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  1. In addendum to my prior post: THANK YOU for the new fashion-frame energy color changes. Chroma, at long last, now has the green color I've longed for while using the cold element I need. I'm having fun finding out what else I can do now with this!
  2. I mean, I'm sorry you've had migraines that bad? I just don't agree with the reasoning that Profit-Taker (or Warframe) is a breeze to play, because you played it while having a bad migraine. On the other hand I'll admit it's thankfully not overly intensive with the keybinds.
  3. I'd agree that a matter of opinion is involved here. I don't think suffering a migraine impacts being able to play any game. Hallowed Ground is nifty. If not those mods, zenurik void dash energy regen, perhaps? Anyhow, if not for the nullifier-bubble-and-knockdown-happy nature of the "adds" in this fight, I'd be able to understand "just manage the adds". But doing so with that factored in, while tanking damage and also needing to damage the boss instead, goes from "challenging" to "frustrating". Anything akin to a 'stunlock', like knockdowns, is going to have that issue, really. It's absolutely false that Profit-Taker is the only source of knockdowns during her fight. If you'd kept reading you'd already have understood that I acknowledged she isn't even part of the problem there. The mods are band-aids. They're slap-on additions to the game that don't involve directly curing the core problem (too much knockdown spam). You don't get to dictate to me what I can and cannot label a "band-aid" when there's no term more fitting. And I've absolutely no idea what relevance Equinox's augment has here; she doesn't even need an augment, really. Honestly, it sounds like you've neglected to read anything I've written in this thread. For you to say that I "just want another Sergeant (I) can one shot effortlessly" is completely ignorant of everything that's been said thus far. Please consider actually paying attention to the discussion at hand before contributing to it, it's a bit bothersome. If you cannot handle witnessing a discussion take place with counterpoints and opposing arguments, why are you even here inhabiting the forums? Yes, I'm aware of how alert towers work. No, I don't let them run unchecked. No, that is not a direct solution to any of the problems I've got with the scenario here. I'm aware of damage buffs and loadouts. That doesn't remove the fact the boss has heavy amounts of armor, a high health pool, and arbitrary damage reduction to boot (like most bosses now do). It's tanky. You're just able to do asinine amounts of damage under certain conditions because DE's set up a wobbly stack of cards centered around the modding situation that for some reason they still haven't decided is worth addressing. Can you honestly say the game prepares you to just randomly shoot at things with your operator, just on the offchance it does something new? Were there hints I missed at some point during the prior bounties that mentioned shooting at it with an amp? Also, we'll have to agree to disagree about how "interesting" it is to have a rotating damage immunity; I'm not a big fan of mechanics designed to try one's patience. At least you don't have to wait an hour at a time if you don't happen to be on during the night cycle for Eidolons, I guess.
  4. What exactly is the purpose of the new mods? There's nowhere to fit them, unless you're subtly hinting at doing a total balance overhaul starting with removing power-spike damage-stacking mods. (Which, if so, I fully support and encourage.) The set bonuses are marginal, QOL features at best. In the current 'frame' of things in the game, where we already have an overabundance of mods that nobody uses, this is just adding more to the pile of "Welp, never gonna use these" things. I'm sure the hardcore collectors might find it fun, or those players who are hungry for aboslutely *anything* new to try for an hour or two, but beyond that point, they aren't going to provide any value.
  5. Phases 'can' be okay, but still, the 'invulnerability' spam has been heavy-handed from DE and feels much more apparent to me in Profit-Taker than in Exploiter. I think the idea that "you need to fail some of the time" only works in single-player games like Dark Souls where that's part of the story. In a game like this where everything is a grind often infested with heavy amounts of RNG, I don't want my time wasted due to things designed just to frustrate me - if I put in the time and effort to prepare and perform properly, I want my just desserts, not a kick in the shins & a bloody nose. Also I don't think you can really claim Exploiter doesn't require attention compared to, well, most other content. Lech Kril, for instance, is usually just...standing around waiting for him to complete the right attack animation so you can finally do something. Which is pretty similar to standing around waiting for arch-gun cooldowns or dinking away at Profit-Taker's damage rotation...except there's also nullifiers and knockdowns everywhere. You're probably using Rage or Hunter Adrenaline, I can just about guarantee Profit-Taker isn't just giving you free energy and there's plenty constant damage.... Oberon's status nullification doesn't work when nullifiers just instantly make hallowed ground go poof, and Saryn's shtick won't prevent mag procs reliably. Team composition helps in any objective in the game, so again, kind of a non-sequitur to the issues I have with Profit-taker.
  6. 10 minutes in a Rescue mission slowly chipping away with melee because guns won't have nearly enough ammunition and don't have a combo system to help deal with the insane hitpoint pool. What did we get? 1 Spinning Needle stance mod. This is bar none the worst boss experience I've ever had, and that's saying something in Warframe.
  7. The energy walls are barely part of the knockdown problem, here. Yes, the energy walls are obviously signalled and (should be) easily dodged. But most of the "knockdown spam" comes from the adds - which, because they often come with nullifier bubbles and can leap at you from insanely long distances in a very short amount of time, not to mention the high amount of them spawning in all the time, cannot be mitigated purely by focusing on killing them, particularly when you need to focus on the big bad Orb. It has near-immunity throughout the entirety of the fight, with only 1 damage type presented at a time. Its core is invulnerable until you take out each of its legs. When Magnetic scramba AOE is going off all over the place with a massive radius, 'team comp' and engagement distance aren't going to matter unless you're just constantly running out of the fight altogether. And what's with the idea that "impossible to fail" = easy and boring? I don't comprehend the masochistic tendencies of many gamers where it's not "challenging" unless you as a player are broken, bleeding, and losing more than half the time. Though I wager a great deal of what makes the game so easy for you has to do with the core modding power spike problem that has had a domino effect on all other aspects of the combat in this game....
