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  1. 9 hours ago, egregiousRac said:

    Railjack has its own bindings screen that starts out mostly blank. Reset that one to defaults.

    You should also check the main one for any blanks. I lost primary fire, alt fire, aim, and the up/down archwing controls.

    Ah, I see. The key bindings are at the very bottom of the control screen for some reason.

  2. I can not move in a direction with WASD while piloting the Railjack nor can I shoot while piloting the railjack/gunning. I can move the ship around with the mouse and I can go up and down, but I am not able to go forward. Archwing is working fine and I checked my keybind settings to see if there was some blank for Railjack but I saw nothing. 

  3. i demand refund on scramble plat if you guys are removing it permanently

    Yes. I thought it was just bugged but I got the same pattern after trying twice. I thought I was getting a randomization of entirely new colors, not the same colors again.

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