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  1. Heya, Currently the "Kill X dargyn pilots before they hit the ground" riven challenge doesn't work. Using a previously workable method (Mesa 4) does not count toward the challenge anymore, or at best only partially. So far I've killed maybe 12-15 dargyn pilots before they hit the ground, and only 1 of these registered towards the challenge.
  2. The whole numbers game behind railjack is what I understand the least to be honest. The resource costs for repairing wreckage parts is out of this world. I'm now up to the end of saturn, and I barely have enough to restore even 1 par of MK-II quality. This only incentivizes the use of repair drones, not to mention how incredibly fast you outgrow these parts to begin with. The moment I get into the third area, they will all be outdated immediately, which, in the end, only promotes the use of other people's railjacks, besides my own. I'm currently really not interested in upgrading my own railjack anyway. What's the point? I'd rather just save up resources to use on MK-3 parts so my railjack will be of use at some point in the future, rather than be permanently outdated. I'm not sure how to combat this though. I'm not going to bother with any of the Sigma series research, because the numbers don't make it worth it, all of it is inferior to pretty much anything you find while doing railjack missions. I guess what makes all of this feel so bad, is that it's so incredibly visible how much of your investment you're losing when you upgrade your ship items, or rather, replace. Those 20k resources or sth you spend on an MK2-tier item (and that's only one item) pretty much all go down the drain the very second you get your first MK3 item. It very quickly boils down to; "go farm 20k resources. Great, you have new item. Go to next area. Your item is now outdated. Go farm 30k resources with outdated item to get new item." The refining mechanic feels plain bad. While it does add an extra layer of teamwork to a minor degree, it never feels truly good, especially given the incredibly high numbers of resources we need for upgrading parts. Knowing you're probably losing a bunch of them due to them not being refined will always be an annoyance. This could very well be temporary though. Might even disappear completely as more people gain knowledge of this system, and what refining does etc. I do find it problematic, however, that refining as a whole is never explained properly. It is literally a case of "how to make sure your item drops actually get to your inventory". It's pretty damn important, and should have been made clear from the start how it starts, however, no such information was made clear properly. Edit: Dirac numbers needed seem awfully low. I'm probably nearing, if not over 1.000 hours played in WF, and I still need regular Endo for heavy, long-term investments like primed mods. I can't help but feel that, when it comes to space-Endo, or Dirac, I'll be done in another 20 hours or so. Upgrading the avionics grid is an investment that could be a form of gradual improvement, much like instrinsics, but the upgrade process is underwhelmingly fast. Maybe it would be better to not hand these direct upgrades in power and durability away so easily? I've seen plenty of people who already have their entire grid and all avionics upgraded to the max. That's a bit fast if you ask me. Don't have a whole lot of other things I can formulate properly at this point. Might provide some more feedback later.
  3. 1. Yes, finally, some content that has a semblance of difficulty. I was so pleasanly surprised that I actually had to do something in order to be victorious in missions. It's very pleasant and rewarding. And if your pool of outside resources was added to your railjack inventory, it would all -sigh- again, be piss easy. If that were to happen, the only thing you would have to do is just have someone spam the resource making process and again, all content would be practically without any chance of you failing at all. If you don't like difficulty, that's fine, but a lot of people like a challenge, and I'm sure if you stick with this and actually upgrade your starter ship you might see things aren't as bad. And as other people have said, don't play something intended for a full squad with 2 people and expect it to be as easy as playing Saryn in regular missions. 2. Again, you want everything to be easy and effortless. While that is a valid opinion, I could only really recommend you to play non-Railjack content, if you like that better. And I'm sure there will be NPCs at some point to do it for you. I, for one, like the stress of having to actually pay attention to what is going on, and make decision, such as; "Do I fix the hull first or do I have enough time to take out that crew ship first?" 3. No. Again, it doesn't have to be easy. 4. This is actually the only thing that's debatable. I can get behind you disliking the way the ship moves when aiming the front cannons, however, maybe this is an indication that you're more of a side-gunner, instead of a pilot? Also, missile tracking works just fine, and you'd have noticed that if you took the time to look at what was going on. When targeting enemies, do you see that additional reticule made out of 4 small triangles around enemy ships? When those are locked on, then your missile tracking is ready and functional, and it will work properly. Give the missile time to lock on. 5. Constant mission failure? Good. Players finally have something that they will need to learn and master, and I'm so glad DE finally released something that requires actual cooperation in a co-op game. It's not that the missions can't be beat, players will simply need to pay attention and learn new mechanics. In general, your concept of fun seems to revolve around effortlessly blasting your way through hordes of enemies without a chance of failure, and if that is the case, this is still the best game for you, because 99% of all content in Warframe is exactly like that. Maybe just hold off on Railjack for now until they introduce the NPC crews they are currently working on?
