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    Operation: Operator

    Thank you very much! I plan to do short comics involving them in the future.... if i can find time of course :(
  2. Okay, so i'd like to think i'm not the only one who plays around with how their operator looks every now and again.... i usually gravitate between three.... so... I fleshed out a tiny bit of backstory for them (super brief descrips, nothing too heavy)--> https://epiclad.tumblr.com/post/187208484062/operator-ocs-for-a-future-tale-tanji-has-only Drew them in pencil and rendered them in photoshop... something a little more "finished" as compared to my last post here. Not really sure, but i think i could have made the vulkar just a little bigger in her hands...
  3. Just a suggestion: Maybe have Hildryn automatically equip Balefire (removing shield drain over time, but leaving drain per shot fired) upon activating Aegis Storm (since it's technically the only weapon she can really use in that mode). *shrugs*
  4. Noice! The immortal assassinate targets were particularly annoying. Had to slam attack one all the way to the nearest lake where he (thankfully) drowned in coolant. Wonders never cease.
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