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  1. There's got to be a better way to handle hiccups in the internet without kicking a player and forcing them to lose all rewards, with no option to reconnect.
  2. Most missions in Warframe are like this by default. The one min-maxer carries the entire team while the rest of the squad plays normally, but with nothing to do. Kinda funny that Warframe has problems with both AFK players and squads being carried by one person.
  3. Frustrating is an understatement. Fun fact: the tutorial teaches players how to spend platinum before they learn about modding and crafting. Imagine learning about the wonders of premium currency, then seeing an arsenal full of weapons costing platinum. The new-player-experience plays like a mobile game.
  4. It's a Redeemer Prime with higher crit and base damage, why does it need a buff.
  5. So this is meant as more of a popularity tracker than a price check right?
  6. I don't think the Tenno - a group of loot-driven space mercenaries willing to discard limitless lives in pursuit of cosmetics - were morally righteous to begin with.
  7. I've also loved using the Zakti, and it still seems very viable. The timing is a bit harder but the stun lasts well over the duration of the AoE self-stagger. If it's truly too difficult, ranged melees like the og glaive + Zakti combo are still plenty easy to use.
  8. It's honestly not strong enough to be a problem. While it seems good on paper, the setup is completely RNG dependent and rarely works against anything where survivability actually matters.
  9. Tribute feels clumsy for several reasons: Tribute buffs are already relatively hard to get. Most buffs are received on-cast, rather than requiring a generated pickup. Tribute buffs are mixed with enemies in the midst of battle. Doesn't help that they look like enemies too. Razor-wing isn't meant for precision moment. Picking up tributes is very hit-and-miss. Razor-wing field-of-view is reduced. Spotting things is significantly harder. While Razorflies can pick up tributes, the AI in Warframe have always been unreliable. Razorflies are no exception (they prefer tickling enemies instead). Allowing tributes to be vacuumed would help Titania's play style feel much smoother, instead of having to stop and hunt every two minutes.
  10. The change of plans is never a full exterminate. Usually you can clear the enemies required in the time it takes to load into a mission.
  11. What is this referring to? Is there a max to the number of Intrinsics that can be kept?
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