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  1. No. It has been broken ever since ESO came out. Don't think they are ever going to fix it.
  2. I guess we are back to necramechs being useless again?
  3. Don't listen to most of these people, a lot of them are incorrect. I have been using macros for... 5 years? and have said so more than once on this forum. I have ability macros, crouch macros (octavia), melee macros, etc. They either don't know what they are talking about or they just dislike macro's and dont want anyone to use them. I create them so if i hold the button they continuously get used. That said some games will ban you for them so you need to know what you are dealing with. I wouldn't recommend anything other than official software that came with your peripherals. Autohotkey
  4. I thought you were going to complain about how they nerf things after 2+ years of it being accessible, which is what always gets on my nerves. but that is some strangeness right here.
  5. It literally just does not function whatsoever and simply turns off instantly, and has a tiny little refresh timer of 1-2 seconds like valkyr's new enraged mod while octavia works fine. they seem to have some sort of strange nullifying field but even after i destroy them my abilities do not function for a minute or so after they are defeated. also void dash is permanently disabled for the rest of the session after they do something so i am just assuming it is a big bag of bugs right now.
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