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  1. I also really like this idea if it is exclusive to a new (endless) Missiontype on the Starchart. like @(XB1)Red Dough Boy mentioned, not many people like it when the objective suddenly changes because they didnt go in for that. But an endless Missiontype in which objectives constantly mix could be really interesting and challenging. Also, it would adress the following problem you mentioned just fine: Right now the approach to this problem basically is to nerf whatever gets way too strong, and while i partially think its ok to nerf gamebreaking stuff your approach of just giving everyone something else to do is a lot better. Other players can still feel and be useful even when there is a minmaxed Mesa around. If i should make a framework for this gamemode it would look like this: endless gamemode maybe "Survival" is the foundation of the mission - this means survival objective is always active in certain intervals other Objectives get added (there should be always one other objective active at all times) These Sideobjectives: give life support after completing it for your Main Objective give an extra reward like those missions would when you play them in a normal mission (so you might get a Relic for completing a Capture) disappear after a few minutes if no one approaches them (you can stack maybe 3 Sideobjectives, but after that no more spawn until others are completed) The result should be some sort of a Risk/Reward Mechanic. It should be a bit harder to always concentrate on life support while also sending out people to Sideobjectives, but when a Team is good at doing that they will get rewarded. Since they also give small amounts of LifeSupport (like a Kuvaextractor in a Kuva Survival) you could also use them as a backup for moments in which you struggle with LifeSupport.
  2. Well, ofc you are right that they cant just add just anything to the OpenWorlds, i am aware that Warframe has different limitations as some big triple A games which focuse exclusively on Open Worlds. Besides that, i would never expect them to add everything i posted in this topic, afterall i am posting here for well over a year now. This should be just seen as a collection of ideas and it would be nice already if just one of these points gets adressed in some way or another at some point. While some of them might be really complicated to add (like persistent Outposts or certain Missions/Bosses) a lot of other ideas should be doable. New Bountymission types or a Sortie level Bounty for example are just variations of existing mechanics which shouldnt be too hard to implement (i am not saying it doesnt need time to balance and finetune those things, but at least technical limitations should be a factor)
  3. +1 I posted all of this in my topic about the Open Worlds aswell basically (going since 2018 after they first released PoE) but nothing happened so far.
  4. Wait till you get to Stage 2 of a so called "Heist" just to do some fishing ๐Ÿ˜„ (Edit: Oops, fishing was stage 1 ...avoided this for too long) Honestly i think all of this doesnt feel like a Heist: once you are done with the first 3 stages you ignore them, before that you probably repeat Stage 2 until all remaining braincells are gone and then only do the bossfight if you really enjoy it or want to farm standing. I posted my feedback on this but i doubt they will ever touch it again so i simply avoid this "Heist".
  5. Well, if i remember correctly, players already complained about this when the Plains got released, but with the addition of Thumpers/Dargyns etc the issue might just have become bigger. What i mean is that there have always been enemies annoying you when you just wanted to fish or mine or something like that. I dont know if we really need a new instance, afterall Free roam exists. I think they could simply make free roam a little more relaxed again with the following changes: remove Thumpers from Free roam (make them a Bounty you can either start in Cetus or directly in the Plains) make it so that Grineer are only sitting in their Bases and will only attack you if you attack them or come too close (i wouldnt remove all enemies in free roam, that would be too boring even for a new player i guess - i think its fine that you have to kill a few enemies to get to good mining spots for example) that way, if you didnt draw aggro you will be left alone when you are fishing on the oceanside for example (i think currently enemies are coming for you with transport ships when you are fishing even though you didnt attack or came close to anyone before) As someone who played this game for quiet some time having all the good gear dealing with those enemies isnt too much of a problem, but i can totally see new players struggling with all of this (and while vets have no problem dealing with it, it can still be annoying).
