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  1. 7 hours ago, Finnelis said:

    TYPE: In-Game
    DESCRIPTION: After chaining a RJ mission, the objectives don't appear, and crewship don't appear either, making the mission incompletable. Also, the leave button disappears from group options, forcing the host to alt-F4. This was on Flexa (ie Grineer Void Mission)
    VISUAL: none. 
    REPRODUCTION: Happened to me 2 times in a row as host.
    EXPECTED RESULT: Not being able to complete the second mission and having to alt-F4 out of the game.
    OBSERVED RESULT: Losing progress having to force quit.
    REPRODUCTION RATE: 2 tries out of 2, not going to test more.

    I'm having the same problem, 2 sessions in a row. Played solo, chained to next mission, and poof, no objective, and infinite enemy spawns. Same thing happened minutes later in a co-op session I joined where I was not the host. 

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  2. Please let Crew Pilots target objectives. It does not feel like I have a crew with me when I have to go in and out of an objective by myself. To clarify, the pilot will shoot down all the fighters and crewships beautifully, but as soon as everyone is dead, they either freeze dead in their tracks or fly in circles, while I go hack consoles, fly out, shoot things that the pilot in a multiplayer session would shoot, fly back inside, hack a console, fly out, shoot the thing, fly back inside, and finish the mission. It just doesn't feel like I have a crew with me. Like, I might as well not even have one if they're not even going to help with that. 

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  3. When I'm playing in Solo mode in Railjack Skirmish on Earth, I have a full crew. A Pilot, an Engineer and a Defender. The pilot will kill everything in sight with a thirst for blood I've never seen before, but then when all the ships are dead, they fly circles around the objective and when I hack consoles and the pop out targets appear, the pilot completely ignores them. So then I have to TP back to Railjack and then go outside and search and destroy the target, then fly back to the objective door and repeat. It doesn't feel like a real crew at all at that point. If it's not a bug, please let our crew help us with objectives. 

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  4. I didn't notice this issue until after I equipped the new wing Eros Ephemera, and then even when I switched to another frame that did not have it equipped. It could just be my hardware.

    It stopped though when I closed the game. I played some sounds on my PC to make sure the sound was fine. The sound I was hearing sounds like the headphones are glitching and having little fuzzy crackles or blips. Became possibly more and more frequent as I continued playing. 

    • TYPE: In-game.
    • DESCRIPTION: Just trying to enter the vault after completing the four part code on the vault door, I will go through the threshold and the game treats it like a fall pit, where the screen quickly fades to black and drops me on the ground where I started. Only way to get to the loot is to continue to bullet jump forward until eventually it glitches and lets me through. Does not happen on the way back through. 
    • VISUAL: Not easy to get, happens very quickly.
    • REPRODUCTION: Enter the Isolation Vault after killing the Necramechs and getting the correct code on the vault door. 
    • EXPECTED RESULT: I should have passed through the door without any difficulty like any other door. 
    • OBSERVED RESULT: I got reloaded back in place as if I had fallen in a "fall pit". 
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time I play an Isolation Vault.
  5. After an RJ mission, if you transfer out of frame and stay operator loading into the Drydock, you will be auto transferred into a new version of your warframe instead of putting you back in your original body. Can be duplicated infinitely. Stays around as long as you don't get a loading screen, and one time I was able to get 12 Excalibur Umbras to follow me around, but they took up all the spawn slots so the enemies wouldn't spawn in mission. Only way to get that many duplicates is to go to Free Flight and return, since it doesn't require objective to be completed. I only experimented with this bug for my personal fun and to see if it was reproducable. I did not gain any different or more rewards than normal. 

  6. I have been experiencing this as well. Many missions, about 70% of the ship is invisible, which can be especially problematic when it comes to patching the ship, and when you need to forge more revolite but you can't even see the room the forge is in. Also randomly one of the wing guns will get stuck at the bottom of the gun track and become unusable. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

    They already kinda do that.

    I adjust my settings for Galatine Prime on Rhino, because he thicc, and then I go to use it on a different frame and that sword be floatin. Tell me how to get around this and I will praise you to the end of time.  

  8. I think it would be ultra convenient,  at least on the plains for a squad to go in with one member who has excellent loot radar, who could dart around marking spots for everybody to pick up. It would make farming a little less of a tedious grind for things you can only find on the plains. 

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