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  1. Guess I missed it? Oh well woe is me i guess if only I had no job or life I could have logged in and got it.
  2. Very. My eyes are heavy and i feel like passing out on my desk before an hour is up
  3. sounds like that person in the thread is omitting important parts of the story? idk. with khora i have done ~11 million damage on a single target for over a year
  4. :( i thought it was funny tho 😭 gold kavat, 24 karat gold
  5. rip those who used the ability, then removed it after the nerf, who will now have to add it again after the buff. hope you guys have lots of resources to throw around!
  6. thats great man, tbh i dont believe most of those people that say they cant get their account back, unless you forgot absolutely everything from any transactions you made, to security questions and personal information, there should be no reason it cant be resolved.
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