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  1. soooo is the captura tradable?
  2. limbo (as seen on my limbo prime with the deluxe skin on) has no secondary energy available at all atm and his dangly bits are not the energy colour used on the single one available, but default instead please fix this
  3. Could we get skins for crafted weapons? Pretty please with a cheery on top!
  4. I like the fact that the way Nora speaks reminds me so much of Pray Tell from Pose. Overall well done, I am pleased with the changes for most part!
  5. If you hover, yes, but I mean to have an icon added next to it because it's easier to see it that way.
  6. Suggestions for the rewards table: Could we please add an icon to the already crafted items in addition to the icon of owned blueprints for easier tracking of what we already crafted? With the sheer amounts of helmets and other skins, it would really help keeping track of stuff and preventing spending the new currency on something we may already own. Edit: Example of how it is almost invisible with the orokin theme atm below
  7. Cetus daytime hotfix, Glen be praised!
  8. Please fix being unable to skip the cs unless you initiate the bounty yourself. It's nice the first person gets to skip but doesn't help at all while in party.
  9. Seems like only the person accepting the bounties can skip the animation when in a party atm.
  10. Please fix the npc running away while downed (what kind of sorcery is that even?) in rescue missions, making it impossible to revive them.
  11. Please fix crashing to desktop when inspecting your profile while in Orb Vallis.
  12. Any reason why k-drive gains less points while actually grinding? I get why the bug with grabbing the nose and gaining points was fixed and I never did it myself, but why does it take almost twice as long to gain points while doing stuff properly now?
  13. kubrodon and bolarola markers are not appearing on the map please fix this, it's very frustrating
  14. Please fix kavat and kubrow fur.
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