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  1. You are sending me to other channels all the time, setting up twitch b4 work, when i get home theres a random streamer you have sent me to and I've missed the loot. Kind of annoying.
  2. Still losing affinity to the Mech when die.._..._.._._.
  3. You just wont fix that we lose all affinity gained to the mech if we die or so we can use all mod slots in the Mech? Maybe in 1 or 2 month i guess. And will you ever get rid of the child and parent rooms in the Dojo? That construction is just build breaking. You want us to do Dojo contests, well, plz dont force us to destroy weeks or even month of builds cuz of a missplaced elevator or room. Stop forcing us to build useless rooms.
  4. Will this Update actually fix the affinity lost to the Mech when dying? Also fix so we can use all MOD slots in the Mech? Its gamebreaking and sloppy
  5. Did they ever fix the losing of affinity to the Mech when dying? And the mod capacity for the Mech so we can have a mod in every slot? This is a very very sloppy update so far tbh. And looking thru the PC updates. We are about 1 month behind em?
  6. Will u ever fixa the Child rooms in the Dojo? We dont need that build breaking system. Also, when are you going to give us the option to bind our Keyboard and Mouse buttons? Its unplayable with KnM atm. But you know this alrdy. Can't it be done or are you just ignoring the playerbase?
  7. Ill say this._. NEVER drop these kind of updates like Deimos at the same time as PC. they can have these buggy starts. And you rushed it out right? Ive seen a big boss underground that i think you wanted to add from the start? Deimos is a Rushed update..Plz dont us experience this again :\ And plzzzzzzzz get rid of the child rooms in Dojo. Its so unwanted and has been unwanted from the start. Dont force ppl to build what they don't want. And the child rooms can destroy week and even month of build cuz of an example misplaced elevator. Child system is outdated and have no function more the dest
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