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  1. TheGreenGunner

    Vega Toroids don't drop

    You're entirely missing the point. Statistical analysis of "random" number chains has muck-all to do with user experience as relates to RNG-gating. This Toroid drop chance stuff is nonsense. I've just spent a long while killing very possible enemy around the Spaceport, have not gotten a single Toroid. How am I supposed to construct Garuda if the ingredients are effectively impossible to get? I should not have to sit and farm and reload the map for days on end just to have a CHANCE at obtaining what is required. edit: Okay, funny - as though to spite my complaining, on my way out of the Spaceport after typing this out, more enemies spawned and at long last ONE Vega Toroid appeared.... Nonetheless my complaint about RNG-gating still stands.
  2. TheGreenGunner

    Inteded level of grind

    I rather agree with most of these complaints. The "Nitain" thing is widely unpopular and with valid reason. I was very fortunate that one of the first things I was told when starting this game was to get *all* Nitain alerts, that saved me a lot of grief. The 'Cetus Wisp' grind is ATROCIOUS. You *have* to have resource boosters to have any hope of accumulating enough of them to be worthwhile, and you must spend several Cetus night cycles doing nothing *but* run around the map collecting them repeatedly ad nauseum. It's really unecessary, and I wish DE would step back from keeping things this way. The 'potato' situation is undesirable, but I feel could be easily rectified by tweaking the rate of 'potato alerts' and 'potato invasions' upwards just a little bit, especially for the Catalysts as there are *so* many more weapons than there are items requiring the Reactors. I dunno that Prime variants ought to come pre-potato'd though. The fact we have to *pay* our foundry to make us our stuff using our resources is, I feel, pretty lousy, and makes no real sense. Same as having to *pay* Syndicates to give us rewards for work we've done for them. There's far too many unecessary credit drains. We wouldn't need to grind the Index nearly as much as we currently do if some of this nonsense was removed. (I mean, they *did* walk back on it for our Incubators, so there's hope....) The length of crafting *is* a pain...but, you *can* plan around it, and there *is* plenty to do while waiting for things to bake. I wouldn't say no to some reduction, though. Plus, I really think Forma need to take 20 hours and not 24 hours - or at least, any figure lower than 24 hours. Regarding Harrow...he's not *that* core to the story. They certainly could tweak the drop rates of various frames throughout the game, though.
  3. TheGreenGunner

    Shade, Ghost, and Ambush: Problems & Ideas

    Shade is one of the better-looking companions we can have in the game - it looks rather like a living hat, and isn't as hyperactive as Taxon or Carrier. (And Prisma Shade adds that extra bit of shine we all so enjoy.) A shame, then, that its effectiveness as a companion is currently quite terrible. On paper, its unique precept - Ghost - seems neat; cloaking you when enemies are near sounds good, right? But in practice, this nearly never occurs. The range is so small that you need to be standing next to an enemy for it to work - and at that point, you no longer need to be cloaked, as you're either about to silently stab that enemy in the back or long since have been detected, making the point of a cloak pretty moot except as a last-ditch survival trick. On top of that, the duration of this cloak is so short as to be impractical for anything except making a quick escape...which is not how a Warframe, a tool of war and death, operates in the vast majority of situations. In order to fix Ghost, I reckon it ought to work based on whether enemies (in a much larger radius) are looking in your direction. When Shade detects that, it cloaks you, and for a longer, more consistent & useful duration than what it is currently - long enough to, say, make a quiet approach towards that enemy in order to dispatch them undetected. The cooldown can be tweaked as necessary, if there's a concern of it becoming *too* consistent. _ Then we have the case of the new Simaris precept for Ghost, "Ambush". The problem with Ambush is that it works only when Ghost is working - therefore very inconsistent and not useful. I think it ought to 'proc' any time the Warframe leaves stealth from any source. This would give Ivara users a reason to decloak every so often, and grant all stealth Warframes a risk::reward option with a good payoff. Shade's Ghost precept and other things like Skiajati's stealth-on-finisher effect would also grant other non-stealth frames a reasonable amount of utility from Ambush, as well. Again, the cooldown can be adjusted as necessary. Also, I suppose you'd probably want to make sure that it doesn't proc when stealthing in Operator mode, as that would likely be a little too easy.
  4. TheGreenGunner

