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  1. Title says it all, holster settings default on weapons linked appearance.
  2. Or even better, the unmutated nidus would be entirely orokin tech (golden white spikes for 1, orokin tileset trap sphere for larva with the knockdown pulse animation for enemies pulled in for 2, a little face drone with energy laser connecting to frame for 3, 4 summons meat wall material and tiny orokin cleaning drones in addition to bits of infestation) where only the 4 and stages of mutation stacks imply he might later have issues with getting infested.
  3. I guess its because the drones red shots, osprey green bee clouds and jugulus glaives are all coded as anti Archwing weapons that shouldnt even be shot against lone frames thus spaghetti code ends up excluding them (since player glaive throws do count and get countered by projectile killing effects).
  4. Syandana maybe, but rest no, the whole point is that everything blows up from the mechanical skelly base. Hell idk why the dodge animation doesnt disjoint the armor/attachments along with the rest of the non-skelly bits since history has shown that attachment points aint hard linked to animation bones.
  5. Then outright say you want a better puncture proc. Because raw on its own slash doesnt beat puncture. Its proc does beat armor in general, but thats much like toxin beats shields in general.
  6. Only if you count in base 0.02 or are doing something like comparing the stug to kronen prime.
  7. Its not even impressive, It merely shows he doesnt have berserk+PF on the prime mole mallet.
  8. You mean this. The system in game where armor that is weak to puncture counts as less armor.
  9. Nah, that makes it exactly what melee 3.0 did to over 80% of the stances (i mean animations and attack properties, not keybinds themselves, forward, block, forward block and static setup is much better than pause hold jank), the opposite of having a functional flow.
  10. Growing Power in general should just be fixed/buffed to proc when applying a status in any way shape or form.
  11. Ah yes, clearly sonar banshee, night equinox, trinity, oberon, harrow, limbo, nova and frost are afk nukers... Yep you clearly thought this out well. So you are kneejerk overreacting because a saryn beat your "muh damage" score in eso, understood.
  12. Kinda-sorta not really. Hit uses a hitscan check and applies damage it to hitbox area. Its why the vast majority of the stances dont hit thumper leg weakespots even if the model directly hits it the weakspot during animation. Also melee is very good because it cleaves and has a really high damage n skill floor/good results even with low effort (and most maps dont have enemy density with variety to require prioritization speed one would only achieve with guns).
  13. Ah i see, you're overreacting to non problems, ignored how it would actively harm the core game loop of most frames and now want to ignore the fact that you either ignored or dont play enough to know the effect raw los restrictions on ability effects have on most tilesets. And no, i play by killing with a big sharp stick on Nekros most of the time either way.
  14. You didnt answer my question either. Why do you want to ruin the game by making everything (not) work(.) when anyone who played warframe knows the history of DE and LOS limits on effects e.g. how hilda 3 is still quite buggy and doesnt hit enemies in range on screen or even ones you have right in the crosshair?
  15. Are you saying that release harrow, hilda, initial radial javelin nerf/excal 3, release catchmoon (when it exploded against nothing 6m in 50% of the time), etc were good to use? Because you do know that non-projectile abilities that actually have full LOS restrictions on effect instead of just cast targeting validity have a history of working about as well as melee feels vs hemocytes/kril/ruk.
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