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  1. Literally nothing compared to the things that Warbros has pulled off. You're all a bunch of whippersnappers compared to us, lol. Not to mention 90% of your clan won't be doing anything other than just the required amount and then logging off. It really doesn't matter how hard someone grinds, a large clan with a completely active base will wreck any clan that doesn't have an active base.
  2. Quasars weren't #1 until Operation Breeding Grounds, so I don't know why you quoted them. What is your clan?
  3. If you're talking about Quasars, it was only until Operation Breeding Grounds that they started to place top tier. Before that? Couldn't break even top three. My clan was hitting #1 in its class every time before that. It's obvious that these scoring methods are simply counting participation, rather than actual skill or dedication.
  4. I'm in a mountain clan, and I'd say that about 70% of people in it are veeeeeery casual players, or just dead. How are we, the passionate palyers, supposed to get a gold trophy if we want it? Why does DE insist on making scoring a sum of individual high scores, rather than a lump of all scores? It just favors neophyte clans like Quasars and disincentives clans that aren't anal about how many times and when you log in.
  5. Reminder that DE had to change the way they score events to keep Warbros out of the #1 slot. Who in Quasars works at DE, I wonder?
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