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  1. I pretty well gave up on them, haven't logged on in many months. Map waypoints are still bugged from when sanctuary onslaught came out, has never been fixed. I had a bunch of things like that but i can't find my list anymore. Any time i come here i am just disappointed by patch notes, lol. Did they release that mod where you can't even equip a melee to make your weapon stronger yet? DE always felt like a home ran business than an actual professional dev team to me. I love the guys but man nothing they release is actually good when it comes out. All they do is nerf things i have fun with 2-3+ years later after it has existed. They always say it was "never intended" or they "decide" that it needs to be changed after all this time.
  2. i still complain cause i didn't play for one damn week in 3 years and they give out an umbra forma, that was some time ago.
  3. Not much has ever been added in the last few years, most of the game you stand around waiting for a timer, story quests we get every 9 or so months are complete in 15-20 minutes, stuff is forgotten for years with barebones content and they move on to the next system constantly, etc. Not to mention they keep nerfing things i found fun 2-4 years after it has been around because it is "not intended" suddenly, usually after youtube catches on and shows the community how powerful it is. They still haven't fixed waypoints since sanctuary onslaught, it bug out constantly for extraction and tells you to go into dead end rooms then immediately changes. It was perfect before then.
  4. Since nightwaves inception they have removed it and a new one started up in a week or so, don't ask why they do it that way but that is the way it is. personally the nightwave store should stay open after it ends so people can spend everything they have if they didn't realize it was ending(Always tons of people complaining how they had hundreds of credits)
  5. I have been staying gold and i don't do the mastery missions until i can do 3 more ranks for the next one. That thing looks like someone in grade school made it
  6. Problems with twitch rewards. If there is anything you can count on, it is that.
  7. I haven't even played the game for months but somehow i already knew this.
  8. Most forums close topics after an extended period of activity, helps keep it free of clutter. new topics should be preferred anyway as very often the op and everyone else is not playing the game anymore. Right now i could go back 9 years and comment on all these topics.
  9. As you can see from this video i am gridlocked from doing any nightwave tasks and i have no choice but to wait an entire day for the daily refresh to happen before i am able to continue. A minimum of 5-8 tasks should be recovered at one time. They are already time consuming, and drip feeding them like this if you are late to the party doesn't help make the game fun in any shape or form. Your nightwave task recovery is extremely outdated and archaic from the moment you created it and it needs to be changed asap. Why do you only have TWO tasks available for recovery when catching up? it literally takes 10x longer because i do say... a 30 min kuva survival, only to have 5 minutes later, a 30 min (non kuva) survival pop up so i basically have to do it AGAIN.
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