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  1. That (as in spawning a shadow on soul punch use of the mob) + giving either a shadow of the player when cast on them (with its damage being proportional to the % of your energy used, since after all player loadouts are massively higher in dps) without the increased aggro flag or giving the rezzed ally invul duration (again proportional to energy used) would be perfect for updating the augment as rezzing with potato kid is as safe and extremely rare is the situation where there isnt time for void dashes to the enemy.
  2. Well im judging it based on whats stated and existing comparable cases. Best case scenario its buff toggle that essentially gives all weapons a acid shells/vulcan blitz like effect and is a on kill effect instead of corpse explosion which cuts away from weapon augment options. If you even need to hit the button (even if its a 1h or just upper body action), you already have a requirement for a big aoe slow or clumping effect if either range or damage arent overtuned or causes corpses to trigger hard taunts OR it encouraging you sitting in a place and spamming the button with maxxed out range with enough damage to kill mooks if it has any ability to kill enemies in the first place unless you make enemies killed by the explosion itself not create valid corpses for the explosion (which just turns it into the 2016 desecrate but instead of guaranteed hp is a maybe aoe damage to 3~ish enemies on a clumped map). And then add on the logical consequences of either case. Making a frame around exploding enemies on kill without extra effects that are useful no matter what the explosion itself does 100% isnt impossible, it just takes 2-3 abilities depending on how many effects one wants to load in at once and most likely the frames passive to not escalate into either useless or now/no game loop turret play. Its damage isnt any good, but its cc is for a 1h 50m base range ability for which you can pick the type of cc with positioning is solid as 1h 1 abilities goes.
  3. Except its not, i showed you a video that it takes sub 1s to stack up 90% of a type while just the animation for sotd is 4s and no, when you build full tank you have the strength because you put on the strength for SoS, not because you racked up strength beforehand (especially not now that CT got nerfed as before there was at least a reason to maybe slot intensify/umbral intensify) but since one already has HC and Adapation on and wants to go into levels that DE themselves are ignoring. What? Ill just attribute this word salad to your thought capacity. No. I myself stated ancient greece thought of it as divination (and jews had their own weird thoughts about it). You have the time span from between 100~500 till the 1300s when necromancy was either utility magic, "the forbidden arts" or both (start and subtype of necromancy) depending on culture. It generally unifying during the Renaissance and codified from the 1600-1800s (mostly due to Gothic horror). You liking Diablos necromancer corpse explosion (or any of the games made by blizz or by ex-blizz staff that like the trope on necro characters) is your personal bias, not the staple of the fiction and not something you can port to warframe ignoring the differences in gameplay and design. Ty for acknowledging that. Its nice to see that you accept that Nekros power doesnt need to be flashy despite the flashy parts of a kit being what people latch on and that i was right, the non-loot parts of nekros being of value just as night equinox or ivaras quiver or excals blind are (last of which ironically is a flash yet the vast majority of people ignore the raw amount of damage it enables via stealth mod). Maybe he is boring to you because you dont know how to play him. Just as you are ignoring reality on what the classic necromancer in fiction is. So, literally what he is? He fears, he drains life out of corpses and raises the dead as his mini army. The very core things current nekros has in spades. Clearly, one of the most unique builds warframe has to offer by using hp to get orbs which bring both ehp and energy to get corpses to use his hp on, constantly encouraging him to kill and kill and kill while being able to either upkeep or store enemies for a new set of shadows, a ability to use for defense during the few weakpoints in his soul punch and a aoe hard cc that helps him safely ramp. Again, corpse explosion not only doesnt gel with warframes pace and enemy density, but is a thing influenced by 1) gas buildup on corpses 2) bomb trapped corpses during the world wars which Blizzard made a necro thing (others such as divinity series, scarred lands, pathfinder, MTG picking it up along the way sometimes not even as a necromancy but another type of magic). You cant argue from theme if your point isnt tied to the theme AND isnt practical in a way that works within the genre, Titania lantern doesnt work as a damage ability already, what makes you think a version without the poor taunt would? Or do you want a Copy of Mirages 2 augment with around 8x efficiency due to raw difference in targetable drops+ area vs mob density?
