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  1. another great example how dev don't know what they're doing regarding game design. If I can kill 6 npc in 6 sec, I don't need this mod and its benefit, this mod has no use in end-game levels bcuz I will be spending 6 sec trying to kill a single npc. suggestion: every enemy hits from glaive increase crit/status chance on both 2nd weapon and glaive by x amount for x sec
  2. surely a wild card is nice but the main problem is there's no one to play with in hunt for kuva leech, just like sp mode u spread ur player-base to enitre solar system and we can't find each other. those dailies for sp mode are not bad, why not do similar thing to kuva leech? also instead of random daily nodes for SP, why not makes it a planet-wide daily? e.g. Monday on moon, Tuesday on mars. so ppl can actually finish sp
  3. I'm sorry if u ppl want us to pay real money for this virtual item just say it, don't nerf some parts to 3% and expecting us to accept it, Did I say we need 3 3% drop rate items to make a single weapon?
  4. those plants we need to gather despawned while the bubble is still going
  5. 3 months in, almost 4 months after launch and the door code for iso vault is still bugged(all 4 symbols are the same) for god knows why reason, DE should just get rid of it or give us 24 tries on that door (4*3*2*1)
  6. I can tell you most ppl dont know about the 6th roll(the one that was given as bonus if 5 other objectives were completed(gold) perfectly hence the UI should make another empty square for the 6th bonus, at least it gives ppl a bit more clue about bonus roll, DE ur bad at teaching ppl ur game mechanics at least give them some clues
  7. there's ppl literally use loud frame with loud weapons waltz into vault triggering alarms like it's game designer's fault to create such game mode(actually, it is) while the other 3 ppl in the squad can do nothing to alleviate this situation, is this even a co-op game? DE can do something to improve said scenario: allow ppl to hack nearby console to increase countdown timer, long enough for ppl to rush over to vault in alarm and help disallow loud frames/weapons to join spy vaults each successful opened vaults will increase alarm countdown, long enough for ppl at the ot
  8. it keeps dropping to the same location, we're in ice planet.
  9. it blows my mind with each hotfix u ppl manage to break this game even more, 1 step forward 3 steps back, why bother with functioning host migration when ppl can't even call system menu. if u do bounties in deimos, u will encounter this bug, most of time it's squad-wide and the fact that u ppl thought this kind of quality is acceptable really shows how much you care/respect ur own work/warframe
  10. Enemiy level are t2, we cracked the 2nd vault, the only thing odd is someone realized there's only 1 necramech guarding t2 vault. I found out the drops are from T1 table, we left. also I would like compensation, DE is scamming ppl's life with this god knows how level of coding I want my 2 hours of life back
  11. I'm in the same boat, linked for 3 years at least, I've received all previous twitch and prime drops(I hope). this is the first time I try to relink. I do the unlink from both twitch and warframe webpage. wait for 13 mins then relog, bam it's in my inventory no mail no notification we're in 2020 and we have to turn it on/off to make it works bruh smh
  12. as title suggests, most of the time we're trying to leave the match bcuz the mission is bugged (thx to DE for their audacity to release this unacceptable patch believing ppl would accept it) and getting too far away from mission would result in fail, tell me more about why we should pay the price of ur failed/buggy codes? we should be able to go back to hub without losing anything res/exp
  13. again a troll host decided to leave during iso vault and the host migration failed to connect other squad mates, the score board shows that I failed the mission.
  14. we're in the middle trying to kill necramech when the troll host leaves and causes host migration, after host migration we defeated necramech but it didn't count toward mission objective and the crystal to trigger loid is gone. thx to DE the magnificent 'leave squad' function that they took it as a working feature, leave squad/host migration for host is NOT a working feature. right now u have 2 choice: 1. make iso vault bounties with different tiers so ppl who wants to go t3 iso vault can be in the same match, minimizing the chances of troll host leaving(host migration) in the
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