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  1. I am in the camp of clicking less and seeing more info. If I am looking at a menu or reading a mission result screen I am doing so to get info or to achieve a goal. I don't want to have to drill down or open up pop ups unless I have to. I want to spend my time playing Warframe not Menuframe. 😕
  2. Many of the warframe skins, the orbiter and the brand new hanger you build in your dojo now have worn and pocked marked surfaces with large scuff marks on them. And in many cases in crazy places like on the vaulted ceilings o.O. I thought I was playing a space themed game with advance tech. But instead it seems like I am playing Fallout and everything has been left out to rot and rust for 200 years in the elements. Which a newly built hanger room and the orbiter that you can paint and decorate shouldn't look like a depression era machine shop, unless that is how you paint and decorate it. Old and Junky should be an option and not a requirement. A number of the warframe skins look just as bad, I have stop using a number of skins due to the changes made to them. If I found the frame out in the elements instead of building it I could maybe see it but then again frames can be healed and recolored with ease yet those large scuff marks and scratches remain. Some metal on the frames even look like it was cheaply coated and is pealing and losing it chrome or gold plating like a pawn shop ring. This new art style isn't very logical to me nor desirable to me. I maybe the minority with this opinion but I still want to state my opinion.
  3. I am seeing the same thing as well, hollow ships missing a good bit of their hulls
  4. I agree, as art they are interesting to look at but they aren't what I want for my Warframes. Not to say that some people do favor Liger's style and enjoy these types of skins as clearly they do. I just wish some of the deluxe skins had more broader appeal and less extreme styles. Its DE's game though and no one is forcing me to buy the skins I don't like. I just wish there were more of the newer skins I did like. *shrugs*
  5. I am not super crazy about the Jellyfish theme myself, in fact I have been rather disappointed with a number of things of late. The worn out and dull retro orbiter room redesign. The RNG elements with the Liches, The anti-solo theme of railjack. The blink change with my favorite Archwing. All in all this just seems par for the course I suppose *shrugs*
  6. I solo a lot because my internet is trash due to the remote area I live in. I got the impression from what Scott implied is if you build up your gear and Rail Jack skills you can solo. But don't you have to play/grind the Rail Jack content to get that? It's like putting the cart before the horse isn't it? I mean if the Dev's playing their own game, some of who had cheated to gain levels and such were having a rough time, I can't see the solo experience being all that fun. For those people who can play in a group this does look like it could be fun. But for people who solo either by choice or by some forced limits I have my doubts. *shrugs*
  7. Are there any plans on giving more ability to make the new Orbiter look less old and worn than just the slider because it's not enough. Also the lighting is really subpar for a work space let alone for working on your frame's appearance. All in all really disappointed by the Orbiter remodel on many levels.
  8. There are a number of things amiss with the new orbiter that I despise. The throw back looking machines the worn and pitted surfaces even with the slider moved over. Other questions come to mind as to why have a "Work" area have such bad lighting? The sky light belongs in a lounge or rest area. But hey we have traded the old forge for a made at home 3D printer with only one axis of movement built with dot matrix printer parts so logic be damned. I find it ironic that the twitch prime gift recently was a Filigree Prime Orbiter Decoration while they work on turning our orbiter in to a depression era workshop lit by sky lights. *shrugs* But as the OP is about lighting let me end my post about that with my opinion on the matter. The arsenal area regardless of lore, fluff or theme of the room should have proper lightning so we can customize our frames without having to leave the arsenal area just to see how our frame looks like in proper light. As it stands now the arsenal area is not functioning properly in my opinion because of the lighting. The theme and lighting of the room should be bent to that purpose while still fitting to the theme and lore as best as possible. To me the new Orbiter fails in both categories of form and function.
  9. I have spent a pretty penny to be sure. I don't regret it but I do have to say that as Warframe turns in to WornoutFrame I think I will be saving more money in the future. I am not keen on how a number of my frames now looked scuffed and worn and even less so with the dull and damaged retro Orbiter with its clunky/boxy machines and concrete floor topped off with bad lighting. And with all the Liger Deluxe skins in the pipe line I will be saving even more as I pass up on them. All in all I have been playing other things of late and avoiding the less than visual pleasing Wornoutframe.
  10. Amen in all regards, the old worn out look just doesn't make any sense with the level of tech in the game. Plus if I am changing the interior colors am I leaving the worn out spots on purpose? o.O This isn't Fallout76 is it?
  11. I don't get the whole wear and tear aspect given that we have nanotech and the ability to turn living matter in to energy and back again, (Capture Missions any one?) But we can't keep a wall painted nor a floor clean? It just doesn't jive with my sensibilities. I am still not pleased with some of my warframes looking like scuffed up junkers from a scrap yard as it is.
  12. I do agree that the Rip Line ability is rather rather pointless. I still find it strange that the Dev's answer for making people use other arch wings was to nerf Itzal instead of making the others more appealing to use. I mean does a cook who takes his popular dish change it to make it less appealing so that people order his other less popular dishes? Or does he work on making his other meals tasty and desirable? *Shrugs*
  13. Any chance we can get "Wear & Tear Slider for our frames like Nyx/Octavia Deluxe skins and Khora base skin? Tired of having scuffed and worn out surfaces on my frames.
  14. I will confess I am getting a bit tired of Liger's Deluxe skins. Hopefully you will pick a different artist for the next one.
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