  6. Has been a while since i posted something here, but i feel like adressing the problems with Squadlink which are noticeable in Scarlet Spear. Regarding the basic concept, what we have now in Scarlet Spear everything feels kinda meaningless and non-interactive to a point that you most notice it when it doesnt work. But DE itself once had a good vision about Squadlink but so far failed completly to deliver it. You can watch the following part from Tennocon 2019, but i will list the most important aspects below: I think the most important aspects to make Squadlink actually a cool addition are all in there: "friends, clanmates, alliances are now gonna be invited" = matchmaking is really a must-have for this in my opinion "connect them to other coop games happening in real time" = this makes sure we can actually plan to work together, right now the real-time aspect is kinda missing "this is not a hard barrier, this is possible without Squadlink, but its more difficult" = This doesnt match with what we have in Scarlet Spear right now because progression is actually stopped for the space-team if they don't get any Killcodes! Make it like it was planned, optional but helpful and with an impact on Gameplay at the same time. On top of that, the following additions would be really helpful: once Squads are linked, they need a Teamchat for all 8 Players also, more information about the progress of the other Team would be really helpful (basic: Status-Bar ; advanced: actual clips of the other team's actions) and again, the actions of the ground team should have real consequences on the Gameplay of the Space-Team (Buff Team, Debuff Enemies, Supplies) Last but not least, a really advanced version of Squadlink could allow the following: once the Squads are linked, the ground Team gets multiple objectives they can chose from each objective provides different Buffs/Debuffs/Supplies The Space Team can make requests via the Teamchat on what they want the Ground Team to do first - this adds a tactical dimension to it They could also set Waypoints for the Ground Team on a Tactical Map Maybe i will add ideas for specific missions and buffs/debuffs at some point, but for now this is all i want to say.
  7. I can only agree with these 2 points: When they first showed the Flying Eidolon (which has now become the Ropalolyst) i expected/wanted it to fill the empty space between Night-cycles. I also dont really like the timegating, but if there would be an alternative at daytime it would be fine and actually atmospheric. I made a concept back then for a fight, ofc nothing like that happened but i will still leave it in a spoiler ๐Ÿ˜‰ Regarding the lures: I think they follow the person who was collecting them, so if they are far away the reason should be that the person is far away. Still, like you suggest, it would be better if they just follow the Eidolon once latched onto it but for a different reason: If you are the one collecting them, the Lures just love to get in your way when trying to shoot the Eidolons ๐Ÿ˜„ I cant really agree with the following 2 points: There is both an visual and acoustic indicator (healthbar and noise) for when to shot at what. I think this is enough, and i doubt that it would help to add even more. Knockbacks can be annoying (especially on the 2nd Eidolon), but you can evade them with the Operator. The concept of huge AoE-attacks might not be the best, but you can evade them with practice. At least there is some sort of a learning curve like - could be better but i doubt they will ever change the Eidolons honestly.
  8. A comment on the following thing would be appreciated. In the last Livestream with Rebecca Steve said the following thing: In my opinion he is missing the point on why people are disappointed completly. In my opinion you payed the priced because of the following reasons stated by many many people: Railjack/Liches/Squad Link didnt even come close to deliver what was promised what was delivered was either stuffed with RNG over RNG or buggy as hell like Scarlet Spear + super super grindy what was delivered was too monotonous and boring (Railjack is basically 40 times exterminate mission) DE explicitly said Railjack shall not become another content island and should start to tie everything together, still you did the opposite Everybody loved your "experimental ideas" (well the majority ofc, not everyone), if Railjack, Liches and Squadlink would have been just a little closer to what you have promised and showcases for 2 years, you wouldnt be in this situation... If you want to read it up, check the following Threads (and thank your Mods for merging everything they could find into 2 topics, it might be hard to follow): Ps: Sry for being "that guy", but its a shame that it seems that you are drawing the wrong conclusions out of this. So, are you still going to implement what was showcased on Tennocon 2018 and 2019 + in all the Devstreams or will you move on to the next thing?
