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  1. I was doing solo runs and the drops literally cycles between 2 weapons that I already owned/mastered. even the same weapon twice in a row??? playing solo is boring and I certainly don't want ppl to kill steal in a CO-OP game, by adding additional larvlings based one how many ppl joined the game should help alleviate this problem
  2. if you press "view recent players" panel in friends tab, it will show up for a sec then gone completely blank/dark, I'm able to reproduced the bug multiple times
  3. I was only able to produce it once, if u remain operator form while the crewship explodes, u will kinda remain in operator form and sorta walk in space(bcuz I can see my amp/energy gauge), U won't be able to use anything even gear wheel, chat or esc key, even if u managed to approach RJ u won't be able to board it. I force-close my game afterward. I was able to reproduce this bug again, if u time ur transference into operator right when the crewship is about to explode, the animation which usually put you into archwing won't play, hence the bug
  4. in some cases when you enter murex, ur unable to use weapons but able to deploy uplinks, once you port back to RJ ur unable to use weapons and interact with turrets/exits, although the door in RJ opens for you, ur unable to pass the door. it's like I'm inside a relay or something.
  5. Is it just me the most recent you ppl test your game was in 2018? It's truly fascinating that an armor frame with 600+ armor with adaption plus arcane guardian+grace can be killed in one shot by level 51 corrupted bombard.
  6. Ur literally nerfing arcanes. e.g. aegis and guardian STOP lying to us about changes. U R Rerfing Arcanes, not changes. I don't see u getting rid of p2w rivens am I correct? inb4 DE nerf arcanes so they can start selling warframe p2w rivens. if u want us to use more diverse build STOP putting enemies that can kill a warframe that has 1k+ armor and adaptation within 1 sec and put more time into ur quality control. holy # e.g. that enemies with grakata in RJ crewship
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