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  1. Not sure why you're quoting me, as I was only offering advice on where to best farm them. Also, while you're technically correct that 14% is higher than 11%, that doesn't mean it's actually faster. Sure, the drop chance is highest on Interception Tier 3, with 14%, but Hieracon excavation gives a 11% chance on C rotation, making it about 4 times as fast to farm. Why? Because T3 interception takes about 16 minutes to reach a single C rotation, whereas excavation (with a decent squad setup) takes about 4 minutes for each C rotation. So sure, it's 14% versus 11%, but you'll get that 11% chance about 4 times as often. And yes, I personally tested these times.
  2. Like someone else said before - run Hieracon (excavation). Best drop-rate bar none.
  3. Having made multiple posts on this myself, I don't even have to read this thread tbh. I simply agree. And while they're at it, I also pray someday they'll remove the the arbitrary collission on decoration placement as well. But yeah, as to your main point; we are already perfectly capable of blocking doorways to make them inaccessible anyway, so might as well let us do all of this on our own terms and risk.
  4. Just a heads-up to anyone who likes dojo decorating to NOT fund decorations until you're done placing everything, as funded dojo decorations are currently invisible it seems. Pic below is part of an array of 8 decorations that are currently completely invisible unless you place your cursor over them. Makes decorating a pain. Edit: Not ALL finished decorations are invisible, and some are just partially visible - pic below also has, at the complete bottom, a decoration that is only partially visible, depending on which angle you view it from. Almost looks like the tech used for Mirage's clone ability, which disappears as you look in its direction.
  5. As has been said before already - new lighting is a mixed bag. I can't quite put my finger on all of it, but I feel there have been made a few really good graphical changes in there... somewhere. But I don't know exactly where. Lighting feels terrible right now, but I'm also seeing various objects having better contrast than before, and I got this weird feeling that some parts of my dojo looked much better than before. (The red maple trees seemed to look slightly better, though I'm still waiting to get back my previously lush, green maple trees) Like I said, it's really hard to put m finger on what exactly has been changed, and which part of these changes are good, and which are bad. I can usually provide more accurate feedback, but this, to me, is a case of "something seems to have changed across the entire game, but I'm not quite sure what". I just know my liset looks absolutely dreadful in the loading screens now. I'm sure you guys will tweak this out sooner or later though, good luck with hotfixing and patches 🙂
  6. wh.. what? This game has bad animations and a lack of variety in animations? Are you sure you're talking about Warframe?
  7. Boy, this is a difficult one. Short answer: I'd like Kuva to be available much like Endo is; it's something you need, and nearly all forms of playing will get you small amounts of it that add up over time. There, that's it, the only thing I can say I want as a reward beyond a shadow of a doubt. Long answer: It's incredibly hard for me to indicate what exactly it is that I want that wouldn't result in massive overhauls/changes that might even change Warframe into something that is, well, perhaps not even Warframe anymore. I've made a detailed thread on why I think not all content should be accessible immediately, and how this ties into long-term goals, but I didn't touch on what the rewards for those goals should be because I wholeheartedly think I don't understand this game well enough for me to be able to actually have good judgment in that regard. People want all sorts of things, but sometimes the things we want are bad for us, or bad for the game. So many of the suggestions I read on these forums would lead to massive amounts of power creep, and honestly, we still barely have any pace where we can apply the power we have right now, let alone if we are given any more in the form of meaningful rewards that would only serve to make us even more powerful. On the flipside, much of the new "content" we get now is just more frames/weapons that allow us to do pretty much all the things we have been doing all alone. Currently I'm not even looking for (more) rewards in this game, I'm looking for something that is challenging in the right ways so that it would actually merit a reward. The more I read about these sort of things, the less I understand what would actually be good for this game. I know a lot of players lack (non-frustrating) challenges, but when it comes to rewards? I have no idea what new rewards could even be implemented, I can honestly only comment on current in-game reward structures, and how, for example, grinding the same 5-minute mission for days on end to get a 5% drop as a reward feels incredibly boring, but beyond that I have very little clue as to what would make for good rewards that we don't already know.
  8. I intended on going through these point by point, but then I saw how many points there were. You've provided a lot of good feedback, and I don't want to see yet another dojo thread get lost in the abyss of nobody responding to it. (Made a thread on some of these points myself yesterday, that's already slid down into page 2 without a single reply, people just don't seem to care all that much about dojos) I can only say I agree with most, if not all of your points. The only thing I'm skeptical about is the 100-room limit. Maybe that's simply there for a reason, and I'm not quite sure if it would be manageable to even increase that further. Maybe server load won't allow it, or it could increase dojo load times to insane amounts, I don't know, but this is the only limitation I'm guessing is there for a reason. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe the lack of responses to these types of threads is simply indicative of the relatively low interest in dojo content as a whole, so maybe it's just not worthwhile for DE to invest too much time into any of this. Having said that, if there's anything I'd like most it would be for what you called "sheets of water". I've thought about this as well, a lot, in fact, as me trying to make any part of my dojo to appear as being "water" has been the greatest hurdle I've faced so far. I've been dabbling with various sizes and arrays of "gentle waterfalls" to achieve this effect, but to be honest, that is completely and utterly ineffective, and once you do manage to make something look semi-decent you'll often need about 40 or so of these waterfalls to achieve anything that looks even remotely decent. I don't think, however, renaming the energy lab etc. to Corpus, Grineer & infested would make sense. It's not a grineer, corpus, or infested lab, it's a Tenno lab replicating their technology, so calling it "infested" would be akin to saying it's a lab made by, and belonging to, the infested. Doesn't make sense. Opting for a different skybox was something I've never thought about though; that's a really interesting suggestion that might just spice things up a bit. All in all, great thread. Thanks for taking the effort you put into writing that all up.
