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  1. I'm glad you've picked up on that. I'm trying to popularise the notion of an aura like mod slot in weapons called something like "munitions" or "ballistics" which could address this issue by movings things like punch through mods into that slot whilst increasing mod capacity.
  2. I think that your multivariate analysis of guns and their underperformance compared to melee has highlighted most, if not all, of the key factors behind their incapability, though I think your proposed solutions are a bit awkward (e.g. adding arcanes to give us shattering impact and life strike for guns).
  3. Man think about it, when people say that guns in general cannot handle high level content you should infer that it is because the majority of guns are those older, outdated, weaker (especially single target) guns. This is where many of the complaints stem from. I get that you may have tested out 9-12 weapons in the past week and came to the conclusion that you have, but I've gone through all 28 Primaries, 39 Secondaries, 3 Warframes and all 62 of my Melees and came to a different conclusion. Rifle like the Tiberon Prime were outperformed by a half modded Phantasma, my Akjagara Prime and Euphona Prime couldn't do S#&$ to compete with my Atomos, and all of my combo based weaponry slightly worse sure. Something else to bare in mind about why people are being so dramatic is just general frustration... with things like critical delay not being able to stack with point strike, the last second nerf to companion melee posted the day before SoP went live, as well as the unmentioned and undocumented universal follow-through nerfs, it doesn't exactly make DE look good. Look man, it's a PVE game that never wasn't especially hard nor had a particularly high skill ceiling. You just took a weapon that you liked that had generally good stats it did the job you needed it to do. But with a good chunk of DE's design choices, more and more I'm being pushed away from the weapons I actually like and want to use because they don't get the job done on the whims of the developers making awkwardly implemented or just flat out poor decision, and that's hurting my enjoyment of the game, especially when the reasons given as to why were in a weak and poorly worded dev-workshop designed to pursue a state of balance in a that doesn't make a lot of sense for a PVE horde-slayer game. I'm noticing a lot of others sharing the same sentiment as I. I mean, sure I might come to like the newer stuff, but I also like a lot of that older stuff that sucks and would at least like it to be somewhat viable in todays game. Exalted melee Warframes are the thing I personally find the most interesting and enjoyable in this game, Excalibur being my favourite Warframe. I'm a simple man, I like sharp pointy things. With the changes to CO brought in with Melee 2.9, it kinda killed him and any other exalted melee Warframe for me. Very quickly Exalted Blade and abilities like it very quickly and clearly became bad abilities compared to any mediocre melee build on any melee weapon that had at least 20% crit chance and status, and because of that I've lost most of my reason to keep playing him. Since then, I find myself just playing braindead with Chroma or playing Gauss when I wanna use my brain a little more. When I go back to Excalibur, or Valkyr, or Wukong it's so unsatisfying and irritating that I have no reason to use their 4th ability because my Zaw is simply superior. In something like Diablo, Destiny, Payday, or Vermintide, the progression through the story and even some post-story content was more focused on mechanics and basic class progression than gear and build, then once you reach an "end-game" point, it didn't matter if you could clean out rooms, you just wanted to push the build as far as it could go and see if you could get to that next Torment level, or clean run the highest difficulty Chaos Wastes. In games like those, some builds were better than others, and some were meta because they performed best, that's just how it's gonna be, but nerfing them was scarcely done unless the build or ability trivialised the game. It was understood that hastily nerfing what was already established would hurt the game, but leaving a clearly unreasonably strong thing the way it was would also be bad for the game. Even then, developers of games can make good calls and bad calls when making or changing things, they aren't perfect at the end of the day and make different choices. The Diablo 3 team decided to nerf some stuff in the last couple seasons, and it turned a handful of Wizard players away from the game, and Destiny's seasons just got too repetitive for me personally, On the other hand Vermintide 2 has been adding some new classes that have powercreep'd some old stuff, but nothing got nerfed so the old stuff is still just as good as it used to be. In the case of DE, since Liches it has seemed like it's been a downward incline, and with some of the recent changes, I think DE has made another bad call. I've got sympathy for their circumstances, I understanding that making games is hard, but it feels like DE is asking for us to get where they're coming from and hasn't at all tried to understand us players.
  4. Yes, hence why I said "A reason" specifically. I'm well aware that other factors will not magically disappear as a consequence of this information, but what I intend to highlight in my original point is that it may be a mistake to assume DE hasn't done cross-play yet because Sony is strongarming them, or something akin to this.
