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  1. So I've been trying to sign into Warframe.com in order to contact DE's support desk for the last two days regarding the matter of not receiving any mission rewards, however I can't sign in to warframe.com at all. I am constantly met with "THERE WAS AN ERROR SIGNING YOU IN WITH XBOX LIVE, PLEASE TRY AGAIN". I've attempted to sign in multiple times at various points over the last few days, but it has been to no avail. With attempting to create a new sign in ID also proving to be fruitless as all it does is take you to a page where you can download the game instead of a usual sign up, "give us your details" sort of page. (I'm currently trying to sign in using my Xbox Live Account, however if I try to sign up again using it, it simply takes me to the Xbox Marketplace to tell me to download the game.) So my question is... How can someone contact DE's zendesk to raise the issue that they can't sign in, if you have to sign in to do so? & Is there any way to get around this problem and contact DE without having to sign in?
  2. I'm posting this here in the General Discussion section as there's no sub forum I can see dedicated to issues with warframe outside of the game itself. I was trying to file a report request with DE's Helpdesk about an issue I've been experiencing in-game, however whenever I attempt to sign in I am met with "THERE WAS AN ERROR SIGNING YOU IN WITH XBOX LIVE, PLEASE TRY AGAIN". *tries again repeatedly* Has anyone else who uses an Xbox account to log in, been experiencing this problem? I would report it to DE myself, but ya know... kinda hard to do that if I can't sign in.
  3. This same problem just occurred with my most recent game as well. It was an Arbitration survival mission with around 60 minutes on the clock when my two squamates suddenly blew themselves up with self damaging attacks. Then one rage quits, during the host transitioning nonsense and I apparently "lost connection" (presumably because the new host also quit) and when arriving back in my orbiter no rewards were to be found, nor any mission summary. It was if the last hour I spent playing never happened. I had sculptures, rare mods and had amassed a round 11,000 endo, but none of it existed post mission. I thought mission interval rewards (the ones we get every 10 minutes) were supposed to be "locked in" like with onslaught. (I'm probably wrong.) This'll be I think the 8th time I'm going to contact DE about this problem in the last year or so. Maybe the more we file complaints about it the more likely they'll actually do something about it. [Just think how bad it's gonna get when Railjack drops with those dual team missions.]
  4. Both good responses, thank you. I understand Duality52 that Limbo's abilities are often considered a hinderance to other players. I too have fallen victim to "fire and forget" types of Limbo users who disregard their teammates. However knowing this I avoid causing such issues as best I can. As for hindering the team when I play as Limbo, I either play entirely solo to avoid such situations or ensure to deactivate my 4th ability whenever the Arbitration Drones appear if I am with teammates. Plus given how I have a max range build on my Limbo, my cataclysm generally covers the majority of the map. I also communicate with my teammates quite well and usually team up with AOE Warframe users who bring things like Ember, Equinox or Gara and we then co-ordinate using their 4th abilities to clear the map incredibly quickly. Usually we can clear waves in around 50-60 seconds or so, depending on how quickly the enemies spawn. As for Nullifiers; Whenever I use Limbo on a defence mission, like this time in Arbitration, there are not usually any present when I activate my Cataclysm. I activate/ re-activate it whenever a round has ended so any nullifiers that spawn should already be within the radius of my cataclysm and be affected by my stasis ability before they have the opportunity to grow their negating field bubble. (Unless it is a large tile set, in which this time it wasn't the case.) Plus with having a long duration means I can put it up and it'll only shrink at a snail's pace, so none are left outside of my Cataclysm long enough to become unfrozen and grow their bubble. Based on your responses I am inclined to think it was a case of it "suddenly stopped working" as it was indeed quite sudden. It was working for a few rounds this time and then it just wasn't. When compared to previous defence missions against the Corpus faction, this is something I have never experienced until just now. I suppose I'll just put it down to a random freak of nature.
  5. I was just in an arbitration defence match using Limbo and for the first few rounds my Cataclysm ability worked fine. However after maybe the third or fourth wave of enemies, my cataclysm just refused to stay up. I would activate it and it would appear, but for only a second or two. My build gives it a duration of about a minute, but despite that it would simply stop and vanish right after I try to use it. I then tried to activate it multiple times but still nothing came of it. Can anyone please explain to me why this happens?
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