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  1. I like the idea of locking a riven from dispo changes (the negative would be that you can no longer trade it which would be totally fine with me)
  2. Damn how am I to find the time to farm 500k kuva like I intended when I really juust want to play the division 2 this weekend
  3. The spawns of the towers is so slow so I am almost always at the new tower with the "harvestthingy" before the tower has materialized completely (so I am thinking this shouldnt be a big problem). However doing it with a friend/clanmate is what scares me. Did the sorti thing friday, saturday, sunday with friends and NONE of them counted (so I got shafted out of those 5k)
  4. You have probably already solved this but I am running warframe on an external SSD on my xbox one x and I have yet to have a problem for what its worth.
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