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  1. Sorry but this is so damn ridiculous. The fact that lich weapons are pure rng is horrible. On top of that, its a ridiculously long farm. This system where you can combine weapons is fine and all, but when you find the pinnacle for a weapon, yet end up with like 3 of the same weapons consecutively, it becomes so frustrating and infuriating. We can't do anything with the trash we get (and trust me we get a whole lot of trash). Out of 10 runs, the only variation I've gotten was karak and ayanga. They were mostly all painfully long farms. It's so infuriating that you continue this linear rng system, and advance it even more by piling on more rng. It's disappointing.
  2. Now you damn well know that it makes no sense to turn off people to actually having teamwork in a co-op. Solo is not underrated, people do it all the time. There was literal incentive, and they took that incentive away. They could have lowered the degree of the amount of exp for requiem that everyone (besides the player that has that lich) gets. But no, they decide to just completely get rid of it. Makes sense that people would be pissed.
  3. In other words, "we made the farm a lot less taxing, but let's completely nerf that instead of lowering the amount of requiem other players would get for helping to kill their lich." This would make sense, if it was a solo mission. But sure, let's decrease the INCENTIVE for CO-OP. Thanks.
  4. Don't mind me, just reposting cuz its accurate af
  5. There is still the issue of getting consecutive of the same weapon. The bigger turmoil is that we have 3 of the same weapon, and there is nothing that we can do with them besides have it in our foundry. It is not ideal honestly so I thought I would bring it up.
  6. I've hit 5 times with the same weapon consecutively. I wholeheartedly agree with this and they should definitely do something about it. Either rerolling the lich/ or trading liches/weapons. It's kinda just ridiculous imo.
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