  8. You are condescending, unhelpful, and also incorrect, both about the amount of work actually involved (the groundwork and framework are already there) and about whether or not I "think before (I) write something". But by all means, please continue to prove my point about how weirdly toxic Warframe community members can be over the most inconsequential matters.
  9. Why are certain members of this community so opposed to suggested change that oftentimes has no drawbacks?
  10. I've been de-motivated from the get-go to rank up with Vox Solaris for this very reason. Collecting Toroids feels like a total chore - one that I can't complete by picking things up incidentally while doing other things. This goes for the weapons and Warframes locked behind them, as well. I suppose I might get the urge to do it eventually, as I'm running out of other things to do in the game, but...I'm often finding I'd actually rather play Yahtzee in my browser than submit myself to doing the Toroid chores.
  11. A lot of valid frustrations to read here. The foundry wait can be mitigated by always having something baking in it, so there's always something ready for you to master. Doesn't solve the core problem, but it is a good band-aid. It's probably better to join an existing clan that has all that forma-consuming research already done You can practice for your MR tests at Simaris' place in the relays, just head up the stairs to the right of him. Like many things that's something DE kinda neglects to inform the player about. Lastly, you *can* actually have "the best" gear...the question's whether you have the patience (and/or plat) to collect it.
  12. There's a lot of valid frustrations here. Grineer have their fair share of gimmicks, too - Noxes in particular are total bull unless you have fully forma'd guns ready for them. Just more effects of the modding power-spike problem and DE trying to add difficulty to counter it instead of addressing that core issue.
  13. I'm aware Handspring/Constitution exist. That's a bandaid, not a solution to the core problem, and isn't even all that effective. Knockdowns in general in Warframe are far too common as it is (having to hard-crowd-control the *players* is just one of the many unusual knock-on effects of the modding power spike problem, really), in my view - being able to be 'stun-locked' at all is total nonsense - but in this particular area it is the worst I've encountered out of any area in the game. Arcanes are absolutely *not* something you can expect players to have collected and ready, nor do I enjoy the prospect of needing to swap Arcanes every time. Magnetic proc "spam" and energy drain Eximi (especially noticable for Infested eximus sorties) is a problem that affects the rest of the game as well - similarly to knockdowns, an artificial frustration created because DE keeps trying to come up with "challenge" without addressing the core mod power spike problems. It's not an ideal situation to have, and it is particularly not ideal for the experience of the Profit-Taker, where you *need* to rely upon abilities just to survive. Elitism does not belong in this discussion whatsoever, that's totally inconsequential here: good teamwork, strategy, and overcoming difficulty applies to any part of any game. I'm aware of using the operator to change its element to something I have. The issue is that was not telegraphed anywhere in the lead-up to the fight or during the fight. Nowhere else in the game does shooting something with your operator change its resistances to something else. Shooting Sentients is distinctly different as that resets a "complete" stacking type resistance, and also, y'know, it still also damages them. I killed many enemies while waiting around for cooldown, there were either not nearly enough ammo drops or they appeared so infrequently as to not matter at all. The whole idea of having arch-guns have a cooldown to use is just nonsense, that doesn't serve any purpose except to be exasperating. Eidolon hunting has its own issues. __ Bluntly speaking here, if I were asking for help I would have posted in the appropriate forum subsection for that. I'm an experienced MR26 player, I'm not unfamiliar with how to do well in this game. I posted because I wanted to offer my feedback that this experience was very poor for me even in spite of that. __ What are you *talking* about? Are we playing the same game here? The Profit Taker fight is layers of bullet sponge with bits of invulnerability in between sprinkled with magnetic procs, knockdowns, and a cherry on top of having to use a unique weapon gimmick that bugs out half the time and the other half of the time forces you to sit on a cooldown. Mechanical difficulty my foot. This fight bears no resemblance to "good" boss fights from popular MMORPGs or regular RPGs like Dark Souls or Shadow of the Colossus or whatever - or even Exploiter orb, which managed to at last give us a decent boss fight in this game! Attack patterns, safe zones, add management, rotating damage phases, all of that has diddly to do with the problems I've highlighted here.
  14. - Way too many knockdowns - Way too many magnetic procs (preventing all but Atlas from dealing with the knockdowns) - Deals insane amounts of damage to players, which when combined with the above two issues, makes for a very poor experience attempting to withstand it all - Non-intuitive fight phases, almost complete guesswork and luck of the draw with elemental rotation, effectively just meaning continuous invulnerability phases which is undesirable - Archgun has many severe problems: cooldown wastes a lot of time doing nothing can't switch to primary/secondary easily to avoid wasting ammunition on the mobs often just doesn't deploy, without any explanation as to why not - this is a gamebreaking bug that completely halts progress & forces you rely on teammates to do the rest for you Very frustrated, will not be doing more Profit-Taker until situation improves.
  15. This is why I purposefully limit my Volt to Umbral Intensify. Not too much, not too little. The Volt problem is yet another symptom of the overall modding power-spike problem, where there are just WAY too many mods offering multipliers upon multipliers upon multipliers for Warframes and weapons alike. Why in the everliving hell did they switch to invervals??? That sounds so much better! Really D.E.? Ugh.
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