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  1. Fair. Wallrun>Shift Movement>Dash>Bullet Jump then. Bullet Jump movement is fun at first, but once you hit 1k+ hours of game time, Gauss and Strength Volt are hilarious and let you look at how cool you are while waiting at the exit for everyone else. MR27 with 3k hours, if you're referring to me.
  2. I like the idea of wall-run being fastest, but that simply moves the tedium from bunny-hop to Spiderman. I don't think movement should be tied to alternating two-button spam. I think it was Final Fantasy 9 that had a running race where you had to spam X and Square just to walk forward, and you could do it easily by setting the controller on the floor and just stab the buttons super fast. That's essentially how I feel about Bullet Jump just to Go Forward.
  3. I don't agree with stamina or nerfing bullet jump, it is what it is. I would honestly like to see dashing be 5/10% faster than bullet jump speed innately, and/or reducing the cost of Rush drastically to increase its usage. I don't consider hitting Ctrl/V+Spacebar 5000 times per play session to be good design, and it's ridiculous looking (Unless I'm on my Youkai Ivara, then it's perfect). This also gives us an excuse to get Naruto Run on our frames somehow.
  4. I feel that Riven dispositions should be based on performance and not popularity, as that means that anything that gets primed is doomed to nerfs due to the usage burst across the community.
  5. While I agree with you that the Press 4 To Delete Room is a bit silly, it's because this game is meant to be a Gauntlet style game, not Shadow of the Colossus
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