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  1. Punish Stalker for his insolence, discount his gear again, and repaint it PINK.
  2. "fixed an AI bug in Arbitration Defense missions that was causing enemies to stand around after spawning." They weren't holding a meeting? Immersion broken!
  3. But I liked humiliating the capture target, crouching around him while singing ooompa loompa rhymes and killing his friends as he lay there saying "no, not like this!" I see what you mean though.
  4. Not if Red Text is involved, because everyone knows that Red Text is in league with the Grineer and will work against you during your mission! (Kidding. But it would be hilarious if Red Text did show up during the mission and teased you.)
  5. Thanks much. Did the 310k plus viewers go all "Tenno Pyro Destructor Team" on the twitch drop? (We are very sorry space ninjas, we promise only to try not to wreck-deds things we're not supposed to wreck-deds.)
  6. True, there were at one point 310,090 or so people watching.
  7. I watched, accounts have been linked for awhile and yes I checked afterwards, no Ash.
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