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  1. i am glad my laziness has helped you! i was way too lazy to do it and walked back in the door... realized a bit later that the node cleared lul
  2. just walk out the door and walk back in, it changed my steel path progression and added to the total since it is mission success. it will probably be fixed so do it while you can.
  3. just buy it if its such a big deal, can get the thing for like 5p
  4. naw they will just screw the order so royally it will be Protea Prime!
  5. 2 essence from completing all of earth and kuva fort Update to say I got 104 steel essence and 30 riven slivers for 2 hrs in mot solo. They started dropping at around 20 minutes for me. Smeeta proc'd a few times and I even got x8 drops for a couple pickups with booster. I should have bought a drop chance to double the one steel path has but only had double resource active.
  6. i would prefer the emote to just be meditation/arbitration with the planet showing up, i dont like this stupid dab meme(it isnt quite but it is damn close and either way i think it is stupid)
  7. oh god i loved black & white. my creature loved throwing things. he went and gathered food or tree's, then chucked it as far as he possibly could into the village store so he was very effective at keeping everything stockpiled, he also threw the enemy villagers into the sea, but i didnt mind either one
  8. this game cannot do difficult imo. at this point i honestly think we need a new game engine for that.
  9. oh yeah, forgot about this week. i wish twitch would just die in a fire i hate these stupid streaming rewards
  10. seen this coming, happens when you just slap hundreds of levels onto everything in the game and call it a day
  11. emote for clearing the star chart should be all planets surrounding you like it is in navigation
  12. yes, i heard they said it was to spite some guy named Father_McPheely, i guess we know who that is now
  13. players will know from the get go if the grind is worth it? worth what? there isnt going to be some penultimate game mode that changes the very fabric of the universe at rank 30 when people get there after 8 years
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