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  1. I stick to the host like hot glue. If they go to leave I am with them. Unless I didnt get anything good, then sometimes i risk it
  2. DE make a lot of strange decisions in this game.. there should be multiple arbitration options.. the current system makes me want to facepalm every time I look at it. There are also many quality changes I would like such as favoriting warframes and weapons and reorganizing the load out list and make it so I don't have to waste loadouts to make statue articula.
  3. 50p tops. probably wont find anyone that wants one though.
  4. oh yeah i forgot about nightwave since it is so extremely boring and repetitive. have done some things on the game but i am still rank zero.
  5. as do i. if i would have to guess my issues have been in the single digits. 9.9 times out of 10 people want to progress for the loot and as such i never really have any issues. quite a lot of times my team sucks yes, but i dont count that as an issue. i can solo all 3 as long as somebody gets the lures for me. hydro is the only one that cant be done without some sort of lure healing. and sometimes i get a great pug group and we take down 3 sets in one night. i agree that you should be able to do it with less. say 3 people put in shards, other guy is just afk or something.. eidolon spawns after x amount of minutes and if they come back they can help but loot doesnt spawn for that player since he did not sacrifice his shard at the altar.
  6. Ivara. You can set up the castanas and you dont have to worry about visibility problems or limb movement. They pop the limb the nanosecond shield is down. I used her long before youtube figured out her build.
  7. they wont be vertically challenged? good thing i solo afk'd the 10 hours or so to get all the rewards.
  8. Why get 1 kill? Just get zero!
  9. well if you want a random beach ball that bad start runnin em
  10. have some fun, grandpa
  11. probably the same reason they dont want any of the seasonal items like bunny ears or pumpkin to stay
  12. Pfft those are chump numbers. I did 1.5 hr solo runs twice a week for a month and never got it.
  13. You can run up and scream at the animals with umbra for perfect cap too
  14. Hm? Just stop doing them. I got rank 43 on the first, rank 5 on intermission, and so far with this one I am still rank zero
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