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  1. Let us choose if we wanna host or join railjack missions like b4. So many that don't care about their railjack and making missions hell. whoever was the leader of this update rly needs to ask the rest of the team "Do you think this is a fun experience"
  2. Your waypoints are out of control. Had around 10 of them. Had no idea where to go. Needs to be very fixed
  3. Stop being an jackass. It's good that the community gives feedback and maybe they take away the loot bags. If the whole community was like you. Nothing would ever change and get fixed. You would just say to every bug and broken stuff "if you don't like it, stop playing the game"
  4. The Vayas Prime Diadem is the Facial Accessories section and the Vayas Prime Mask is in the Eye Accessories. They should both switch tab with each other. Very hard to use and mix when it's like this :)
  5. Hey! I have an Loc-Pin stuck inside the wall on Deimos. Could someone plz remove all my loc-pins on Deimos. It's very annoying. and would be awesome if we could edit em directly from the Map :) cuz this is happening to many players
  6. Cheers for the update, but i really thought u would give us the option to save and add clipboard shawzin songs in this update. Plz fix this :< and second, why and why can't we bind our keyboard keys yet? The game is unplayable with keyboard and mouse, players have poited that out for a lot of years :) could u maybe add that option? Cheers again for the prime
  7. Request, Vauban Primes skin and tenno gen looks awesome, but one thing makes them unusable. Why and why did u add that thing between his legs? My kids even asks about it. Remove that and vauban got one of the best looking skins in the game
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