  4. No, but he did answer my question. I asked if everyone's MITW speaks with a voice that varies based on the operator's gender, and he answered that 🙂 So while mine speaks in a female voice, players with a male operator will have a male MITW. It was kind of useful finding that out, as it speaks much more to a personalized entity than it does to a more generalized entity. At this point I wouldn't even be surprised if the MITW is us, ourselves, but just some void- or time-warped version of us, especially given what we've seen from the Duviri Paradox so far, it could easily be.
  5. Exactly, the lines that once sounded cruel and ominous now sound almost warm. Also, if you stop posting now you'll have the exact same amount of reputation as you have posts 😄
  6. So I couldn't help but notice that, when entering the railjack the void entity was speaking to me again, but this time in a much softer voice, and a lot of the distortion that is usually present in her/its voice seemed to be gone. Could we be getting closer to... something? Is the presence of the gigantic finger somehow affecting it in some manner? What are your thoughts? I found it to be rather soothing how she spoke to me, almost motherly. Also, can someone tell me if the voice of the entity is male if your operator is male? Because this is something I don't know for sure.
  7. Good lord can we please be granted the ability to use actual language when naming our ship Cant use any form of punctuation no commas no apostrophes pretty much nothing While youre at it could you please apply that to note beacons and dojo transporters as well because we cant use punctuation there either and to be honest its kind of infuriating and it makes everything seem like it was written by someone who can only produce really long sentences that go on and on and on thank you
  8. You think so, lol? I recall having easily spent 20 hours on decorating my last large room. If there's anything comical about it, it's how low the wage is. I mean, god, if I had to get paid for that it'd be 25 plat per HOUR. Now of course I'm not saying this guy decorates with the same attention to detail as me, or he might just be faster than me, and there's a plethora of other things I could think of, but point in case; don't underestimate how much work goes into decorating rooms. Also sure as hell don't underestimate how much time goes into learning how to work with the eldritch abomination that is the decoration placement tools. I think it easily took me 100 hours to properly get used to it, and it still gives me a headache from time to time.
  9. If you think it's a waste, maybe you shouldn't be doing it? Honestly, if it doesn't feel worth it to you, don't bother. Just don't expect all nice things to be free and effortless.
  10. Oh S#&$, I just saw the amount of resources required. Awesome, finally a goal to work towards, and a reason to grind. Nice.
  11. Clan Name: Ghostblade Sanctuary Clan Tier: Ghost - Rank 10 Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Featured image: This is my personal one-man project that I have been constructing over the past year. Since I only have so much time I can spend on it, not every room in the dojo is decorated, but I try my best with the time I have to add as much detail as possible to the rooms that have been decorated. It is a largely nature-themed dojo, with an emphasis on making use of terrain to alter the standard shape of rooms to make it fun to explore the dojo. While this is rather hard to do in the smaller rooms, the larger rooms, especially the inspiration halls have given me a great opportunity to test my ability to create a dynamic environment, with the best example being my Sacred Glade. (pictures on that below) Starting off with a bit of a tour. (Keep in mind, I'm not revealing every hidden room present in my dojo. That would just spoil the fun.) The main hall: Winding waterway: Smaller gardens: Grineer-styled forest trading post: Pathways to Sacred Glade, and Sacred Glade: Living quarters: And that's pretty much it for what I currently have in my dojo, and with that, the end of this little tour. If anyone wants to check out the dojo in person, feel free to whisper or send me a message if you're on the EU server. Cheers!
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