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  1. I would be fine with that. It gets to be a drag after the 1000th time or so.
  2. Is anyone surprised? It is the intermission filler so they can finish putting together the next part. If season 3 has duplicates then you can complain
  3. pretty sure they said it aint happenin. you will have to wait for when you can transfer your save over to the other place and play with your friend on that platform.
  4. ugh everyone uses this now. i have been using this for ages. now i feel dirty because some youtuber is making it a meta build.
  5. everyones gotta run em for the first time at some point. if you are willing to learn you will be able to do them easily. i just did the uranus spy with mirage prime, took 5 min 36 seconds.
  6. They said in the stream that heat element is changing entirely, and not just for ember
  7. What about valkyr does anyone know? Sucks to die because I aim glide and get destroyed
  8. i gave it a shot, 10 mil in gold mods, no dice.
  9. that should have been what umbra forma was imo. would make it easier to make diverse builds instead of being stuck with a particular set.
  10. forma change.. maybe. grove guardians were fine though. it was easy to find a couple people, then bam, done all in one mission.
  11. i do! and i laughed in their face the second i played the first beta. i was really looking forward to anthem, but just playing it... you could tell there was nothing they could change to make it better and there was no coming back from that heap of garbage that it was.
  12. this is cool S#&$. lore should be deeper but its better than nothing. DE has been doing a poor job with the last 5 or so. also i want cards for everyone. or at least Ivara, she is the only important one.
  13. imma be sad with the ember rework. she was my void trace farming frame. low level lith exterminate ftw. could get sub 1 min many times.
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