  5. A reason often cited as to why DE may not have implemented cross-save is that Sony/ Microsoft would want to retain their audience because of the platinum sales, many often suggesting that Sony is the main reason for the lack of this function. It's very important that a Gacha game has this, as Gacha games are incredibly lucrative if they become popular, and by chance Genshin is very popular, with an expanding active player base. And don't assume that this is an unfounded statement, we have player base statistics. https://activeplayer.io/genshin-impact/
  6. For years this has been a complicated topic to discuss in Warframe, and one many feel they have answers to regarding reasons DE could, or could not implement the cross-save/ cross-progression/ cross-play functions, without basing their thoughts on any real reason given by DE themselves. And yet Genshin Impact, a Gacha game, had launched with cross-play and has achieved cross-save within a year. https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/news/detail/12389 I would like to repeat. A Gacha is now implementing cross-save, enabling players from PlayStation to link their account to a miHoYo account and play on PC. A Gacha game has done this, and yet Warframe has not.
  7. Sounds like Anemo from Genshin, I actually like the sound of this.
  8. There are numerous issues with this rebalance due to the approach of nerf/buff, resulting in awkward design choices that have further divided the already strong weapons from the weak, and the melee changes have not only driven a wedge between meta and off meta, you only dealt with melee in relation to combo builds and not Heavy Attack builds? This inconsistency, and heavy handedness is an issue. I have sympathy for your current working conditions, and your workload since these changes were paired with a major content release, but I think you have made a significant mistake by not doing as you did with the arsenal rebalance, having a dedicated update, or series of updates, commited to addressing the real problems and introducing more sensible or interesting solution in order to fix this "Arsenal Divide." There is mechanical inconsistency between guns and melee that create a significant disparity in their potential. When you changed melee with melee 2.9, you brought a whole new combo and heavy attack system with changes to existing mods that allowed them to capitalise off of the changes, which shook up builds up in a good way, but guns have no such system. It would be better if you took the time to unify the combo system and allow all guns to not only contribute to it, but also benefit from combo. A change like this would not only preserve all current playstyles, it would breathe new life into them. Renewing existing but underutilised mods with effects that scale with combo and introducing new mods without the unnecessary "on ________" conditions, such as an actual "Condition Overload" to guns, Furthermore, I will highlight two more significant issues with guns. They require too much investment relative to Warframes, or melee weapons (this is because of the aura and stance mod slot), and the vast majority of guns are single target. I advocate for the introduction of a "munitions" mod slot, something akin to an aura or stance that increases base mod capacity but also does something like change the munition type of a weapon to tailor it for general gameplay, providing something like explosive rounds or punch-through. Just like with aura's on Warframes, these "munitions" mods don't have to do something complex and could be simple damage increases, and some of these "munitions" mods will be generally useless on certain weapons due to their innate capabilities, such as an explosive rounds type mod on the Ogris. Finally, with the changes to Deconstructor I ask that you not only consistently apply the changes by extending it to the vigilante mod sets on gun type sentinel weapons, but that you also address the state of exalted melee, and stat-stick oriented abilities. I have extensively tested the damage potential and utility of every exalted melee weapon with a variety of builds comparing them to the Skiajati Nikana with a nonoptimal low investment Bloodrush and Weeping Wounds combo build, on Adaro Sedna on Steel Path difficulty. The Skiajati outperforms every single exalted melee except Baruuk's Serene Storm with the Reactive Storm augment, which can only compete with a high powers strength Baruuk, and high investment Sacrificial mod build. Thank you.
  9. I knew something felt off with the Corpus.
  10. I'm happy that you have different approached to playing Warframe that solve the issue that you see with playing public, but you aren't everyone and sometimes people just wanna go public and see what happens, and unfortunately, numerous on kill effects are gonna result in some toxicity from some people. Definitely not all, but a good chunk. I've met a good few people who've been mad at me for running a Saryn on low level defence missions because I nuked the map and they had nothing to do. Sure, they could go solo, but they shouldn't have to go solo just to be able to play the game normally. The whole point of this thread was to highlight how, by adding so many on kill triggers, some people are gonna get toxic about them, and that's bad for the game. The only point I've seen that argues these effects won't make some people toxic is that the mods don't really change much about the base stats of the weapon anyway and Steel Path spawns so many enemies that you shouldn't be fighting for kills.
  11. I I literally never said any of this. Look, there's a reason so few people use harrow in public.
  12. Whilst chilling out and having a pretty good time with the current Railjack system, I've really enjoyed the current Intrinsics system providing effects correspondent to themed skill paths. It really adds a lot to progression and the upgrades tend to be genuinely useful. Whilst infiltrating a Grineer Galleon, I hopped into operator mode for a quick energizing dash and made a sudden connection, one that I am doubtless others have made, why don't we convert focus schools into an Intrinsics system available at the beginning of the game? Of course to avoid spoilers, the Operator pod can be redesigned slightly to accommodate for a terminal to interact with prior to Second Dream, as to keep the Operator sealed within the pod. My rationale is that there are so many core gameplay mechanics that inhibit gameplay in the early-game unreasonably, such as little access to energy or health generation, that could easily be rectified through the use of an Intrinsic skill, such as a passive 0.5 energy/s generation in the Zenurik path, or 1hp/s in the Vazarin path.
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