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  1. I think I've just experienced the first symptoms of a possible kuva addiction, and I can happily admit that I think I managed to avert the worst of it. I don't think I'll be attempting to get anymore kuva after this, thankfully.
  2. Well, yeah, and that's just how the system keeps adding insult to injury. I'm not even aiming for god rolls or anything remotely close to it, I just want something functional, but the possibility of getting -dmg or -multishot really screws with those plans. That's why I, slightly exaggeratedly, said that you need millions of kuva to even make it work, the numbers are just off. Even with boosters and cat buff, the amount of kuva you can get is insultingly low from any source. This would be so much better if you would just passively collect even small amounts of kuva from regular game acti
  3. Hey all, So I just spent 2 hours in kuva survival, with all boosters active, got me some 70k kuva, and rolled it into.... trash. No a single roll was worthwhile. I just completely and utterly wasted 2 hours of my life on a system that is so utterly and stupendously broken that I can't even think of something witty or funny to say about it. The amount of kuva required to engage in "endgame content", as in, rolling rivens to get your weapons to actually do more than what they normally do, falls into the millions, and the only way to get this S#&$e substance is by doing
  4. Hey all, While I'm generally excited for the Heart of Deimos update, what was absolutely horrifying to me was that they casually announced how you'd be able to sacrifice frames in order to splice their abilities onto other frames. While, of course, that's going to lead to a type of meta forming around that instantly, what perhaps worries me most is how DE does not seem to value individual frame identity at all. What is frame identity? It's that misty thing that's only visible in the Grendel missions. While on regular missions, you just pick something, everything does the same, which
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