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  1. Missing primed cleanse mods for shotguns, that is all.
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Octavia's resonator will follow her into the next zone of ESO much like kavats/kubros do, the issue is that it can also bring along mallet (it might even still have some damage stored from the last zone) Reproduction: Before jumping through the conduit deploy a fresh resonator and mallet make sure resonator collects mallet jump through conduit grofit?!?! the reason I think this might be unintended is: its one of the only dps abilities that I know of that can be set up prior to entering the conduit in ESO (since the conduit acts like a nullifier in most situations). Sure, companions can be built to do good damage, but they don't CC and do AOE damage. During reproduction to ensure it was consistent I was able to get ~40 seconds of resonator and mallet from the previous zone, if this is combined with a focus lens it makes octavia almost plain better than many other ESO "meta" frames in terms of focus farming since you can drag a charged mallet from zone to zone and not have to worry about the zone start penalty that most other DPS frames do. I would love this to be an intended mechanic, but I felt it warranted a report just in case it is not
  4. Small bug immediatly after the hotfix: I was unable to scope in or fire my weapon. This was fixed by unbinding and re-binding those keys
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