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  1. It is literally meant as a one-time use bonus for spending a minimum of $49.99USD real world money. Unless someone is going to be constantly repurchasing Prime Accessories to maintain the booster - which of course some less-than-rational person will probably try to do, this booster lasts for seven days. That's it. If in seven days, if the player gets a Condition Overload, that's great. In 3000 gaming hours, I have gotten one from regular play and one from transmuting. So good luck. My issue is with someone repeatedly pulling that pricey Prime lever who can't afford it. Or DE putting the mod drop chance booster in the Market for plat - because I would have to chronically have one for farming.
  2. Load into SO or ESO solo. I took Flova and the Soma. Speed 'em up, mow 'em down. Two and a half minutes. Challenge popped as completed. 1000 standing seemed to apply when stat was compared before and after. The alert board will still list the double announcement of 0/150 Primary Weapon Kills but at least you seem to get credit for it.
  3. Even worse, it makes for mostly awful combinations as many of the individual palettes are designed to contrast their specific colors nicely when used by themselves. Now, selecting across all palettes actually results far more often in two or more similar colors, deadening any sort of the vividly contrasting color schemes. I am not impressed with this "feature" at all.
  4. Bringing things to the "finish line" is not the same thing as crossing it. Nor is it the same thing as giving an official release date/time - something DE has learned to NEVER EVER do. EVER. Any and all updates will be released when they are released on a rough schedule that is always subject to change. No one said the update was ready Friday and going to be shipped out at any point Tuesday - let alone first thing in the morning. In fact, I see more than one official posting that says they like to shoot for a Wednesday release, if possible, on a week when they might release. But again, DE never said the update was 1) ready, and 2) coming at any specific time. Could be tomorrow, could be Thursday, could be even later. But someone else's assumptions and impatience are, in no way, DE's fault or problem.
  5. Not when about 500 of them spawn in the first phase of the Exploiter fight.
  6. In the notes, they literally tell you that the festive decorations are now permanently stored in the Equipment -> Landing Craft -> Interior -> Scene selection menu.
  7. Not just the Plains, Fortuna extraction is completely broken as well.
  8. Fortuna elevator exit is broken for Profit-taker Phase 4
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