Had it happen again today where I lost the whisper from a person wanting to buy a Saryn prime part, because I hit the "Close all" button by mistake when trying to click Invite on someone's name. For the love of god DE please hotfix this problem.
  12. Go a step further. Make it so we can customize Rivens to our liking instead of it being pure RNG. Make the cost to do so significant, if need be, but for god's sake, game developers need to quit throwing RNG into everything.
  13. Lost another trade today because of the poorly located "close all" button. Someone out there is now possibly going without the Hunter Munitions mod they desired and also possibly now thinks I'm a tool not worth talking to or trading with, simply because the chat UI is doo-doo. Please fix.
  14. As described in the title, the Plinx is apparently angled up too high when held by any Warframe. Should be easy to replicate, all you need to do is take the Plinx and shoot at anything. You'll notice that the laser fired is always at a bizarre downward angle rather than coming straight out of the barrel. Oughta be a quick cosmetic fix, no?
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