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  1. Does anyone know what happened in Warframe during October 2017? Before that month, they were struggling to keep 50k peak players on steam, but after whatever happened in October a few years ago really boosted their peak playerbase. They sky rocketed to 120k, when previously they rarely broke above 60k peak players. Was this the Plains release? Since that update, they've been averaging around 85K (probably higher but I'm too lazy to add it all up). I can see why they would want to make a second open world area after the boost in the playerbase that came from the Plains release. Not only did it give them their highest peak playerbase in their entire history, but even months afterwards when the hype died down, they still were left with around a 35% increase to their new average playerbase compared to pre-Plains. While the release of Fortuna did spike their peak players around the time it was released, it doesn't seem to have affected their average the way the Plains did. This is obviously only one tiny piece of the pie, but I find it interesting how Plains was a massive success in terms of bringing in new players, but the Fortuna release didn't seem to have an impact on increasing their average playerbase (on Steam). I could see how this information could affect DE's decision to how they approach game design and the direction they want to go in. I could see how they would want to create a Plains 2.0 (Fortuna) after the success of the first one, in the hope that it would have the same impact, but we can see that wasn't the case. I wonder if they will completely abandon the idea of open world areas after seeing that the second attempt didn't really expand their playerbase. Empyrean is, like the Plains, a very different direction to take the game and is unlike anything they've done before. I wonder what that will do to the playerbase. Any predictions? Does anyone think it will permanently boost their average players the way Plains has? Or do you think that Warframe has reached its peak? Sorry for the wall of text, I just find this kind of information interesting.
  2. Ah, reading comprehension - sometimes I struggle XD If that is the case, I think this website would be a more accurate depiction of the playerbase (Steam only, sorry consoles): https://steamcharts.com/app/230410#1m You can clearly see where The Old Blood spiked player numbers. It is gradually returning to previous numbers, but so far there isn't any indication that they'll go below their average. We'll just have to check and see in a few more weeks to draw any real conclusions.
  3. It did? I still see it listed on my screen within the top 10: 337,944 591,349 Dota 2 221,235 629,632 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 170,665 562,852 PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS 113,607 158,722 Destiny 2 51,726 103,244 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 50,759 64,560 Team Fortress 2 42,464 116,449 Grand Theft Auto V 37,030 71,544 Rust 34,386 61,377 Warframe 31,780 59,421 Rocket League Or am I looking at the wrong thing? Totally possible as I often tend to find myself in the wrong place. XD
  4. In the defense of these forums, I don't really know that there is a lot of desire to discuss and brainstorm builds outside places that benefit from a meta (Eidolons). I'm not saying you can't create cool melee combos or unique mod combinations, but is it necessary when most everything dies from pressing 'e' regardless? Do that many people really approach this game from a min-max playstyle? I know I play within my own bubble, so I can't represent anyone but myself, but I just use the same mods as before the update, and everything still dies. This update did not change how I play or approach the game. It feels nicer in context to the melee combos, but everything still dies the same to me. Warframe has the potential for depth, but it isn't necessary for 99% of the content.
  5. Here, you must sift through the whining posts to find the occasional gem that offers quality criticism and discussion. On Reddit, you have to sift through memes and videos of funny bugs. I guess it is a pick your poison scenario?
  6. Oh boy...over a year worth of stuff to tell you about. Hmm, lets see. 1. New Fashion Frame Hope that was helpful! JK. So here is a list of some of the stuff you probably haven't seen: Open World: Orb Vallis / Fortuna includes several new syndicates, warframes, k drives (hoverboards), animal conservation, kitguns, moa pets, heists, new boss fights, and other open world stuff like fishing and mining. New game modes: Disruption includes quickly ramping up the difficulty with modifiers, Arbitrations is another game mode but is more reliant on weapon capability than warframe abilities Revamped areas: Gas City is a remake of the Venus tileset. It introduces new enemy types, and a new boss fight, Ropalolyst Kuva Lich are a new enemy type that you will repeatedly encounter New melee changes. And that's about all I can think of off the top of my head. There probably is more, but that should get you started anyway.