  9. Nope i would never beg for anything Defection related ๐Ÿ˜„ I meant the Event which came with the Gas-City Remaster last year (imo nice challenge and incentive to really try your best with a fair reward-structure at the same time)
  10. Nah im fine ๐Ÿ˜‰ i decided for me that the gameplay is insanly boring and that i wont do it just for some rewards. Maybe i play a few more rounds here and there, maybe not (and if not i will just pick the rewards from somewhere else). Still, that doesnt mean i can't see when someone uses some sort of a strawman argument and mixes stuff which doesnt belong together to make it sound like a valid point. I mean, i could also make something up about you guys who are now celebrating that someone finally speaks the truth and make assumptions about "your group" to make you look stupid, but i wont. And yes, i was about to say this too, i liked the Clan Event and was begging DE to keep something like that implemented in the game.
  11. its really fun talking some complete trash just to try triggering some people right?
  12. Yup, Moderators doing a *** horrible job the last week again, and when you actually ask for explanations or tell them to at least think about what they are merging you get this reply: Best thing about it, there is not 1 category fitting to support a ticket, but then again this fact fits their merging policy just fine. All of this makes it look like they are desperatly trying to make the issues look smaller as they are. I would understand it if they only merge threads with the same topic, but they are basically merging everything which is somehow related to Scarlet Spear. Maybe we should make a game out of this, something like Bingo or simply putting bets on what Thread will get merged next ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Rewatch the Videos and listen to what they say. They never use terms like "we plan this to be like this", "it might be something like this" and so on. They use terms like "you will be able to do x", "it will become y" Oh, and with the stages thing: Yes they said it will come in stages - each time in the last Devstream before the set Release Date. After 2 years of not saying so.
  14. Meanwhile, Anthem got crushed for undelivered promises and when DE does the same "hey its the players fault to get hyped"...
  15. Haha, google the 2019 Roadmap please ๐Ÿ˜„ Unless DE stops to put everything which comes to their or player's minds on there, we really dont need more Roadmaps - or atleast rename them to DreamMaps.
  16. Gotta love how you take the advice given in the Video you linked a few days ago (smarter every day about manipulation in social media) in every thread now ๐Ÿ™‚ (i am serious, its kinda cute^^) But honestly, take a look here again and try to identify the real Troll, i dont think the person who started this topic needs someone defending him, he is the one who probably wanted to see this escalate and unless he is new to the internet he knew pretty well how this will turn out and is just having fun with it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ps: That Video was really interesting and there are definitely lessons to be learned even for this forum, but not in this case imo..
  17. https://www.digitalextremes.com/news/2019/08/de-tapped-venngo-excellence-award You and many other people really should read that. As a company they have a revenue which is good enough to ensure award-winning working conditions. There is this other guy who made like 20 posts in the last 2 days claiming that we really should help DE, and that he spends money whenever he can and that he even feels sorry for not being able to do more. I dont want to go as far as saying that DE is fooling us to spend money out of goodwill, but they definitely know how to create an image of being "our friend" (just have a look at all the cringy "love you space mom" posts) so that we are willing to spend money just because we like them, not because they do a really good job.
  18. On a sidenote, they said when it comes out (who knows when ๐Ÿ˜„) we should be able to redistribute all our Instrinsic Points. Might have lower ranks in other skilltrees then, but rank 8,9,10 is really not needed anywhere, and the really useful things are on even lower ranks for the most part anyway.
  19. And they didnt add everything at once, they already spitted Liches from Railjack, splitted Railjack itself into several pieces, delayed the New War Quest and so on and on. After 2 years of teasing, hyping and showcasing stuff and acting like this is what Railjack will be when it Releases (not in another 5 years, and it will take at least that long if they continue to work like they do) you simply cannot blame the players for "wanting too much". Its not like just a few features a missing, pretty much all promised features are missing. @everyone just give me 1 single quote where any of the Devs says something like "ofc in 2 years when we Release this, you will only get a small portion of this...nah not a small portion of it, basically nothing but the framework, but the framework will work just fine, or it wont, you know us dont you? Dont expect anything please!" Just rewatch the Trailers, Tennocon Demos and Devstream and listen to what they say and stop blaming the players already. Are you seriously saying that people would complain about too much Content??? Oh come on... And finally, how is any of this a reason to make all the system a stupid grindfest with RNG over Rng over RNG? Ok fine, you cannot release everything at once. But why do you have to ruin the things you are actually able to release with stupid things like that?
