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  1. Since we have the ephemeras now, can you bring beacons for this round? ty for the hotfix
  2. Thanks and all but im sorry but exploiter update is bad to the point where I cant even run it. Like session unavailable every time or crashing. Orb vallis wont work at all. Sorry but this is actually becoming ridiculous.
  3. I would put my 2 cents in on it if I could. But I can't even run it lol. I would not have minded waiting a week for it to be cleaned up if this is the case, were me and many others can't even run the boss fight. Nor can even get into orb vallis.
  4. It's still buggy as hell so why make it timed
  5. remember grinding khora? That was brutal. These drop tables for the others are worse. The seeded one is 2%, sure, but its on c rotation of arbitration. So mans asking me to either do arbit till see every hour, or grind out and stay in long. Yikes.
  6. Omg the operator 😌😌 Lets just take a moment to go over how stunning mesa prime is.
  7. Idk what it is but after this update, I'm crashing
  8. why am i crashing in kuva floods...
  9. Good work, can we get the buyable Garuda animations?
  10. GJ on the update, but can you just let bloodshed be a normal sigil?
  11. Are u sure that isn't devstream? If they play the public server like everyone else, they wouldn't get access to it. It wouldn't make sense
  12. Good that y'all are optimistic but it makes more sense that it'll release after server updates
  13. That's the only thing that bothers me lol. It's like flaunting a steak infront of a dog, and pretending to throw it every so often. It can easily tick people off. Once you're completely sure about it coming u say ahead of time, even if its like an hour or 2 before. So we don't wait in anticipation wondering if its a day or a week.
  14. Im betting week after on Tuesday cuz this is pretty big
  15. aw no dispo changes. thats a rip
  16. So, tmrw it seems lol. Not like they would deploy it after primetime or anything /s
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