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  1. Chisah

    Unbinded Nodes (Focus)

    As -AoN-CanoLathra- said, I will just add that there's a total 10 of them in case you are counting how many brilliant eidolon shards you need to save for them.
  2. Chisah

    mysterious kitgun in profile/equipment

    I got this too and somehow it's rank 17, lol. The math for MR check out for this just being an extra buggy item display, they will probably remove it soon.
  3. Chisah

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.5

    Please fix being unable to skip the cs unless you initiate the bounty yourself. It's nice the first person gets to skip but doesn't help at all while in party.
  4. Chisah

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    Please fix crashing to desktop when inspecting your profile while in Orb Vallis.
  5. Chisah

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Any reason why k-drive gains less points while actually grinding? I get why the bug with grabbing the nose and gaining points was fixed and I never did it myself, but why does it take almost twice as long to gain points while doing stuff properly now?
  6. Chisah

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    kubrodon and bolarola markers are not appearing on the map please fix this, it's very frustrating
  7. Chisah

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.4

    Please fix kavat and kubrow fur.
  8. Chisah

    broken kubrow/kavat textures! [Investigating]

    Bumping this, hope this gets fixed soon cause my beautiful puppies don't deserve to look like miniature horses from Skyrim.
  9. Chisah

    Coming Soon: Devstream #116!

    Could we get sorting options for pets: by forma, rank, usage, etc. like we got for frames and weapons in arsenal, but in the stasis chambers?
  10. Chisah


    That could be why, I will change to non-fissure to test it out, hopefully it will do the trick because while I am aware the spawn rate is low for death mark it should surely be higher for a time-limited event that requires us to kill them 3 times. Fingers crossed it will be it.
  11. Chisah


    Has anyone actually had The Grustrag Three to spawn yet? I feel like either my rng is horrible or something isn't right with them appearing, been spamming the exterminate fissure since this popped up and they have not shown up yet. Or is the spawn rate just super low?
  12. Chisah

    Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0

    Since the update, when I am in a squad with another person, missions only load to about 2/3 and then session becomes unavailable.
  13. No drop for me, watched the whole thing, with activity shown and all. Hope people will still get their drops and same for me, but alas if not. The stream was worth it either way.
  14. I am not upset, but no ash for me either despite watching the whole thing. Pretty nice stream, that aside.
  15. Chisah

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    soon guys, soon