  7. Personally, sustainable content is more about the fun factor than the time to grind or the reward you get. Most people still do content in Warframe, long after it is fun, just because they still need a specific reward. Other people do content, long after they got everything they needed, just because it is fun. I fall into the last category. If it isn't fun, then I'm out. EDIT: I'm not saying Kuva Lich's are fun or not because I still haven't had the time to try it out myself. I'm just saying, based on your definition in the OP, that is not what I consider sustainable fun content.
  8. I know this doesn't really affect the general design aspects or mechanics that you covered, but I really wish there had been a tutorial mission for this. Other people have figured it out just fine it seems, but I've re-read the patch notes several times and can't even get to the point of having a Kuva Lich. I can't find the larva thing, despite doing level 20+ standard grineer maps. I get "invaded" and someone comes on my screen talking about kuva, but it ends there. I've done several missions with my friends and we can't figure this out. I generally like puzzles, but I'm given no instruction as to what the process is supposed to be. I can only assume its something really simple and I'm just overlooking it.
  9. I'm having the same issue. My screen flickers, and I get a little video in the bottom of my screen, someone says something about kuva, and then....nothing happens? I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do lol.
  10. It makes sense that my operator would need to eat, drink, and relieve themselves in their space-ninja-approved toilet before embarking on each mission, but that doesn't mean I want to play out those experiences because it isn't fun 😆
  11. Thank you for an in-depth explanation on how the changes have impacted certain weapons and playstyles. I don't pay attention to stats and numbers often, mostly because some of it goes over my head, but also because I feel the game rarely requires me to pay attention. While I personally don't look under the hood too often, outside of knowing what damage type is best for which enemy, I can appreciate how this might frustrate and annoy the players who do. I've been hearing that is especially detrimental to players that enjoy endurance runs. While I think the melee changes might be better for the average/casual player, I hope that DE can find a way of replacing what they took from endurance players. Alas, I am clueless on how to please both types of players 😔
  12. Thank you for taking the time to respond and I can definitely better understand the issue this update poses. I personally don't do endurance runs. I think the closest I came to something like what you describe was the Kuva Survival Nightwave mission that required you to survive for 50 or so minutes without using life support. I have to say, I really enjoyed the challenge. My friends and I failed the first time at about 43 minutes. Enemies were coming close to killing us in one shot, and we couldn't kill enemies fast enough to stop our oxygen levels from plummeting during the last ten minutes. Honestly, it was the first time the game actually required any of us to think. We had to think of a strategy, what weapons would be most effective, what warframes and abilities might help us survive, etc. It was very unexpected, but a very rewarding experience as a whole. It is a shame that Warframe can't find more instances like this to implement into their game but in a way that still remains approachable and not as punishing. I suspect that is why more players don't do endurance. It isn't that they fear the challenge (although I'm sure some players would rather avoid it), but it is a time investment before you begin to experience more challenge, and there is little incentive outside of personal challenge (ie, where are my phat loots?!). I enjoyed my own personal taste with the Kuva mission, but I can't justify staying for an hour to get there when the game doesn't reward me for success, and failure means I get no reward and lose all that time I invested. It is too high a price to pay for the average player. That isn't to say I don't see the value of endurance, or that I am criticizing people who go through the effort. I understand the merit of its experience based on what you described, and through the brief experience I had with it myself. I wish DE could expand on this more. I do think more players would enjoy the principle concepts and ideas that endurance players set out to achieve, they just need to address the detractors I mentioned before (such as making it less of a time investment to reach that level of difficulty). I can hope that DE is someday successful at adding more deliberate and intentional challenge into the game. However, after reading your explanation, I agree that this update is detracting from endurance runs without providing a suitable replacement.
  13. I can't play it myself right now either, but I am really looking forward to it as well. I do have some concerns about the longevity of it that do unfortunately make me feel a bit pessimistic. You mention farming Eidolons for instance. I know eventually I'll get burnt out on Kuva Liches just like I did farming Eidolons. But what happens when they keep stealing loot from me? Am I going to be forced to interact with that content over and over just to reclaim my rewards? Up until now, most content you can move on from when you don't want to engage with it any more. Those are my concerns, but I'm trying not to let the ruin the here and now, especially since I haven't even tried it yet! Its a problem for future me to worry about lol.
  14. Try making it public for that one mission. It worked for the other guy anyway. It is likely an oversight and will get fixed eventually.
  15. I did read on another post someone having the same issue. Are you playing solo? His issue was resolved when he made it public.
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