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    That's...not true. Look again at the full list of changes, and go back through this thread and see for yourself how many people are questioning many of the changes to these weapons that "nobody uses". That said...I'll kinda agree that rivens do highlight what's wrong with Warframe: there is a total lack of formulaic core balance, and this root problem causes a whole lot of painful symptoms. __ I just explained to you why 'more challenge' is impossible to obtain. The game is already too far imbalanced to do so. That's readily apparent when EVERY boss *has* to have invulnerable phases or else becomes a joke like The Sergeant is. Again, you're entirely missing the point when you say things like "noob compared to a veteran". That's neither here nor there. You're just another one of the victims of the Blizzard World of Warcraft power fantasy fallacy. The harsh reality is that Blizzard doesn't know what they're doing, and that the 'power fantasy' is one of the very worst things to design a game around. It's not about veterans using a Mk 1 Paris. p.s. Dismissing everything I've told you as "vague" or "fancy words" isn't an argument. And here again, you've got the wrong of it. Weaker weapons don't exist for "new players to get used to lower content". That's completely got the cart before the horse. The new players have these weaker weapons and weaker content because the game has a horridly inbalanced power fantasy going on. There shouldn't *be* a "bad gear" vs "good gear" dichotomy going on. What it should be is "which of these different yet all effective choices do I like best for the particular bit of content I'm about to engage in?" THAT would be interesting. That would be a fun choice to make. Far more so than "well, I brought high level gear so I win again, woopdeedoo". ___ I'm going to say one more thing before leaving this thread, and this is for you, DE. Rivens were a mistake. Whatever the intentions, what's been accomplished is merely giving players yet another way to extend the power gap, and make all the pre-existing balance problems even worse. It's possible you can salvage something out of it; you could potentially use it as one more lever to bring parity to the many weapons we can use, for instance. But even ignoring the issues of balance and stats, there's many things about Rivens that aren't right. There's far too much RNG (RNG to obtain, RNG on what weapon it will turn out to be, RNG on what the stats are, RNG on what the stats might become - none of that RNG should be there); there's no agency given to the player - no control over the result (imagine the ways we players could experiment if we could pick and choose the stats we wanted? for instance, I'd want to see how well status chance affects many weapons as opposed to, say, raw damage & multishot).And it takes a rather ponderous amount of investment of time/resources just to keep pulling that lever. Combine that with having no regulation for trading - no centralized index of offers for buying/selling, forcing players to rely entirely on third party tools to achieve some kind of standard - and you get the current mess we have now...and the outcry any time you so much as touch one of those levers affecting this house of cards you've constructed. What you choose to do from this point onward, I'm not sure I can help advise with; I just hope my perspective helps expose that house of cards for what it is and thereby helps you decide what best to do with it.
  5. TheGreenGunner

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    I mean, that bit in bold right there is a great argument for why balance is in fact so important, you know?
  6. TheGreenGunner

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    This was actually prior to my last response in this thread, but I want to answer this one. It's not about "your" Rubico being powerful. It's about imbalances creating a domino effect of other imbalances. Baseline weapons in this game are *not* balanced well. The mod system is so wildly chock-full of power-inflation, that it doesn't just take those imbalances and multiply them, it does so at an extraordinary exponential level. In order to counteract this power gap, we've gotten armor & enemy scaling that is all but out of control. It's made boss encounters one of the most commonly complaints of the game, because of the difficult of creating a challenging encounter with such massive power gaps and inflation going on. It's why we have so many "invulnerability" phases. It's why the Eidolons can only be taken down with the help of Operators. The balance of a game is the long-term health of the game. The more imbalances there are, and the longer they sit without attention being paid to correcting them, the deeper the rabbit hole will get, the longer the chain of dominoes will grow, and the worse future content will be for it. And boy howdy, are there a lot of imbalances in Warframe right now. Not that I'm saying this change really changed much. I think it did help but only in a quite minute way. __ I mean, from the moment I learned about it I recognized it for what it was; it's a slot machine that pretty much has the same flashing neon lights as any piece of junk found littering the floor of any given casino. If DE actually said they don't want to do that, well, they've got a lot of work to do to live by those words. __ Incidentally, I have a fetish for the Karak - not because it's much good, but (and this references my first post in the thread here) because it just *feels* nice to use.
  7. TheGreenGunner