  4. Its worse than just assuming its flat 90% because its calculation works along with the elemental resist mods, its still for most practical applications 87~90% DR (as enemies with high slash tend to come in melee or mixed damage packets and the sources of toxic and viral which have modifiers vs player hp are infested and most of the toxic and viral procs are non-scaling or extremely low scaling damage till it gets to the goo pools), it being more effective as single mod DR source and far more effective during the ramp period of nekros when he is the weakest/pre shadows and pre possible health conversion stacks if using it. If you check a few pages before you will note my pointing the very fact that SoS gets worth its slot as DR only when built around it which is a 2(.5) slot clost (it, blind rage and power drift, possibly not PD as 83.5% is more than enough ontop of the ehp of health conversion and adaptation), thus in almost all situations first going Adaptation (and possibly handspring if you find value in the half-bugged knockdown resist of SoS) Edit: Forgot worst case of high division, so it merely still works out to reducing grineer mooks (lancers, troopers with that setup from 100-150 a shot/burst at mid levels to 20-30 damage or 3s of heavy gunner raffal going from a dead 740 hp with guardian up to just barely taken 140 hp worth of damage, so still floating around 80%. Engaging and flashy are 2 different things, argument was about flashyness there. And refueling your hp and energy by having a reason to keep killing enemies is very engaging because you have a direct positive feedback for not skipping over enemies. Except that thats only (partially) true in defense and still doesnt work if you are using a shotgun (especially with punchthrough) or melee (because of cleave). Most of warframe operates on a area kill speed basis, thats why pure damage skills that are single target tend to not be of much value without a secondary benefit or extreme scaling. Not to mention that clumped explosions tend to require weapon input to be of value to how one plays/builds a frame (vauban 1 augment is good since he can clump enemies over a big range himself and scales off your weapons damage, titanias lantern poof... well i doubt that many people even remember that it deals damage on the end of the effect... and it too inherently attempts to pull enemies close to it with a low taunt... iirc it couldnt kill level 80 butchers/crewmen/chargers).
  5. Ill let another persons post speak for me since following the topic is apparently a issue in addition to subtracting 5 from 9 when it comes to seconds. As far as necromancy and life manipulation, Norse and Slavic myths (draugrs and revenant like creatures from the balkans), christianity describing it as such along with it being capable of other vile practices (some of which include illusions and invisibility by hiding ones own life essence, which only certain animals or gimmicks could reveal), pretty much a universal feature of whats now commonly dubbed as wraiths (mostly due to the nazgul, but point is over half the world has cold apparitions that drain life out of living creatures on touch, including odin himself summoning such creatures in norse myth), faust, bram stokers dracula, etc. Oh and merely the fact up to the start of humanism/up till the early Renaissance it was seen as a type of sorcery/magic used for utility and medicine and opposed on that ground by the churches of abrahamic religions?
  6. All in prior posts and in short, he believes that baseline shield of shadows can compete with adaptation in damage reduction on per slot value and can be achieved faster on any level where you would need high DR, that shadows of the dead has a casting time of 3s and not 4s, that a frames core gameplay skill needs to be flashy, etc. The weapon part is/was in functionally every case the corpse(s) being rasied as undead soldiers or spirits brought back for their sorcery/witchcraft/spellcasting. Making corpses explode and calling it necromancy is a bit like bludgeoning someone with the butt or grip of a gun and calling it gun violence. True by taking the words on their own literally, not by technicality or definition. Not to mention that because of the style of game warframe is and corpses having a 12-15s decay time without death animation modifiers, a corpse explosion effect wouldnt be very practical as a actual damage skill/to do anything to enemies without having someone (nidus or vauban) to vacuum them all together or it being a defense mission with high amount of choke points which is like 3 grineer tiles. Meanwhile spawning health orbs is not just functional for the game loop but also is a build enabler.
  7. Putting aside that you have demonstrably kept projecting and were wrong on all accounts, no. Its literally in top 3 things a necromancer does. Gain knowledge from the dead, raise the dead and gain life from both the living and the dead. Making corpses explode on the other hand is a thing chemical reactions caused by decay and bacteria/gas does, not necromancy. And sure for the passive part, id love the mega buff of nekros having 5 abilities and desecrate unable to be nullified just like other passives.
