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  1. Con: This map is still a nightmare of collisions. Looks like every corner in this map can stop your movement if you even get close enough. Pro: this is a world of possibility. With larger maps, better lightning, it can get awesome.
  2. Took me a while to start using prime frames.
  3. At the end of the quest, a few things came to my mind. 1 - During the quest, Vala says the monsters like her kind for are enough. it means she knows Corpus is a bunch of rotten people and can't do anything about it or does not care. In the movie Die Hard: with a vengeance, the villain says something similar. 2 - When Parvos extends his hand, it is not kindness. It's a deal. And i don't think he will demand money. I think he will ask for a piece of her soul. Not literally, but the things she will have to do to pay for the favor...they will eat her soul, i'm sure. Isn't this kind
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