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  1. So what wrong with people get upset because they lost tons of money and time investment? Like i see a lot of white knights like you using this in their argument, what is so wrong with upset people that love the game so much and putting a lot of money and time into it just to end up losing it all?
  2. The last time i see so much hate and disagreement like this was the last... riven dispo adjustment. Like come on DE, If you always receive so many negative feedback like this CONTINUOUSLY, it is MAYBE a hint that you are doing something very wrong.
  3. I dont know if it's a bug or not. But when i do lethal alert, i feel like only the normal warframe receive 300% strength buff, while their prime variant dont. For example, yesterday i did one with 300% strength on mesa and it worked just fine, my shatter shield had 95% damage reduction. Today, i just did one with 300% strength on valkyr, and my valkyr prime only had 65% attack speed on warcry. I dont know if this is a bug or feature?
  4. Now all the long range zaws have returned to their day of glory, and for glory i mean 1 metter range! Thanks DE, love you guys so much
  5. Before some huge stuffs like this, can you guys fix the combo counter of gram prime please? It has been here since a little while ago, and it's kinda annoying!
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