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  1. She's the squishiest frame due to low passive and no active survivability. Her 1 is terrible. Even potato children can rag doll more enemies at once. Her 2 is terrible. Perhaps literally the worst CC in game (it's like trying to CC with a low-range Maim's blind effect). Her 3 is less reliable than Nova's 4, or direct damage buffs like Octavia and Rhino (as buffs applied to allies are way more powerful in harder modes like Arbitration). Her 4 is less reliable and less functional than Saryn's 1 or 4, Volt's 4, Khora's 4, Hydroid's 4, etc. In fact Banshee is a common way of trolling bounties by pushing enemies away from action zones. Stacking her 3 is just a gimmick. Not only do critical zones must stack to get high damage, and enemies must also be shot in the spot that just happens to have all the stacks - which is difficult to tell on a moving target covered in random crit bubbles. Nova's 4 greatly outperforms Banshee's 3 in nearly all situations by granting a flat guaranteed damage boost (even with low str) along with extra damage on kill. Though Banshee's abilities seem more powerful on paper and Simulacrum tests, her performance is terrible in situations with any pressure (like ESO and survival). Nova's can also be specialized to CC or speed up missions, and doesn't need range or strength, unlike Banshee which needs duration + efficiency + range + strength to be good.
  2. I would personally prefer an augment that let Mach Rush benefit from power strength.
  3. I like this Currently every operator is pretty much the same because of the unbeatable meta: Zenurik + Magus Repair + Magus Lockdown, with x27 amp. Having the ability to use one skill from another tree helps diversify while keeping the operator focused in one tree. The current system is a lot like locking players into only using weapons from one faction, preventing synergies. There's also this weird trend of posters being super defensive of their ideas and starting a fight. Just let others give feedback and chip in when you see a valuable idea, instead of treating every comment like a personal attack.
  4. The problem is that mods don't have their own game mode, syndicate, arsenal + gear slot, achievements, and specific mods.
  5. As an F2P game, I don't think the grind should be a surprise. RNG is a mechanic to artificially inflate game play, and it seems to be doing it's job quite well. It takes longer to get things, but players don't notice since they also have the chance to get the item quite quickly. DE seems to have already taken major steps to reduce the grind for resources limited to Orb Vallis and the Plains. The addition of Exploiter and Thumpers has made the resources of each area way easier to get. I used to spend hours grinding Sentirum and special fish organs, but now a single Bull Thumper kill gives enough that there's extra to trade for standing.
  6. TL;DR: Allow K-Drives to shift gears to higher speeds to make them the fast but skilled mode of transportation. Currently, a K-Drive with maxed all speed mods is slower than any unranked, unmodded Archwing. Their only advantage is the ability to do tricks... which isn't very useful. The K-Drive is meant to be a tool for transportation, so why not just make it better at its job? Allow K-Drives to shift gears with number keys. With enough of a speed buff, K-Drives could become the faster but more skilled way to travel K-Drives are much more interesting than a straight line from A to B. Archwings are boring as there are very few obstacles in the sky. Giving more player control over speed allows for fast transportation when needed, without making tricks harder to do Many areas are hard to navigate at high speeds, making slower gears even more valuable. Best of all, it doesn't nerf existing ways of travel! Currently, unmodded Archwings are about 2.5 times faster than unmodded K-Drives. Maybe 1/2/3/4 for 100%/200%/300%/400% speed?
  7. I think the right/left hand change is on its way. Not sure about the pitch order thing though.
  8. Though it does feel like learning a completely new instrument, which is kinda cool
  9. We need an setting to reverse right and left hand controls. Currently the left and right hand orientation is backward. Most stringed instruments shift with the left hand and strum with the right. Even the animation for the Warframe uses their right hand to strum, yet is controlled by the player's left hand Changing fret with numbers would make sense (1st position, 2nd position, 3rd, etc).
  10. Thanks No, this feedback is coming from my experience as an MR 21 with 2 years experience and a few "fresh play-through" accounts.
  11. From what I've heard, Echo frames deactivate abilities when you go to spoiler mode, making them a downgrade considering how strong spoiler mode is for support. The Echo seems like a situational gimmick, so the 24 hour restriction seems pretty reasonable to me. If it really does become permanent, we would need some way to disable it before a mission. I think the whole point of the Echo is that they don't want to add an umbra version of every frame, since the game already has a well established Prime system. Adding Umbras will both ruin the system of Prime Packs and Vaults, along with making players feel like they wasted resources on investing in Prime frames.
  12. 1) Alerts are a major part of new-player progression, now made inaccessible as everything is locked behind Nightwave Credits. 2) Having Alerts alongside Nightwave allows players to get these items normally but with a longer time commitment, while also allowing them to skip the wait with a rare currency - much like how most of the game is already designed. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits: We laugh at the 15k credit alerts - but for new players trying to save up for one round of the lowest tier index, that's a lot. Credits are often a limiting factor at the start of the game, when players do not have access to Nef Anyo levels of cash from Index, Profit Taker, etc. Nitain: I can safely bet that new players (who can't even do many of the Nightwave acts) will be overlooking this random resource, in favor of finally getting to put a potato on their favorite weapon or gun. From what I've seen among friends, new players tend to actively avoid anything that costs any Nitain, which is a shame considering Ivara costs 20. That's 300 credits, and you only get 400 total for reaching Rank 30. Fashion Frame: New players are amazed by the shiny skins and armor that other players have, and are quite excited to get new cosmetics themselves. Forcing alternate helmets to be purchased by Nighwave Creds, the most limited resource in the game (besides Nitain), only serves to make cosmetics feel more like an unreachable endgame. Weapons: I doubt anyone spends the 60 credits to buy a Ceramic Dagger or Plasma Sword. There are a total of 9 weapons, 8 of which are useless: the only exception being a stat stick. As precious Nightwave credits are the only way of getting them, these weapons have effectively been scrapped.
  13. The proposed changes sound really good, especially the charge speed mechanic for his 4. Don't think they'll look at him till his prime comes around though. I don't quite get the comparison. Is it trying to show that armor is worse than infinite scaling mechanics, or dmg resistance + quick thinking? You should show the builds for the frames on videos like this, since there's a lot happening in the background that can create a lot of bias. Edit: Didn't realize Health Conversion on Rhino was viable. : D Is it pretty much a permanent +1350 armor buff if they don't get through Iron Skin? How do you get health orbs normally in a mission?
  14. It would be a lot more convenient if his two decorations (Simaris Offerings Console & Simaris Research Console) allowed direct access to his offerings and new synthesis targets from the landing craft, instead of having several loading screens - just to spend a few seconds with Simaris in the relay.
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