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  1. I would probably say nullifiers. Though not for their bubble.. but their Lanka.
  2. I just go for the easiest relic and open a whole bunch, sell em then buy all the new stuff. I must have sold 20ish nova prime chassis, and I still got 18 more. Bought everything from that unvaulting with that plat
  3. tbh i thought it was equinox with the half and half color scheme
  4. they should just stop doing the twitch thing. never anything but problems.
  5. no idea what you are talkin about. respond to the wrong person? fix what? i just want weapon skins. i would not assume kitguns and zaws would have the same skins.
  6. kitguns? meh. zaws first.
  7. banshee needs like 135% range to be effective, and you gotta be good at it. i use octavia now.
  8. depends. for example on valkyr, it literally adds 1 meter. i dont bother with that S#&$.
  9. ah darn. forgot about this. oh well no ephemera for me.
  10. i got to rank 40 somethin with season 1, rank 5 with the off season nightwave, and probably about the same for season 2. the system is boring af. all it does is repeat menial tasks constantly. feels like chores.
  11. i made it to rank 5, but i didnt do the challenges on purpose. wont be doing nightwave 2 either 😎 repeating challenges after 3 weeks is not enjoyable.
  12. It's weird how people say this all the time yet I always get answered in a week at most.
  13. I will probably never do nightwave again. I hit level two on this one just the other day, but boring repeated challenges every week do not interest me in the slightest
  14. Winder if they are going to nerf my ultra popular panthera again
  15. They can do whatever they want i don't care. I revive them once or twice but if they keep buggering off away from the objective and going down I just leave them to die
  16. lol thats awesome. i am still rank 1 because nightwave related things suck. got mid rank 40's on the last one and will probably never actively do them again.
  17. I never built mine for that reason during the first plague star. Was too lazy. Now they are magically built! I had them for ages though.i thought about buying 2 or 3 sets but I didnt think there was a point since i had to make them before selling them. Oh well.
  18. in the same place it always was/is i am return! so i did a whole bunch of plague star........ the drone AI sucks, its a lot worse. and you cant use Loki anymore.. the drone just flies up into the sky and slowly floats to the spot where you switched it from. Nova is the only one that can do that part faster now, at least from the tries i have done since it works fine still.
  19. it will probably break when 100,000 + people watch it for the loot. i wouldn't worry about it too much.
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