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  1. So not only did I have to listen to the intro speeches for everyone in the Necralisk again, but now their names have reset despite having max rank in the synd.
  2. All members of Family have had their flag reset. Gotta sit through everyone's intro chatter without being able to skip it.
  3. Both Sporelacer and Vermisplicer appear under both primary and secondary. Does this mean they need to be completed twice for MR or does doing one count for both verisons of the chamber?
  4. Mustaches end up behind the face on the Urushu helm.
  5. Was designing a new outfit, decided I wanted to have my clan's symbol on the chest. Discovered they don't work. Glyphed Gilded Phased Phased standing
  6. Was anything ever resolved with the drop issues from last week?
  7. I have missed over 20 drops since Tennocon due their api failing. I've reported this problem twice now and customer service both times told me "nothing we can do, too bad, sorry!".
  8. So solid you can stand on it. While it's rotated 90 degrees.
  9. Yeah this is one I've experienced and reported on at the beginning of the month. I'm actually surprised it's still there considering how easy it is to see. Previous report on this.
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