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  1. This is not the point, who want a bigger cloud when the cloud still deals no dmg at all? Just give us the old gas back, we dont want stupid big useless cloud, we need something that can actually kill stuffs, something that be comparable with the stupidly OP viral!
  2. Can you fix the gas & corro pls, they are hitting like wet noodles now while viral destroys everything!
  3. The new gas and corrosive elements are just simply so, weak. Many costly builds(rivens included) that used to easily destroy even heavy armor units in the past struggle to do kill trash mobs now! You guys want the game to be more versatile, i kinda agree with that. But at least in the past, we did use corro, gas, viral and heat more equally, now everything is just so so weak comparing to viral, which make people limit their choice even more!
  4. Thanks DE for the update, especially for the 90% dmg fall off for aoe weapons, now i have good reason to put them down and keep them forever in my memory. And also thanks for the shotgun change DE, together with the change of status, now my strun wraith (and boar prime and tigris prime and bla bla...) take more time to kill the weakened enemies than the original tougher one, which means i can spend MUCH more time shooting stuffs, which is supper welcomed. Not to mentions thank to the change of imp proc, which ultimately knock enemies down, this change help me to realize the importance of my negative imp riven and appreciate them, which helps me limit my weapon of choice list by a really long shot, now i can spend way less time choosing my load out, in the end, there are only a few of them feel satisfied to use. Thank you for everything DE! I love you!
  5. This is my tenora, a puncture based rifle with a relatively low status chance of 16% at base and yet it still proc imp like a champ! Do you even understand wtf are you saying? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upcKlzfBZ7o
  6. *5 seconds! Now seriously, i can't even find myself a single reason for this huge f*cking out of nowhere RJ nerf no matter how hard i try! What kind of drug did you smoke during new year holidays? Because i surely need some of those to feel remotely satisfied when playing RJ now!
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