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  1. New iteration of the rework looks pretty good. Celestial Twin - wukong finally gets his clone and as expected everyone is skeptical about the AI behavior, well I am too. Can I lend him my secondary so he can rain concealed explosives upon everything or pox for status? Cloudwalker - more mobility is always good. Can we revise the augment from making allies invisible to ailments healed or immune to status procs? Maybe give him some support play in eidolons? Defy - so we are moving toward a nyx absorb and people are pointing out the reflect poor scaling in higher level missions. There is also the potential of using defy is just suicidal in high level missions if the invincibility window is very tight or the surrounding enemies dont get knock back. Can we move toward a harrow convenant buff where damage absorb scales to a damage buff? Not very thematic I guess. Primal Fury - looking forward to the combo changes maybe we eventually get a devil may cry melee system. Maybe we can get a condition overload crit build going if we invest enough into iron staff build? Passive - alright cool you are giving us 3 extra lifes. I see a problem of the passive becoming non-existent in endurance runs. Can we trade the random buffs for a regenerative life? i.e. max. 3 extra lifes. Less than 3 lifes, you generate an extra life every 5 minutes.
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