  9. Hey all, just a thread to combine some of the biggest frustrations I have experienced while trying to make my dojo as intricate as possible. It's a lot of work that is largely very rewarding, but also very frustrating at times. First up, a minor one: There's some really weird lighting bleeds occurring in certain parts of the dojo, most notably in the grandest hall. It causes objects that are places next to each other, without any light sources interfering, to be viewed as though they are...highlighted? Honestly, it'd be nice if this could be fixed, as it really messes things up in a weird way. Makes homogenous objects appear completely out of place. Secondly, I am often rather annoyed by how collision works while placing decorations. It's a huge pain in the frame to mesh two decorations together, as they all have some weird kind of collision that prevents them from being merged with other objects to provide a smoother transition between surfaces. Two examples of this; you cannot place any tree directly into another object, as the base (stem) of the tree always has some kind of hard collision. You can, however, place the tree and then slide the other object on top of the tree. A simpler example that's perhaps far more frustrating; say you want to have a different floor for your room. You place a slab of rock. You want to place grass on top of that, but since the rock surface is uneven, the grass ends up half-floating on top of it since the collision won't allow you to place it half into the rock. Again, you can first float the grass half in the air and then place the rock slab underneath it. If these objects have no issues meshing at all, don't make us go through this completely arbitrary process each and every time. The same goes for the pillars in all of the clan hall rooms. Want a different look to your pillars for a different aesthetic? Good luck navigating the rabid hellscape that is the collision on these pillars. Especially the first time doing it, it can take one hours to even place a different type of pillar over the standard pillars due to absolutely awful collision. Please get rid of this collision, it's absolutely terrible in each and every regard, and all of it seems completely arbitrary as it is possible, it's just mindbendingly frustrating to get it to work. What's worse, this entire system ensures that very, very often, objects just get stuck in place completely. You'll want to move it ever so slightly, but the game just won't let you, because there's some other object meshed into it that prevents any and all movement. Removing all of this unnecessary collision would make object placement much, much easier, and I dare say it might even reduce decoration times by about 30%, as you will spend a lot of time just combating the collision on all of these objects. Maybe that's the true endgame of Warframe, though. Fighting against the dojo decoration collision. And lastly, there's the trees. Somehow I still had an image from what they looked like before, but in some update somewhere these were completely butchered. They've gone from lush, vibrant, colorful trees to dull, sickly looking twigs that also suffer from terrible lighting bleeds. Have an old pic here to illustrate what they looked like before: Those are the same trees as the the one in my earlier picture to show the lighting bleeds; notice how the "tree" has this weird silver shimmer across it; that's pervasive in all trees placed now, and they look kind of terrible to boot. The color scheme is dull, flat, not vibrant at all, and looks rather sickly. The trees in this first picture here are vibrant and colorful, and I'd very much like to have them back. Doesn't only go for the red trees either; the (previously) green maple trees have now turned into weird half-transparent brown twigs that just look horrid. I don't often ask for something to be reverted, but in this case I absolutely am. These new trees look terrible. That's all I have for now. Feel free to share any frustration you have, specifically regarding dojo decorating. I probably missed a few.
  10. I've highlighted this particular piece of your post, as I feel it's a really good example of the kind of accessibility that I am opposed to the most. It's easy, if not almost trivial to get some of the best weapons in the game, that far exceed all others with little to no effort. This could, maybe even should have been gated, to prevent fast access to these very strong weapons, and that is not even to mention how they invalidate a great number of weapons that have actual MR requirements.
