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  1. We added each other at the same time, ended up having duplicates on the pending, friending didn't actually happen until both of us accepted.
  2. I noticed after host migration often have no mods on the arch gun (one mod i run is more ammo and I lost 40% of my ammo) haven't seen it since last update though
  3. Just tested with a friend, loaded into Orb Vallis from orbiter as a client, mucked around a couple minutes, had him leave squad and it took me back to the orbiter. Have captured EE.log if required
  4. Has happened twice, client both times. First time last night, loaded into Orb Vallis to do some torroid farming. had 8 and was going for 2 more when the host decided to leave squad. Connection to host lost, returning to the menu (Fortuna). Got a mission failed screen and then the mission results saying I had nothing other than XP (thankfully it was wrong, I still had my 8 torroids). Today was doing Exploiter Orb as a client, after one round the person left squad. Was told connection to the host was lost, returning to player menu. Got mission failed, results again lied and said I got
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