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    I don't understand this post and the many others like it in this thread. That's how market economy works, people. You threw your money at a very thinly veiled lottery machine married to an unregulated auction house. You shouldn't be surprised that you're the one that has to bite the bullet when something bad happens to that investment. There's a reason why many people try to teach their kids early on that gambling is not a good idea. They've either already learned the hard way themselves, or seen someone else do it. It's also why financial advisors won't tell you to throw your life savings into the stock market. It's a gamble. You win or lose based on factors not under your control. (Which is why much wiser, safer forms of investment exist instead.) The real complaint you should all be making here is that the fact this thinly veiled lottery machine exists in the first place - and that there's no regulation going on with player trading. If even Runescape can do it, so can Warframe.
  8. TheGreenGunner

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.1

    Eh? Why, though? You guys didn't opt to make a rule like this for (Primed)Charged Chamber? Any pistol has to give up a mod slot to benefit from it.... edit: Disclaimer: I don't even own the Knell at the moment, and I'm not likely to change that if this change sticks. The ammo-gimmick is far too inconsistent to be worthwhile without Carrier or this mod, and if this mod ain't gonna work with it, then I ain't gonna bother; I already have too many guns that 'need' Carrier to be worthwhile.
  9. TheGreenGunner

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    Good point! It's been so long since I surpassed MR-requirements for weapons that I plumb forgot about that...that's an important factor affecting weapon usage, as well!
  10. TheGreenGunner

    Dev Workshop: Riven Disposition Changes

    Some of these do seem strange. Overall the changes seem to normalize Riven stats across the board a I think that's a good thing. But...I can't help but feel that Rivens were a mistake where balance is concerned. Additionally, I want to be a voice of caution against basing Riven stats *purely* on usage statistics. There's many things that go into why people use the weapons they do - much of it has nothing to do with statblocks, but rather with the "feel" and "consistency" of a weapon, and whether there's a Prime/Prisma version of it available. For example: The Ignis is a one-of-a-kind weapon that makes crowdclearing and map looting much easier. People don't pick the Ignis because of its statblock. The Akmagnus, hardly anybody uses currently because it's not Prime/Prisma. If there's going to be a better version in the future, investing forma/potatos on this would become a complete waste. (e.g. Pyrana, Rubico....) The Soma, people still use this - in spite of the horrid disposition, which got a little bit less horrible with this update - for the consistent accuracy and resultant consistent "feel" of the gun. I bet most folks acknowledge that the statblock (particularly status chance) is inferior to other automatics like the Prisma Grakata, Tenora, or Supra Vandal. Speaking of the Tenora, it again has the "not Prime/Prisma" aspect. People are uncertain as to whether these 'Warframe-themed' weapons will or will not get superior versions in the future. This applies to the Astilla as well to a certain extent, but the Astilla has a very good "feel" to it and has decent crowd-control capability, despite not really having the best statblock & also having pretty terrible ammo effiiciency. Like, I could go on and on about many of the weapons on the list here...I have mastered them all and keep a fair share of them (and have collected Rivens for a fair number of them too), so I am familiar with all of this. The point here is that "Disposition" needs to take these more 'intangible' aspects into account, and perhaps focus more upon the raw statblocks of the weapon in question than upon its usage statistics. (That or you could, like, do another balance pass or you realize how long it's been since I've wanted to use a Braton...?)
  11. TheGreenGunner

    My Cetus/PoE Feedback

    Regarding Hok's line: I think you've missed the point. It's not "fun", it's not "endearing", it's not "entertaining" for me. I feel his lines and his attitude towards Pedlek could be improved upon by DE to be less caustic, more humorous, and so on and so forth. And even then, nothing about me having preference about his behavior is "moot". This is feedback, and it's up to DE whether to take it in or not. I'm not positive the wiki is correct about bounties giving standing more than once per cycle. Not the first time I've caught the wiki being wrong; I could swear I've tested this myself (lord knows I've done enough bounties, ugh); and why even mark bounties as "Completed" to begin with if they are actually fully repeatable? 'Course, if I am mistaken after all (maybe I missed the particulars in an update gone by?), and they are repeatable for standing now? Then cool beans...but the main/larger issue remains of the standing grind being long, repetitive, and tedious.
  12. TheGreenGunner