  11. This is a long one, so I've divided it into a couple of points I can react to, and redacted some of the stuff I have little to say about; 1. I can only agree with this, there is a lot of content that is already there that is going to waste since it is no longer relevant after it has been cleared once, mostly. Apart from going back to previous planets to farm specific rare materials, I see little use being made of them. Having said that, I don't know how to make early game interesting at all, though that is perhaps another topic entirely. 2. Again, while another topic entirely, boss difficulty is definitely a large detractor in this whole debate. I just slogged through 3 very tiring profit-taker fights to get the toroids I need for the next rank-up, and I actually smashed my keyboard in frustration for the first time ever in this game. To me, Ropalolyst and Exploiter orb are perhaps the only 2 boss fights in the game that felt right to me, as they (largely) don't rely on the aspects you mentioned. Profit-taker, however, features nearly all of them. I've highlighted one of your sentences because I feel it perfectly illustrates one of the major problems boss fights have; they're simply not fun. 3. I feel this largely ties in with point 1, but you did hit a major point of frustration that I experienced, especiall with PoE; "For the love of god, just let me fish in peace" is something I found myself thinking a lot during fishing. The activity itself is good enough that I'd consider it a fun, rewarding, and worthwhile minigame, but the constant influx of adds is just completely tone-deaf to the relaxing nature of the activity itself. No rest for the wicked. No rest for the peaceful, either. I'd frankly love more side-activities that don't involve shooting stuff in the face. Or hell, even archery minigames with moving targets could be a fun addition (just don't allow the use of Lenz...), but I feel that's going off-topic entirely. Let's just say that the game has a lot of untapped potential in the areas where the main concern is not how to balance the billions of damage players put out vs enemies. 4. I never said it would have to be 1% of the playerbase being able to access it. I know full well that leads to elitism, and I would never encourage something like that. Would your stance be different if it were somewhere between 10% and 30% of the player base being to access it? Also, to me it's not only about how many people access content, but how the road to access the content takes place, as too much of it currently revolves around instant gratification and the apparent "need" for everything to be accessible to everyone, and I feel that has its downsides. Having said that, DE being, or not being able to design such content well would perhaps be another discussion entirely. This topic was mainly about the need for such content, and not whether they can actually live up to the required quality of such content. The line of your quote I highlighted, however, serves to perfectly illustrate how I feel about this entirely. It is these exact stepping stones that Warframe lacks. You start the game, you are faced with a rock. It takes some time to get on top of the rock, and then you are there it seems, and you can access 99% of all the content near-immediately. Profit-taker, however, while a terrible fight, may have actually had the correct approach in gating the fight itself behind reputation; upon seeing the Nightwave requirement to take him down, I actually had to raise my reputation first, creating one of the few goals I have had in this fight, next to being able to fight Eidolons. In general, I agree with a lot of what you've said. Please, just don't misunderstand me when I say "a majority" of players, as by that I did not mean majority to mean "99%" at all.
  12. You say there are progression slowing systems, yet these are the exact things I'm talking about; gating that allows players to formulate long-term goals. Your statement of "5 years of early game" is just an exorbitant exaggeration of what I'm suggesting. I'm advocating for more of a build-up towards end-game (not 5 years, mind you, there's not a single game on this planet that has 5 years of content before endgame), and the ability to have long-term goals even when getting to said end-game. "There has to be a way for new players to rapidly gain access to end-game"; well, I think there already is, since every time new content drops people devour it in either a day, or a span of time less than 2-3 weeks. Maybe they're getting there too fast? Mandatory mods being removed eventually has already been confirmed by DE that they're working on it.
  13. Not necessarily - think of Archwing and Operator form; both gave players a different way of progressing, rather than only piling on to the power that we have in warframe form. But you are correct, if we're only given more gating in the form of warframe and weapon upgrades, there would be massive amounts of power creep. While it would be difficult, there are most definitely ways of giving players goals to strive for that don't completely revolve around directly increasing power, though some of that is sadly unavoidable. Having said that, progression in WF currently boils down to; Start playing the game, have no idea what you're doing for about 50 hours, obtain some meta frames/weapons, after which you are almost immediately able to clear 99% of all content. The plateau is reached too quickly, and beyond that there is little to strive for.
  14. Hmm, I'm not sure they could make this game mediocre, even if they tried. Despite its flaws, Warframe is still a pretty damn good game. Could always be better, but I doubt the introduction of some gating mechanics or long-term goals for players would make this game mediocre. Would you care to explain why you feel such changes would make it a mediocre game? Or do you believe the game is currently already mediocre?
  15. While I initially started this post to be about accessibility, I suppose discussing difficulty more is inevitable. There's already been a lot said about that, but I do need to remark that, as of now, the Exploiter Orb may just be one of the best fights in the game, and I agree with you completely regarding that fight. I also found myself thinking "Why does this fight feel so satisfying compared to other content?" My personal answer to that was; it's satisfying because it's not like other content. Exploiter focuses on a certain amount of skill that is only applied in that particular fight; how well you can handle the adds and how good you are at throwing the cannisters. No other content requires these actions, and that is what makes it unique. The adds also serve to set back your progress, rather than insta-kill you the moment they set their eyes on you, which is pretty much the problem that all high-level missions run into, the whole "1-shot or be 1-shot" dilemma. Exploiter circumvents this nicely by giving you a completely different reason for killing the enemies whilst forcing you to keep an eye on their spawns, while still providing enough firepower to kill you if you're especially reckless in your approach. I really hope Exploiter and Ropalolyst are a sign of what direction boss battles are headed into, because that would be a huge boon to the game I feel.
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