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  1. I've gotten 2 so far XD Both got transmuted, but I don't remember if in either case I got something good out of the transmutation (or even if one of them was the result of a transmutation.... how'd THAT be for disappointment!)
  2. Thank you for the info. I looked more carefully during the Wednesday stream. When I opened that menu right after the stream started the progress bar wasn't there (no "drops" section at all). When I checked a couple of minutes the bar was there and already filled by a few %, so it just seems like it takes a short time before the bar initializes, hence why I missed it the first time. As on Tuesday, and like many have reported, it also looks like you need to log into the game then wait a variable amount of time before you get the drop in the mail, but as long as Twitch has acknowledged the c
  3. Colour me absolutely shocked, this actually worked for me. A lot of things in the description still don't make sense to me, like the "Twitch icon in the top right" that we're supposed to be able to click to see our progress. What Twitch icon? If it's your profile icon that lets you access settings, log out, etc, I didn't see any progress. Best way I found to track it was to access the inventory from the message that pops up when the stream starts, telling you what the drop will be (open the inventory in a separate tab of course), then hit F5 on inventory once in a while to check progress.
  4. Going by the last couple of times, it took a week or less between the end of one Nightwave and the beginning of the next, and one of the first ranks (reachable after a couple of acts in the first weeks) gave a lot of creds. If they stick to this (and they should IMO) you'll be able to get a ton of Nitain anytime between later this week and Monday at the very latest. I don't necessarily disagree with you that even this short gap doesn't really have a reason for existing, but back when you could only get Nitain from Alerts there were strings of days where you could not get it too. As som
  5. People keep saying this was predictable or to be expected or "you should have known", which is blatantly wrong. The only logical prediction based on YEARS of precedence was that event items would not be available from non-event sources for AT LEAST 6 months (blatant example: the Ceti Lacera). Many times the non-event sources are a much worse grind than the event (best example: Spectra Vandal. I got enough anomaly shards to buy everything you can buy with them, and then some. I went into every single orokin ship and opened every single container. I've not seen a single Spectra part drop and don
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