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  1. Just a recommendation, either just play/do something else. Or if you really want stuff to do in the game, you could try PvP lul
  2. Simple. Because its the only game they would play. Plus the excitement is boiling over to impatience
  3. Ikr, literally broken records at this point.
  4. Non-sense* kinda like whats being said here.👺 But seriously, More time taken=still bugged+impatient players that expect perfection because of the delay. Literally the whole releasing of ETAs has just made players more needy and expecting, which forces devs to rush. "Sometime next week" should be, "we are working on some things (a, b , c), but we are coming close, here's some of what to expect". It's their game and everything, but ita the best way not to run into a forum flooded with complaints
  5. Purity

    Can't login

    Lemme know how it goes for you guys. Imma just chill until its up and running again
  6. Ok well maybe he was going a little extreme, but honestly, unless you were one of those people that enjoyed staying in a mission for an hour or 2+, it would be unlikely the rewards would affordable to a person. It's tough bruh, one complaint that most players have and no one could deliver on it. Or, they chose to ignore it. And for archguns, that's probably because besides larkspur and impertor, there isn't much love for those guns outside of archwing much. It's supposed to be an addition and not to be used all the time (hence the cooldown), but that still doesn't explain why it has to be an actual grind to get a chance at something that will probably be what you don't want (I know I'm speaking in a lot of ifs and buts).
  7. What are you talking about lol. That still doesn't verify why it should take 4+ hrs of farming for a chance playing a game of, well chance. Prices on most require at least 3 hrs of farming. However, for things like cosmetics I get it. It's 1 and done. With this, its 4+ hrs worth of farming to get an unveil that has high chances of being primed disappointment.
  8. Purity

    Can't login

    I was able to, and now I'm not lol
  9. this^ looks like im not getting any of this at all lol
  10. first point is such facts it's not even funny. People are pretty selfish like that in pubs. Second point is even more facts. Why are we spending so much more time in this. Keep the rotation (abccccc) but ffs, just keep the waves and such normal. It doesn't add difficulty, it makes stuff waaaaay more TEDIOUS.
  11. 25 vitus for 1 rng gimmick? Yikes. that's brutal
  12. Purity

    Can't login

    Are you running geforce now?
  13. Purity

    Can't login

    So I can't login. My password is "incorrect" in game put in forums and stuff it's fine. So that's cool I guess
  14. anyone notice any difference in colour changes for weapons and frames when using secondary colours? cuz i dont. Idk if its just cuz its late in the morning lol
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