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  1. tbh i cant see her 4 being useful without it being a toggle ability. seems like it will just be annoying and happen too early very often. i am having some issue figuring out what use it would have in this game
  2. i thought there was only like 100 of these mods, why is there so much complaining, do the fat cats have like 30 accounts?
  3. they warned you 7 years ago that it isnt just a one time exclusive, sorry if you bought it for a billion plat, life is rough, have a good day.
  4. oh they will probably change it back eventually, but one thing about DE everyone should know is they release content full of holes and totally broken for a few months before it is even remotely decent and bearable to play. They dont seem to realize these common sense changes and just release whatever they have ready at the time and fix the rest whenever they get around to it.
  5. that is... really dumb. why does it feel like they have zero foresight on obvious issues every time they release something.. when i read that you could upgrade the kuva weapons i assumed they reverted not being able to get the same weapon again. unsurprisingly, i guess they did not.
  6. agreed with this, and for another thing, daily standing shouldnt just simply be wasted if you are capped either. this has happened to me a few times. it has always been a poor system at best, and needs many improvements and like most things in this game, always too late since they come months or years after being implemented.
  7. does any one else think that a 4% drop would mean that the chance to get a mod from the 96% mod pool is quite high? no? just me? xD srsly, how do you guys think the drop rates are bugged?
  8. Not quite sure what you disagree with, you think their snide and unhelpful comment was ok? i knew someone who would lose their mind and cry over a comment like i quoted, some people just cant help but think about it. i dont know if they had anything, and its been a long many years time since i seen them but hopefully they are well.
  9. and this right here is a golden example of a useless good for nothing just hopping in to make a persons possible medical condition worse.
  10. i like em, my favorite is when he is hanging upside down by his legs from the cables on the roof in the back of the liset
  11. Sure just get out your cc and pay your monthly sub fee
  12. Cool gimmick I suppose, don't see it being practical for being used though
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