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  1. Sorry i am late to the party, forgot about this thread for a bit (and got busy). But I wanted to point out that I could build my own random generator, in fact I have a few (some based on others), but there's a lot of factors when it comes to random number generators. For instance The Seed Random Number Generator Algorithm (for instance, CMWC 4096) Is it Weighted (the idea being maybe a group of #s make up the perfect, but they are spread out or clustered like 1-10, or 11, 18, 22, 14) With at least the first two, you could easily code it so it should be 14.29%, but, i
  2. I am now almost positive they do. I decided to take my Rhino Prime down, and found multiple instances where my Iron Skin was gone, a few times shortly after casting it. What's odd is I could find the pattern to how. I made sure to keep my distance, but there were times I came in close contact (like it flew towards me, and I'd roll away quickly). Granted the host connection was also awful, and the thing wouldn't leave me alone agro wise (Archwing cannon fun)
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