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    Uh, why lock the auto-install button to MR10+ players? This is the first time I've ever seen a level-gated QOL feature. It's not *that* hard for low rank players to find Ayatan stars, guys, and quite unlikely that they would be 'jipped' hitting the button on 'accident, seeing as this is the only purpose for Ayatan Stars in the first place.... (Yes, you can trade them to Maroo, I know. But that's much less efficient and especially undesirable now that Arbitrations are here....)
  13. TheGreenGunner

    My Cetus/PoE Feedback

    In an attempt to keep my feedback in one place, rather than spreading each topic into its own thread topic and causing a moderator to merge them all instead, I'll be putting it all in this thread. Before I begin, I'd like to offer a warning for readers: If criticism or contrary opinions offend you and taking things constructively rather than personally is a challenge, this thread is not for you. It's for DE. __ - It's annoying when you deploy bait and a fishing spot moves just a moment later. It would be nice to get some kind of warning or visual/audible feedback when a fishing spot is about to change locations. - I don't find Hok's abusive lines about Pedlek very funny. Could you go back and tone those down a little bit? The tone created is not a fun one. - Night cycles feel a bit short. - Must Wisps be commonly found only at night, considering how many of the darn things we're supposed to collect in order to build things? And it feels we're somewhat expected to spend the entire night cycle hunting Eidolons or fishing, and not roaming the map looking for stuff to loot? There's far too few spawns of Wisps even at night, and it's so reliant on RNG...could that be improved on, please? Maybe lower how many of them are required, as well? I did not like having to do the 'Wisp lap' around the plains a few dozen times to get things done. And 10k rep per wisp, when there's a cap of 25k daily at best, is far too punishing of an exchange rate. - Also, isn't 100 wisps per arcane really excessive? And why do we have to craft 10 arcanes to get a "real" arcane? It just screams "artificially inflated grind". - Why is there no 'wait for players' option for bounties or events on the Plains? Many times I've found myself twiddling my thumbs next to the first objective, waiting until other people join the squad before I kick things off. Seems to me like this is particularly important for Eidolon Hunts, as well, and Solo mode exists to cater to those who specifically want to play alone. - Having water cause the energy-drain effect at night is...rude. Could it be changed to some other status effect that doesn't drain my energy pool if my Warframe so much as dips a toe in liquid? There's some locations where it's difficult to even tell if I'm about to touch water or not. It feels almost like it's a requirement to have Zenurik focus unlocked for the energy regen to compensate. - Tusk Reaver animations/movement are extremely janky. I've observed teleportation, warping, and wholly incongruous animations. The way they move about is not telegraphed whatsoever, either. This is a complaint that applies to many enemies existing outside of the Plains, too. - Why can Eidolons retreat into *any* lake, and aren't forced to retreat at the main Gara lake? This has made for some frustrating hunts where we've gotten to the final phase, but the Eidolon just slips into some nearby puddle and we get nothing for all our efforts, where if it had had to make a slightly longer trek to Gara lake, we'd have gotten our just desserts. - There's far too much "grind-cap" going on with Cetus standing. It takes an atrociously large number of bounties to rank Cetus standing up, each bounty only grants its associated standing once per cycle, and the information on that isn't even displayed when interacting with Konzu. Yeah, I've heard about players that just do it via fishing, but that implies having already done enough grind to afford all the necessary equipment and blueprints and resources and then on top of that, sit and do hours and hours of that really isn't a solution at all. - When I hit "Leave Squad" on the plains in free roam, that does not mean I want to immediately be put into another squad. Some better options - like a pop-up asking "Stay solo or join another squad?" - or, say, a 30 second timer before looking for another squad (to allow me time to exit from the Plains if that's my intent), would be nice. More than once I've been intending to leave the plains without impacting other players' session on the plains, only to cause some other poor soul go through a rapid host migration because they got put in my squad straightaway after I left the first one. Also this leads to many headaches involving leaving and re-entering the tunnel to Cetus. I once had to leave squad and do that 5 times before it would finally let me go through.
  14. Taking twice as long to hit each part of the rotation is...dreary, especially for Survival. If it's supposed to scratch a "sit in this endless mode and see how far you can go" itch that ESO failed to get, fine, but please don't make things twice as grindy for such a reason.
  15. TheGreenGunner

    Hyperion Thrusters need to be reworked

    It does seem a bit odd that the mod should cost so much and be 10 ranks to get what it does. The effect is noticable enough that I do use it myself on my archwings, but...yeah, it feels a little strange. Sadly that hardly makes it an outlier in the modding system at large.