  8. Not really/very much depends on what context and if you are using those that dont include it, nothing about nekros would be necromancy. Greek/root of the word source of necromancy is divination via dead (not even dealing with them, using the souls of the dead to learn of the future), hebrew version includes exorcisms out of dead and creation of bone constructs and fetishes. Necromancy as in popular culture sourced from what christianity was trying to stomp out/use as propaganda tool that pagan cultures were devil worshippers is everything from transfer of life, knowledge and soul between dead, living and unliving (no matter which to which, including living to living/"healing arts" and some derpy ideas of old medicine due to common grounds for moss and lichen collection were gravesites), usually in the christian context using demons to do so. Meanwhile in germanic, norse and slavic lore its more tied to any forbidden art or ill one did vs the gods/nature (usually cursing one with unlife and losing onself/ones soul/place among gods/whatever the variant of the story is OR if one purifies those that do so, granting one the ability to bestow life and heal). In either case one of the protagonists of the bible (second half/post rewrite) can be called a necromancer. Idk why note poisons unless you mean the og greek side/Hecate and Persephones ties to it which is more about knowledge on what can influence life and death, which is a "we added modern concepts of necromancy after the fact" since Hecate was very much a protector goddess (similar to the role as oldish fairy tales, being a light in the dark/protector of home/teacher of what kills you) while Persephone is sometimes noted to it because during harvest time its important to know what wont kill/poison you (aka send you to her husbands domain). To the point tho, games didnt invent healing/life transfer as a part of necromancy. Be it video games or tabletop that influenced the video games or the books from the 1600-1800s that influenced the tabletop games AND the books that influenced those books in turn, all source it back in weird mishmashed legends that survived up till the 1300s~/Renaissanceish times (which, as it approached its end, had most of its more "wholesome"/less zombies and gore parts of it got split into whats modernly seen as more shamanistic practices or their own thing). Well health conversion does a decent job, HC+Adaptation even better, SoS only then needed for when the game goes mega stupid (or bugged like OV energy rifles, the Raptor wallhack lazor from time to time depending on sortie modifier. HC really needs a bugfix tho. However i would very much like if his prime version (in addition to losing spaghettis and getting some mid fight sustain passive) to drop shields back down to 90 (yay for 666 shields with redirection then) while buffing base hp to 150 or even 175.
  9. Reminder that Tempo Royale is still gutted with animation locks.
  10. Or it might have been some person being greedy and wanting to add mod drop boosters. Is draining life out of corpses not necromancy? Just because he doesnt drain it directly to his hp but instead in a way which gives loads of build options doesnt change the theme. It shows him slowly walking with a aura of fear that stunned the grineer due to raw intensity (instead of running away), it shows desecrate technocyte poof clouds all around him, it shows him using 2+ reload mods on his tigris prime, it shows him without finger spaghetti, it shows him with a slightly better soul effects on soul punch and it shows him amassing technocyte zomblers that dont fight. He has all but the better soul punch visuals and the disease of pinky spaghetti. Tho i do wish tempo royale had the impale from it as its heavy attack. Loot aside (for reasons said before), they didnt #*!% up the execution of the theme. They missed the tweaking point on his augments and pointlessly nerfed one recently, but he is the necromancer of the game. If you want a health dispenser, it are trinity and oberon (and maybe some other frame i cant remember right now) and the pizzas. Health gain via both action and theme of a ability like on nekros, inaros or harrow is not that. If anything he should get more of what you seem to call "health dispensering" by making his passive do something mid combat/be hp per hit or lifesteal that he would then share with allies in range, naturally giving some extra sustain not just to himself during ramp time for tanky builds but a extra bonus to both players and shadows and whatever else might be fighting along you. Lifesteal too is a very necromancy thing. As i said in the comment, core part of desecrate for his game loop is the life it drains by converting flesh/robotics into more technocyte (aka hp and with equilibrium energy) while on all others its a augment except the dog. Tho pets have their own massive list of problems. As long as its hp orb effect isnt removed itll work (tho also as said, i do wonder if DE would buff it to 100%).
  11. OR just make spores have a single status chance roll per target used for every spore giving her a downside on the spore build for having low strength while making miasma nuke damage not auto quad if a spore is on the enemy but instead take a % of the accumulated spore damage and add it to the post-modded damage (as it already scales off both strength and duration). And let saryn re-stun enemies with her 4 even if they are already infected and make regen molt augment use the hp regen stat instead of be a timer heal.
  12. The buff infiltrate needs is to allow her to bullet jump again while in prowl. Actuall scrap that, just give baseline prowl the bullet jumping back. It took some basic skill/patience and rewarded you with time, not more power (not like you cant jump glide or use dashwire on most places and for some like kuva spy the rope is even better than jumping across the zap holes). Same for navigator which should pause projectile lifespan/timer again.
