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  1. Most forums close topics after an extended period of activity, helps keep it free of clutter. new topics should be preferred anyway as very often the op and everyone else is not playing the game anymore. Right now i could go back 9 years and comment on all these topics.
  2. It happens when you dont play for almost a year. I had like 3 pages of bugs and issues that led me to stop playing for a while. Just slowly got more annoying every day that it takes forever to be dealt with. Waypoints still dont even function correctly ever since ESO was introduced. And why even bury the solution to a problem in the options in the first place? You don't need it there, just fix the damn problem. At least a simple UI fix only took them 6 months this time.
  3. For the same reason we have to go to appearance still to access octavia's mandachord options instead of them just adding it to the list when you mouse over octavia in the arsenal Or the way you go to type when you finish the mission and it adds all the text into the search bar for the items you picked up Or how it changes channels all the time between orbiter - dojo - relays - missions. Or how nightwave only recovers two tasks and they are constantly the 30 minute survival even when you just finished doing that 5 minutes ago. Hell the waypoints havent functioned properly si
  4. As you can see from this video i am gridlocked from doing any nightwave tasks and i have no choice but to wait an entire day for the daily refresh to happen before i am able to continue. A minimum of 5-8 tasks should be recovered at one time. They are already time consuming, and drip feeding them like this if you are late to the party doesn't help make the game fun in any shape or form. Your nightwave task recovery is extremely outdated and archaic from the moment you created it and it needs to be changed asap. Why do you only have TWO tasks available for recovery when catching up? it lit
  5. No. It has been broken ever since ESO came out. Don't think they are ever going to fix it.
  6. i dont understand this, is there some super secret that is unknown to me? We already have this mod, it is called Aviator. you cant even use them both, just one at a time as they conflict with each other. Ironclad Flight doesnt even have anything interesting and Aviator is superior
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