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  1. Ah thanks for the time and effort will sneak read it in between tasks.
  2. I have specifically noticed that my Prime Regen does not work during the exploiter orb mission. Watched it a couple of times this week. Carrier goes down for the time time and stays down. No Host migration required. In most missions my carrier doesn't die so I can't say if this behavior is tied to that mission or the fact that the orb mother just loves to pop my carrier that I get to notice it not working.
  3. Am I the only one that is disappointed by the Khora Deluxe Skin? Each to their own I suppose. *shrugs*
  4. I am no lore expert but I am given the impression that the tenno are rather far from being human since the events on the ship in the void. There is no sign of needing food, water or sleep on your ship. When you emerge from the pod there are no life support hoses or the like. And the way you can travel out of the body of your warframe implies that we can turn our bodies to energy and back again. And there must be something about the void that is incompatible with adults or we wouldn't have to had to kill our parents on the ship when they went crazy. So that implies that if a Tenno did grow up some how then they might risk the same fate. I think all physical development stopped for the tenno when they changed, leaving humanity and thus earning the label of daemons by the Orokin, Maybe becoming part living energy in that as children they could adapt to being while adults can't? Would explain how a tenno can power an amp and void dash leaving behind flames.. And I am not sure how long the first war was but I imagine if the tenno were going age it would have been during that time I am just spiting out my own theory why tenno are still children, but as I said I haven't dug very deep in to the lore, this is all just based on what I recall from the quests and scenes.
  5. 6 months was the longest, and I am at the start of another "Break" I have some grindy things I could do I suppose but I miss the sense of discovery and lore that the quests had. I guess I want a bit more story behind my wanton killing sprees and new frames. *shrugs* I suppose Nora being impressed to high heaven that I can do an emote with out falling over while praying that the meat shield known as the wolf spawns and drops more than just a mod, just doesn't cut it as content.
  6. In that light I can see that kind of tie in, At any rate I am sure some will enjoy the skin, but I fear I will not be one of them.
  7. So Khora becomes a flower monster? o.O I don't see how that fits with her theme wise? 😕 Each to their own I suppose. *shrugs*
  8. I am not too keen on the idea of nerfing Itzal mobility myself. I tend to depart later for the next bounty stage than my friends as I finish off the last mob spawns after they have dashed off and the Itzal allows me have some hope of catching up with them. Let alone that it is a signature part it's uniqueness in comparison to the other AWs.
  9. The Night Wave system doesn't seem like new content to me but rather just a carrot system to encourage grinding. *shrugs*
  10. Well the 6pm CST time slot is tight for me given my work commute, in reality I would love for it to be 7pm CST but can't have everything, Now about the Dev Streams being at 1pm, now that sucks because I am still at work so I never get to catch them live. I bet you get to watch those with out much issue.
  11. Any word on how the Nyx deluxe Skin is coming along?
  12. I also didn't get the twitch drop. But I have in the past.
  13. Well I hope I get home in time to catch this, I just wish the Dev Streams didn't start while I was still work.
  14. Hmm the passive change seems decent but the two other changes seem really lack luster. On the whole I wouldn't call this a rework at all. I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up I suppose. I imagine that Nyx will get the same glossing over as well. *shrugs*
  15. Pretty much how I feel about this update. The Skin is nice but if the "minor" tweaks are as minor as I fear them to be then I don't think I will be opening my wallet for it.
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