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  1. DE, first off, let us fully customize the damn key bindings like before. i don't care if i don't have show level map on a button, let me remove and put in what i want because now i have channel melee and show map on same button and i don't know how to remove either of them. secondly, let me use fire weapon while weapon is out and channel energy while melee is out, not fire the gun when i don't want to. lastly, please let me use secondary fire again with space bar while using controller like before because i don't want secondary fire on my controller. i use r stick to swap shoulders as i do that more often than i use secondary and as a result of your melee 3.0, i can't throw fire jars at exploiter orb because for some reason, it tells me to press space bar to use secondary, but it doesn't work. Sincerely, Goku
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