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  1. Orb Vallis bounty lvl 5 yesterday: 3 axi k5 in a row. I was hoping for loki and volt relics, but RNG sucks...
  2. I agree that host migration is a huge problem AND I HATE IT!!! At the same time i wonder what could happen if DE put in our UI 2 buttons: "Always host" and "never host". My experience in another game with p2p: it's hard to find a host, because those who feel truly confident in their connections are few, bandwidth is not democratic! And when finding a host becomes too hard, the game adjusts, putting bad hosts because good ones are not available at all. We could count other issues too. Let me tell you an example. A few days ago, i went to a bounty at Orb Vallis. No host available(surprise!) then game puts me as host. As soon as the mission starts, the other players who got in start to complain. "Too laggy!" "Mission UI not working for me! How's the timer?" "Strange. Never had this problem with a 300 ms host." My connection is 1 Mbps and my upload speed is a sad joke. How the game puts me as host? Well, because no one wants to. I'm being punished for having initiative! punished for wanting to play the game! And when host migration occurs with me, thanks to my ping, guess who the game elects as better host? Me!!! Nice, isn't it? Oh, let's not forget most people don't have a clue about hosting etiquette. About being the last to leave during endless modes so other players don't get their loot screwed, about warning team mates "i will not jump to next zone", etc, etc, etc... Sorry, i don't really see any real solution besides central server. Even if it's damn expensive.
  3. Just by trying to take moral high ground one can be seen as evil. I remember the movie "The Warlord" where the protagonist, a weapons dealer and smuggler, reflects about his clients. "The most horrible atrocities were commited by those who claimed to be fighters for freedom and moralists". Not the exact words, but the semantics remain. When i care to think about the morality of my choices, i try to ask which morality i follow as tenno. The so called code of honor(where is it written so i could learn?), the seven orokin principles (cooperation, power, endurance, cunning, agility, stealth, speed) or some archaic Judeo-Christian morality that none of the current era fictional origin system inhabitants ever heard about? Or the morality proposed by the syndicates, all of them political parties and thus worthy of mistrust? Another thing i ask, and it's a legitimate question: WHAT IS HONOR? Is there any atemporal answer? In the end i can be only a lone wolf, with my own morality, that makes sense only to me and no one else, grineer and corpus be damned. all the others, Simaris, community leaders like Konzu, etc, are just the figureheads of groups of interest. They need our services and that's it. So much abuse, so much slaughter. Can a tenno, numb to atrocity, even care about honor? Have you ever considered that we, tenno, during Margulis's care, could have been indoctrinated? This possibility cannot be discarded. Is humanity worth protecting? Or humans are just clients to us? Am i being too bleak and cynical?
  4. No, a smaller, orange colored, only shows up when 4 players put refined coolant in a thermia fracture.
  5. Hello. Code has these issues: 1- Most Plains of Eidolon animals are being scanned, but their entries are still dark. 2- Mite Raknoids (small greens spiders) have no codex entry since Fortuna was launched! 3- thermic raknoids (introduced today during Thermina Fracture update)don't have entries either. 4- Redundant jackal entry. If you, reader, know about any other problem, add to this thread please. DE, please read here.
  6. Understand one thing: In this game STEALTH IS A CHARADE. To illustrate my statement let me tell you about my experience hunting tusk thumpers. Yesterday i went to the plains to hunt a few thumpers. The first thing you notice is that their unburrow action is scripted. Even if you are using archwing, get close enough and they pop up. Oh, i was using a Loki, built for maximum duration and with the augment mod "hushed invisibilty", aka, trying to be a ghost. Does not work. I enganged the thumper, shot the weak spots, he spins, always pointing his guns exactly where i am, even if it can't start shooting me. The game always knows where you are. Right before i started this fight, i provoked a few dargyn pilots, visible. They mount, take off. I use invisibility to shake them off. Does not work either. In this case, it's even worse. they hound me for a long time and shoot me even if i am invisible and silent. As you can see, in your case and mine the problem is the same. DE needs to improve stealth A LOT, in the AI side. Do not expect that in a looter shooter, sorry.
  7. I have the suspicion that DE is creating lore and testing mechanics meant to a future and hypothetic kingpin system. Players and the wolf are just test subjects.
  8. Hello. I went today for a conservation at Plains of Eidolon and took Helios for quick scans. kuaka scans went good, but no condroc scan or mergoo scan.
  9. Those who played long ago "Cicero Crisis" remember Vay hek's line: "THE LOTUS IS JUST ANOTHER WEED TO BE PLUCKED AND DISCARDED!!!"
  10. Has anyone here played Spacelords? In that game there's one character who can do this. She, in human form, is slow but very resistant to gun fire, but can transform into a feline form and become very fast and agile. BUT in feline form is very fragile and cannot attack.
  11. I used heliocor(well, synoid version). Not a hitch. scanned everything without interrupting combat.
  12. I don't see any problem with reward tiers in their current state, but wolf creds are a problem in my opinion. 75 por a potato? I pity new players who need them a lot. Why are appearance items like alt helmets more expensive? To illustrate my question, let's remember: any alt helmet cost 75 plat, a potato costs 20 plat. Oh, and about the old alert-exclusive weapons, like Jaw Sword, plasma sword, etc; are they worth their current cost in wolf creds? Most of them are mastery fodder anyway.
  13. Maybe the relationship beetwen CC and players is the problem. When i started playing this game, back in 2013, control was everything. It was a time when Nyx and vauban were the hot choice. Why? because we could not one-shot-kill everything. Later, when the power creep started to come up, control became obsolete. Before DE can even talk about endgame, we need to provide data to them about this. How? Old events and tactical alerts were testbeds for new mechanics. Why not bring them back? to test how players react to control, not our CC, but enemy CC. Most players i know don't like when the AI uses control, like Mutalist Alad V, or those oh lovely nullifier bubbles. Or radiation hazards. My personal opinion about them: accepted them as legitimate mechanic and adapted. i still dont like nullifier bubbles doubling as shield domes, they could just block abilities. is this lazy programming from DE? Maybe. Another point: i think enemy use of status procs is not fully explored. Yes, we have napalm fireballs (which are better than Ember's), scorpion and ancient cheap grapples (they almost never miss...). We could have very interesting situations, like usage of viral procs, grenade volleys, or even localized nullification (anyone remember Mas Effect's damping field?) minus shield dome? Some players wanted to adjust the initial level of missions. Want to play Mot with starting level 100? I don't. But some players want this. Why De did not implement this yet? So many questions, so little time. All these mechanics needed to be tested, and events, tactical alerts, etc are nice to test reaction of players. Don't be surprised if a lot of them complain about how hard is to fight the enemy. To nuke everything all day makes you soft. But in a raid, the presence of such challenges would be welcome. If rewards are good enough. When i say good enough, i mean raid-exclusive, very powerful and unable to sell to other players. Would you play a raid for an umbral forma? i would. Suggestions aside, we need to be sincere. Player, what do you really want? Another power fantasy? Grind? Shoot brain dead enemies like there's no tomorrow? Or you want content and enemies with good AI that needs tactics, teamwork and precision? Sometimes i think Eidolons, orb mothers and sorties are just attempts at creating raids... And i wonder how many will read my post til the end.
  14. Same here. Complete the 3 in 1 run, rerceived the points but Nightwave interface shows as incomplete.
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