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  1. The shared forced extraction is really awful. I'm really sick and tired of groups that time the extraction JUST right so we end up being forced out at 18-19 minutes, so close to the one single item in the entire reward pool that cannot be obtained in any other way in the entire game. Host migrations are awful and buggy, but at least with them I have a tiny, tiny chance nothing will bug out and I'll be allowed a chance at the low low drop rate of one piece of this new weapon. As things are as soon as one person decides they're heading out after 15 minutes I'm pretty much guaranteed that the entire mission was a complete waste of time. (those complaining about people extracting after 5min - hey, at least you wasted less time) I don't disagree with you about the problem but this is an absolutely terrible idea. And it definitely don't force people to group up, it'll make people chain-spam all the life stations in a row to get the doors open. And potentially screw over the entire group if you later on end up needing a life support or two.
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