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  1. I got one on my very first void storm run. but that was moments after the patch had hit. I've not done anything since so no idea how common or rare it is
  2. The stuff they said about the limitations with AI with regards to the forced ground segments of the corpus railjack missions, though interesting, still makes me feel like they need to find a compromise on the issue or at least beef up the railjack section of the the encounter. Otherwise I still see no point to the railjack portion that is just tagged onto the ground combat. It's just too insignificant to be bothered with corpus railjack if over 90% of the mission is actually a ground combat mission, I might as well just do a ground mission! Additionally not overly optimistic with Steve's
  3. Before the "railjack shelved" I refuse to call it "railjack rework" in its current state, cynical I am; anyway given the number of players that used to pop onto my railjack and just stand there afk or worse go into a gun turret or main cannon turret and sit there afk whilst I and any contributing player completed the mission... I would say there is a certain number of players don't want to actually play railjack. That aside the balance of the crew is always going to be a bit difficult. Given that in the initial railjack release (when it was much harder, enemy ships had more health
  4. Acolytes add just a little bit of spice to the mode, I say; So I would not support their removal! Steel Path isn't that hard to begin with under current game meta, tedious sure, hard no!
  5. That might be partially true, cause some people actually save picking up the key before the completion of the last conduit in a set of 4 so they can pretty much start the next set of 4 with two or three keys ready to go
  6. Aside the mentioned issue with low RJ built population prior.. the issue with Railjack was there was no rewards for continuing to do said mode after you obtained stuff. Like if you think about it, if it wasn't for relics, many of the nodes for the ground based starchart wouldn't even be touched.. Ever try doing anything that wasn't tied to a syndicate or void relic, unless you are on Hydron or one of the earth nodes (newbies), you'll often be on your own. There's a quote "show me the motivation, I'll show you the way"... The void relics and syndicates are motivation to farm void relics an
  7. I didn't even get rank 10 in the old system to a day or so before the 29.10.0 update even though I had points for it many months ago, and that just goes to show how bad the old iteration of the rank 10 gunnery was. And even then I only did it cause the community Dev team indicated you could respec the points when the command system in came into place... When I saw the new and current rank 10, it was just a simple case of putting all those points for rank 10 into command and take that upto rank 9. Calling rank 10 gunnery pointless is a disservice to all pointless things out there, i
  8. Not too sure why I was quoted by gbjbaanb with regards to gian point about his discussion with you... But to make it clear irrespective of the node in question, Gian Point or not. If I get to shoot stuff in my railjack and pilot it, I'm a happy bunny! That's why Gian Point amongst some others were why I did it as often as I did. It is also why I DO NOT like the new Corpus railjack missions, because you barely spend any time on your railjack as opposed to doing the ground stuff within them. Frankly it seems like a pointless precursor to ground missions right now, and that's all the new Cor
  9. Thanks to the mod that restores shields on crit hits, I'm still sticking to the Apoc! So will have to take a look at the new weapons and their crit values
  10. I do like the volatile missions and what DE is doing with them, the unfortunately part is it takes a while for the player base to catch on to doing the particular mission efficiently. i.e. players shooting the vents too early, usually before it even reaches the threshold that increases the progress bar. If you got players on the ball they'll figure it out but some times you'll get someone in which the mechanic is way over their head or they are deliberately trolling. Overall I like the experimentation with the mission, but like all new things it'll take time before the majority fully understan
  11. Pretty much the only way to use your own railjack that is guaranteed is to solo... Occasionally if you happen to be the only person doing a particular node in your time zone then you'll be on your own railjack. The change was to solve match making issues associated with railjack, frankly it's made it unplayable or super frustrating for me. As often I end up on a player's railjack that is no way ready for the zone it is in or numerous connection issues make it more fun to fire bullet nails through the palm of my hands (and no I'm not joking or being a masochist). Granted this may change o
  12. Launching Railjack from orbiter will bug the return to dojo on completion of mission (especially as host). Seen this happen at least twice now, but not 100% certain how repeatable this is. It would seem if I launch a railjack mission from my orbiter and end up hosting the mission with my own railjack, upon completion of the mission and then using the navigation terminal to return to dojo, immediately starting the countdown. The countdown will fail to start and all the mission nodes in the solar map gets grayed out. There is no way to complete the mission from this point on. It
  13. Perhaps they should call it "railjack taxi" rather than "railjack rework"... to me it feels a lot more like "railjack shelved" if I'm being utterly brutal about it. The new missions feel like you spend about a literal second on your railjack and then literally about 10 minutes doing a "forced" ground mission. The original balance of the railjack space vs ground in the initial railjack missions seemed perfectly fine. Oh nevermind the fact whilst you are doing your ground portion, it simply doesn't matter anymore that your railjack gets pounded to a pulp!
  14. Sentinent anomaly mission seems to break if there is any host migration! The kill 20 sentinents will fail to resolve itself correctly and tell the group to investigate the anomaly again. Upon exiting the sentinent ship and re-entering the mission it will still tell the group to investigate the sentinents
  15. Totally not a fan of this new matchmaking system! The sheer amount of bugs combined with how poor some of these people's railjacks are when I join their railjacks makes me want to give up on railjack grouping! Right now I'm just better off soloing!
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