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  1. I'm just pissed that someone gets paid for creating frames like this. 

    Do the creators even ask themselves "Will this frame be fun to play" "Will the skills work good in missions in a group" 

    this is one of those frames that angers me cuz it's so badly thought out. 
    The community drops awesome ideas for frames. 

    Yareli, what's up with the surf? There's a reason why the Devs haven't given us the option to summon our K-Drive in normal mission. It's just useless. It have no place there. 

    This is one of the worst frames they have given us. Fire whoever thinks of stuff like this and give someone with a ideas of concept with abilities that synergies with each other a chance. 
    It's like they don't even know why frames like Nidus is so popular.

    Or they just stop caring 🤷🏻‍♂️ Fans needs to stop covering for badly created stuff. Or they will never change 

  2. Could you change back where we can decide to host or join a public railjack mission? 

    As it is right now , most common is joining in on a railjack that's burning and isn't upgraded at all. It's not worth joining a public cuz of the chance of failing the mission. Let us choose to host again so we can get rid of this. That update was a big mistake from the start. 

    it's forcing players to do something they don't want. 

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  3. On 2021-04-02 at 2:14 AM, Onnyx11 said:

    If you don't like it...don't watch the streams 

    Stop being an jackass. It's good that the community gives feedback and maybe they take away the loot bags. If the whole community was like you. Nothing would ever change and get fixed.

    You would just say to every bug and broken stuff "if you don't like it, stop playing the game" 

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  4. Hey! 

    I have an Loc-Pin stuck inside the wall on Deimos. Could someone plz remove all my loc-pins on Deimos. It's very annoying. 

    and would be awesome if we could edit em directly from the Map :) cuz this is happening to many players 

  5. Cheers for the update, but i really thought u would give us the option to save and add clipboard shawzin songs in this update. Plz fix this :< and second, why and why can't we bind our keyboard keys yet? The game is unplayable with keyboard and mouse, players have poited that out for a lot of years :) could u maybe add that option? Cheers again for the prime

  6. 16 hours ago, (PSN)Rainbow_Neos1 said:

    They did. The fact that you are unaware of this kinda crumbles your whole post because if you're not keeping up with patch notes, then a) you don't know WHAT has been fixed so you can't inform them of what needs fixing and b) you really can't complain about specifics like the mech and be taken seriously because you're uninformed. The 12 mod thing isn't even a bug-It's intentional. For the record, you may have still gotten the stuff. They do have SOME contingencies in place. Honestly, you should give a video clip or play by play of what happened, because this excavation snafu just sounds weird. 

    That Baruuk thing could be major latency; if not that, it could be the enemy you're fighting. Can you give more detail? Most you can do is go make a bug report in the ps4 bugs forum. 

    No, they didn't. Go to Orb Vails and level your mech some. If u die and respawn u will lose all affinity. I just tried it. They have know about it since the first week when they released the mech .

    11 mods in the right forma slot will take up 60 points. Or is it intentional that we shouldn't upgrade the mods to max so we can use all 12 slots?


    the Baruuk should be known from all players who plays him. Cuz it happens a lot. 

    for the Excavation part, a mail came a few hours later with the stuff I lost so that's all good :)

  7. so, after 30min of excavation. the host left and i auto extracted and lost everything. when will DE Fix all these game breaking bugs? You should give the major bugs focus and stop releasing new stuff :)  i dont know if you fixed the affinity reset to mech if we die and respawn yet? And can we fit all 12 Mods into the Mech now? One more thing. Baruuks 4th ability just ignores to do any dmg kind of often. When will that be fixed?

  8. Railjack: tether avionics have never worked when a teammate is on the side guns. It just installed explodes. 

    do will still lose the affinity to the mech when we die and respawn? 
    can we now fit mods to all 12 slots on the Mech? 

    also, Barkuus 4th ability just stops doing dmg to enemies sometimes. It just go thru them. Why have that never been fixed? Also a gamebreaking bug that have killed me many times 

    If not, why release stuff after stuff without fixing gamebreaking stuff? :/ 

    plz, listen to the community... and what the players want 


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  9. You just wont fix that we lose all affinity gained to the mech if we die or so we can use all mod slots in the Mech? Maybe in 1 or 2 month i guess. And will you ever get rid of the child and parent rooms in the Dojo? That construction is just build breaking. You want us to do Dojo contests, well, plz dont force us to destroy weeks or even month of builds cuz of a missplaced elevator or room. Stop forcing us to build useless rooms. 

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