  13. Seeing how DE added Khora 4 augment and and changed chesa (and technically boosted atlas in cases where you aint afking with hydroid due to gaze being instant instead of having a stoning time despite drop from 50% to 25%, at least when it comes to practical play), i kinda doubt most resources are balanced around loot frames. Tho a lot of 0.03% mod drops very much are made with the idea of obscene grind yet most of them tend to have a pre-req ontop of them in the first place (of either resources or time). Tho as stated before when the projecting goalpost mover wanted to focus on minionmancy, Desecrates point in nekros kit is hp orbs so going even more into loot chances of some things goes off topic. I do wonder that if it didnt provide loot, could the corpse to hp conversion rate be able to be bumped up from 54% to pure 100%. And either way for now this doesnt matter right now (due to any loot rework being probably far behind even behind duviri or whatever else DE has planned if anywhere at all in the future and) compared to his win more passive and the 1,2 and 4 augments being outdated/lacks something more, unjustly nerfed and its cc transfer part bugged (along with having the highest mod cost for capped DR/is equivalent to rework embers 2 0 heat without extra strength) respectively.
  14. Video plays perfectly even right now. And yeah, the video you linked was sped up. Stop whining over your hurt epeen just because you were fractally wrong on everything. Its crappy because noone explained to you how it works (obvious by stating that it launches enemies through the map when it only does so if you angle the soul impact from the enemy right into a wall, but if you are running towards the enemy at same or slightly lower elevation than their center, its a flat knockdown or very short knockback+knockdown). And no, Volt 1 is a 1h cc that chains in exchange for having half the range, Frost who has projectile speed thus is actually crappy as cc but blows up his 3 instead (gara 1 too but it has a alt use and scales so its tap version being a fast projectile isnt actually a issue) and oberon 1 which can only knockdown but instead has delayed % Hp damage. If all hard aoe cc is boring idk what to say to you and it has no FORCED synergy with the rest of his kit, what it does do is prevent enemies from shooting at you or your shadows (reducing how often you have to heal them) and making them easier to kill for his 3 by removing their armor. I could argue you should be in range to hit them with nekros, but yes, its true enemies running around easily annoys allies that arent going melee or shotgun range, why i said it might be better to give the now entirely "team qol" augment a change and bake in some slow (or as @Xzorn suggested, turn the armor into % increase, then skill giving a baseline slow equal to that but letting you stack it with the augment). And sapping strength to shadows is the type of forced synergy that the game shouldnt rely on (compare how naturally the points of garudas kit flow "she drains hp for energy, she uses bit of energy to heal from enemy, she can store damage in a ball and throw it, she can cause all damage to trigger slash procs" vs oberons 2-3-4 forced """synergy""" "he can create a radiation plant zone for enemies, he can cause healing which also adds a armor buff if the ally is on the carpet/the casting points are close to the same because the healing is a invisible point aoe and if it ends enemies retain the carpets armor buff for a duration and his 4 is aoe cc+damage that if enemies are on the carpet have their base armor stripped and if it kills someone it may cause hp orbs". The forced synergy is in the abilities calling out eachother, not the logical consequences of actions. TLDR: Fear causing enemies to take more damage (due to armor strip or whatever other version) = universal effect and effectively draining strength from enemies to all allies, explicit enemy damage reduction to boost shadows = pointless forced "synergy" without any raw benefit that shouldnt have then instead already been baseline. I meant infested juggers are cool badass enemies, so are sentients, random greneer mooks are just test tube babies in scrap metal, but w/e thats entirely flavour. And i do agree that if DE wont give players the option to properly pick the shadow que priority and what ai type they follow that giving all spawned shadows either primary, secondary or melee (or even AW gun/melee) mod scaling would work as a fix. It also wouldnt hamper the rest of his kit.
  15. THIS! Ripline has its pull strengths reverse of what they should be. Ripline on a enemy chucks them at full strength without killing the momentum it causes at any point. Ripline on Valkyr kills your momentum around 1/3 of the way in (well maybe closer to 2/5ths but w/e). What Ripline should do is pull valkyr towards whatever (maybe at a slightly lower angle/while pulled in the direction the camera orientation should also influence the path) at full strength without killing momentum while enemies should have their momentum killed 1/3rd of the way in so that they land if not right infront of valkyr, then at least within functional clawing/claw jump/slide attack range. Tho IMO her ripline augment should just give it base passive efficiency (like mag and oberons augments give passive single ability stats) or a flat +4s duration on its combo timer AND more importantly, its on ripline use effect should be that it resets your jump capacity (or at least gives you +1 extra jump), as if you touched a wall/latched.
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