  20. I have the feeling Steve is kinda missing the point again... "last year we payed the price for being too experimental (by adding a game inside a game)". As if thats the real problem... The payed the priced because of what everyone in this topic said: didnt even come close to deliver what was promised what was delivered was either stuffed with RNG over RNG or buggy as hell like Scarlet Spear + super super grindy what was delivered was too monotonous and boring (Railjack is basically 40 times exterminate mission) they explicitly said Railjack shall not become another content island and should start to tie everything together, still they did the opposite Everybody loved their "experimental ideas" (well the majority ofc, not everyone), if Railjack, Liches and Squadlink would have been what they have promised us they wouldnt be in this situation... I really wonder if they are drawing the wrong conclusions on purpose or if you can really be that blind living inside a bubble.
  21. Transfering Accounts was a one-time thing (at least they said that) and i wouldnt bet on it that cross-save will ever come.
  22. Go away with potential, cant here it anymore ๐Ÿ˜„ Besides that, i'd much rather make them use the potential Arbitrations, Eso, Railjack, Plains Of Eidolon, Fortuna etc etc etc. have and improve core elements of the game and not some meaningless gimmick like Frame Fighter or Shawzin or stuff like that. Btw: I still mean that although you sound like you want this to become a seperate game, but with everything going on right now in my opinion they shouldnt waste a single thought on stuff like this, they should focus on whats truly important ๐Ÿ˜‰
  23. Ok, maybe it works that way with your clients and the companies you work for, but ill stick to it that it doesnt work this way with DE. I dont know for how long you are around, but the partner program and the Design Council basically had this purpose originally. The purpose that the Developers have a conversation with the Founders, Partners and maybe a few select other persons who play the game. Instruments which should be used to discuss developments, bring in ideas and use them to improve the game. But none of this is happening anymore, and the reason is not that Partners and Founders just stopped the dialogue, its the other way around. Yes i get that, and i must admit that i have been really naive about this fact. You are also right that many ideas are simply trash, are not even close to doable with the engine or consist of just 1 line of text like "wouldnt it be cool if you do that?". but over the past years i have seen many really good ideas aswell (which have been well thought out) which have been completly ignored altough they really adress core problems of certain gamemodes (ESO for example) and provide viable options to improve them. Ideas that take into account what is doable in Warframe and what is not. Ideas that recieve an overwhelmingly positive resonance...but they somehow doesnt fit DE's vision so all we got is some tweaks to dropchances (item x gets a dropchance change from 1% to 2% etc) Edit: ok i dont wanna say never, for example i was really happy that after over a year of following a completly misguided path in UI-Development they actually listened to players a bit and made some adjustments to their philosophy after everyone rightfully went crazy about their Dev-Workshop. But thats only the UI, and besides that acting after a massive Sh*tstorm is still something different as listening to ideas when there is no Sh*tstorm.
  24. How old are you and in what world are you living in? Ye sure DE is just waiting that finally someone comes around to set up a meeting with them to discuss what they could do better ๐Ÿ˜„ Partners complain they have absolutly zero influence (you may find that good, but partners at least thought they were more than promoters when they joined the program), Design Council (which partners are part of i think?) is dead (not because of the people which are part of the Design Council) and besides that i cannot recall just one single idea/suggestion given by players in the past 2 years to improve any of the gamemodes DE has used besides tweaking some numbers.
  25. This. Besides that, you name your topic "what we have to do" and then proceed without saying what we have to do and make the 1000th "Warframe will die" thread. GG
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