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  1. I try to view the lore experience of Warframe as a form of narrative where you, a character, are thrown into the middle of the tale and have to dig the facts with what's available. For lack of anything better. This type of "tale" has the good and the bad. The bad: you have to piece together the history of Warframe universe and it takes time. The good: the same thing allows you to have your own point of view, right or wrong, instead of being taken by hand. Well, IF YOU CARE about it Is it much different from real life? What i can help is to point at the directions where lore is hidden. - Some weapon descriptions in the market - Codex entries (Happy Scanning!!!) - Quest dialogues (try to pay attention, even when it's hard) - Leverian (much of it still work in progress...) - Kuria Hunting, glass fish hunting at the Plains, debt bond hunting at orb Vallis, fragment hunting (search for guides if you're having trouble) - prime trailers (excellent narration) - go to the wiki and look for information about past events. In times past, the growth of the game and decisions of players were part of the canon. You have a lot of worrk ahead of you. But, in this case, the journey is part of the experience. Enjoy! Warframe lore is not for the lazy!
  2. Let me give a few examples of this bug, regarding the scabbard: Behind my saryn, there's a second "vestigial" scabbard. In this image, i'm playing Orb vallis solo. Visible scabbard despite Loki's invisibility. Behold! The flying scabbard! Flying scabbard part 2! In this image, i'm solo. Roughly 1 min after starting and a few swings, scabbard disappeared. Note that i'm using a nikana skin and the bug still persists.
  3. Hello. Playing Garuda in Railjack is painful. 1- I went today to a few missions with a friend. he was the host. After a few minutes, Garuda's talons stopped working. Tried operator mode to fix it, no result; go outside and come back, no result. I exited the mission and joined again, NO RESULT. 2- Another bug is related to the use of Dread Mirror. It blocks use of garuda's talons. 3- This bug is easy to understand with this image: In this image, i'm using Successor skin. Its specific look of the talons disappear if you interact with any railjack interface, be it turret, helm or forge. Maybe slingshot too. Considering how long it took to fix the talon appearance bug in standard mode, i guess i won't play garuda in railjack any time soon.
  4. The silence of our Tenno characters could even be with lore. Just remember what laconic atttitude is. The spartan boys where trained to be silent during the agoge. In the interest of the war effort, why wouldn't the orokin do the same? Slaves are great when silent, right? Another reason to hate the golden lords.
  5. Patch notes were very clear. But it's also clear how many players read them.
  6. My challenge in railjack is to find a good host, because my crappy internet does not make my life easy. i needed the command intrinsic since the beginning like many others. But no. My last runs were painful. How many of you experience teleporting enemies? Gunnery target lead not present, Ui disappearing? And De expects me to feel eager to play RJ and improve my intrinsics? Yeah, yeah... Despite all this i'm now 4/5/7/4. Once i got the quest and Shedu, my motivation to grind RJ went down the drink.
  7. I'm still waiting for persistent bodies in this game. imagine playing a mission where enemy corpses (and the pieces, the bloodstains) never disappear...
  8. More things i experienced: Have you guys tried to scan the enemy spacecraft? The way they are fast and always moving and changing position, and the fact that if you stand still, you are dead, makes scanning them EXTREMELY PAINFUL in every sense. Can i have a scanner add-on for my railjack? Or passive avionics for that? If i get a bad host, my gunnery target lead works if the host's connection allows. And i also leave the gun or pilot seat only when same internet allows. If not, i am thrown back into the seat regardless of pressing X or not. When i'm at gun or helm, i have no clear indication if a crew ship has a team mate inside. Makes me waste time leaving station only to discover that a team mate was already inside. The enemy thanks my sloppiness. Or this already exists and bad internet turns this off too?
  9. My 2 cents, regarding gunnery: When i got gunnery intrinsic to rank 1 or 2 i got the target assist, i thought my life was going to get easier.But to see the SMALL white target lead in a sea of explosions, red squares and the ship moving to pilot directions is a real challenge, not mentioning bad host when it sometimes does not show at all. Target UI needs to improve, to make it like old space combat games. In those, when i was dogfighting, there was a clear indication of where i should land my shots if i wanted to hit anything. Oh, and target lead is something we bad shooters need for archwing combat too, since the hitscan age is gone. Can i have it if i invest enough in gunnery intrinsic? About turrets specifically: leaving them in a less than optimal host is a pain. In my personal example, i unconsciously press X twice and end up manning the turret again instead of leaving when it was my intention. The enemy thanks the lag again. Fire Brigade duty: Using the mining mechanic to plug holes in our tin can looks neat and skill rewarding, but i think it's counterintuitive in a past-paced situation where you need to go fast. Make the omni work like an Ignis would be more adequate in this situation. A little more range too, unless extra range comes with improved intrinsic and i'm ignorant about it.
  10. Mine i would call "Prodigal Child". A reference to a fanfiction i read long ago, it was a smuggling ship. But the biblical meaning fits the current ressource situation of railjack LIKE A GLOVE...
  11. They are scanned automatically by helios if your codex entries of them are not completed. after completion, do it yourself.
  12. Hello. today i went to the plains to add Kavat entries to the codex. Regardless of not needing them for this, i decided to use this method, but gave up. There's a problem with Vasca kavat echo-lure making the conservation almost impossible to complete. It happens when you use it and the animal responds. After response, the white "crosshair" not only is not showing the correct tune path, but also changes posiyion drastically one you press mouse 1. if you press mouse 1 at the changed position, it changes again and when you relese, your cursor changes position to another place. It's a miracle i was able to call one and acquire imprints for my current vasca companion... Am i the only one with this problem? (posted again here since no moderator appears to read and transfer post for me)
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