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  1. Thanks for the update! Any plans to change the rewards of Void Storms? Right now, there's literally no reason to me to play them to crack relics, as I already have sevagoth and his weapon, normal fissures are just way faster
  2. Please look into people unable to start the Rising Tide quest from relay's Dry Dock, right now it looks like if you don't have a clan you cannot start the quest to obtain the railjack
  3. To add on this, for the devs, it happens to me every single time i destroy the last braid of the kuva siphon, and it behaves like the markers on the cephalon symaris target when trying to scan him, meaning it will align between your POV and the position of some invisible in-game object that is near the siphon itself. I believe i still have a video capture of the bug occuring to me, if needed
  4. Exactly this, i sunk 300 hours into D2 and things kept becoming worse and worse, this game is a godsend in comparison and for me DE can take all the time they need as long as the quality of game content is this high, especially when compared to that paid trash that Bungie calls DLC
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