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  1. Go to Maroo's Bazaar and trade there. If that doesn't work, you are likely in different servers.
  2. How do you fix host migrations? I feel like the issue isn't that DE doesn't want to, but rather that they can't.
  3. Only a few of them matter and the rest are a waste of space. As we get more active buffs, the mess of icons become more meaningless. It would be nice to be able to see the name of each buff for more than a few seconds. Suggesting: having the names of active buffs via the mission progress screen would be quite helpful!
  4. Kuva Ayunga still deals self damage. This is pretty straightforward, not much else to say about this.
  5. Vulpaphylas do not inherit Warframe invisibility on devolution and revival. All instances of invisibility have to wear off before a Vulpaphyla can be affected again.
  6. Could it be Could it be a network issue? I don't seem to have this as often during solo, though it still does occur randomly.
  7. [Edit] All spears are now killing fish in Cambion Drift. I've only been able to use the Spari spear to catch fish. Ebisu and Stunna will always kill fish on hit. The bug continues after restarting missions/the game.
  8. The Ropalolyst itself isn't a particularly bad farm, maybe find a good squad to run with? I'd even say that Wisp is one of the faster ones to get, at an average 25% chance per part per run, and in a decently fast and consistent mission. Frames like Harrow, Ivara, Equinox, Protea, Octavia, Gauss, Khora, Protea, etc. all have worse drop rates from harder/longer missions. Stalker is by far the worst example of RNG, but there aren't many examples like him. There's no need to farm him either, as all of his gear is (literally) equal to, if not surpassed by primes. Hate -
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