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  1. I never built mine for that reason during the first plague star. Was too lazy. Now they are magically built! I had them for ages though.i thought about buying 2 or 3 sets but I didnt think there was a point since i had to make them before selling them. Oh well.
  2. it will probably break when 100,000 + people watch it for the loot. i wouldn't worry about it too much.
  3. sure, just get DE to make potato mode. everything can look like minecraft. ^^^^^^ I lol'd. didnt even see your post until after i made mine. very fitting! P.S ... op wont be able to even run the new empyrean expansion, so the game is over for him.
  4. dont matter to me, i will carry them through the tridolon. if anything they should have to have the materials for the job, tridolons should be only after you crafted yourself an amp as well, since it takes just a handful of runs to have an amp that is infinitely better so you are not completely useless in the fight. thats my biggest peeve.
  5. Wait where is the online game with no toxicity? I wanna try it!
  6. They cant block every possible instance of the word. You bypassed the filter and anyone with half a face would know that it would be against the naming policy.
  7. All of those should be buyable with tokens. I dont know why they havent figured this out. Make it cost lots. Like 50+ or something it doesnt really matter. At least you know it's coming.
  8. that really sucks. basically 30 minutes wasted! lol. wish it was no longer available after you have received it. total waste of a rotation afterwards.
  9. this is what i picture the end of days will look like in real life
  10. should be around still. i played it like uhh.. 2 weeks ago. i dont do that node simply because i dont want to quit out every time i get the bad one
  11. you get 50% damage increase and corossive if you use her reservoir's
  12. oh, i dont know about the amalgam ones. the first ones you got from the event you couldnt, these ones im not sure. the dude i responded to said umbral could be, which was incorrect.
  13. i do, havent traded yet since the change though. why?
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