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  1. So i was leveling Ash today and had ferrox equipped to (therefore i had no secondary or melee to replace it if i threw it away) and i encountered something strange, dont know if it is intended to be like this or not but it didnt feel right for me at least.

    After I threw the ferrox and used ash's 4 after a kill the camera froze for a second on my frame instead of killing showcasing killing enemies as usual, but after that milisecond it got to normal again. after that i picked up my ferrox and saw that i have sword on my back that was glowing (have the channeling animation with the glow toggled on all the time) and now i could use ground attacks so i tried to change to melee to see if i can use it and it actually worked and it was a fully levelled skana with default colours.


    If this is intended just reply and tell me :) hope you have a good day.



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