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  1. Im not arguing that renewal should work on shadows (it shouldnt as it also hinders nekros from properly cycling through his shadows for equal levels), just that the already correct way to use renewal (no matter if a summoner frame is around or not) is one that already avoids any issues. And no most (regular/decent % use) oberons in the wild do in fact in any mission that takes time do not just put the renewal on the highground (or just on spawn) but also tend to be kind enough to ping it for the team. Essentially that its not a case of frost orbs or allies models bodyblocking bullets.
  2. No it doesnt. Renewal buff sticks around once on players no matter where the buff application zone is. Casting it at spawn or highground so that people can choose if they even want the buff (garuda, rhino, protea, nezha and nekros himself for example might not want heals to benefit off their other features/mods) is in fact the actual common practice.
  3. I really doubt that the extra bit of regen on shadows (compared to just recasting 4) would have much of a effect on how long dear old bone papas 440~710k (depending on if using umbrals and what arcanes) ehp can survive.
  4. I mean, its only a anti-synergy if the nekros is intentionally being a ass and summoned or pulled shadows into the renewal area. Not to mention that if the shadows do get in through their own dumb ai, recasting your field of goodberries (to use the talk that was going on above) is a option.
  5. It is additive. you dont get 4 drops from a pilfer+desecrate, you get base drop+1 potential drop from desecrate and+1 from pilfer tentacles. What isnt is loot chance (all abilities+drop chance boosters of both resource and mod/endo variety) vs loot amount (aka only the bought resource booster). Not to mention that DE already """Fixed""" need for loot abilities because a entire category of """extra drops""" doesnt work with them, issue is DE balances drops badly (at least based on general population outcry with release steel path even if IMO for what it was supposed to be vs what it actual
  6. He could be in a amazing/ideal state even from just gameloop with minor tweaks since all of the core stuff is there. Passive turned to universal lifesteal within relatively short range (same idea, but proactive instead of win more) Instead of trash execute, % max hp damage on soul punch that always dismembers, maybe the knockdown/knockback part turned into a augment that further buffs the damage as most people seem to really have issues for some reason with understanding that it depends on elevation and proximity to enemy; or if they are right infront of a wall in which case just repositi
  7. Technically its already a option, the efficiency/(lack of) need to spam any input depends on timing of her song. Issue is her ability visual effects and music dont actually represent the true timing when a input needs to happen.
  8. He is. His entire kit was fun (to me) before the trashxecute was added, with it its merely down to 3/4.
  9. So, before SP trashxecute nerf, the actual point of 1 was its range variable cc portion, at range or higher elevation you ragdoll high priority threats, up close you knockdown for melee control (and why i really wish DE listened to the test feedback, to give him instead a reliable ability scaling damage on SP). Terrify needs to just have its augment baked in and armor strip instead placed on augment and buffed to be a resistance strip (full applicable aka to all types not just hp like atlas petrify); however thats more because terrify hinders allies gameloop options rather than bonepapa himsel
  10. So, what you're saying is: DE turn off my rev-limiters! On a serious note a high risk high reward nitro augment would be cool, and to "uhm akshually" Redline is the limit before the engine is at proper risk (well has been for a couple of decades/some 55~65 years; since around the moment engines hit 250+kmh for mass/commercial autos, the displayed "max speed" stopped being the actual representative max rpm, more so out of stroke reliability, potential weight/capacity of the cars and terrain+tires than out of safety) as long as you dont abuse it (but then again abusing at any accel/gear is
  11. Slightly side topic, but no, it was 8 (well 13~14) nodes realistically with the only 1-2 frames actually """required""" being nekros (who can naturally go any non-negative range build)+any pilfer. If you wanted to corner camp or spawn hop or just whirl around the map was entirely up to the people since the difference is/was sub 5 steel essence. If DE wanted to fix variance in farm, they could have made SE drops be a loot pickup instead of direct resource drop for smeeta to not count and raised the floor for spawns a tiny bit. If DE wanted to kill corner camp farms... well they already kil
  12. This. And by this i dont mean "merge it into mouse melee", no, that would just return the cancer, it should be its own independent option for the few that liked it.
  13. Id rather have it instead of on hit per effected just have the drop chance "linger" for 3-4s as debuff after being hit to trigger on any cause of death.
  14. Except it doesnt take less time. No, you end up through the wall if you correctly "dodge" it by ignoring it with something like halo. No, game mechanics are game mechanics. Nice projecting but just because you keep using inefficient crutches doesnt change that smart skilled players will just level the playing field with the optimal solution.
  15. Knockback is a type of knockdown as far as the game is concerned because abilities that cause knockback even just state knockdown because its a source of you being knocked down on the floor. And no, no amount of telegraphing should allow anything in game to ignore a BASE MECHANIC. Nothing a enemy does should remove the fact that dodge rolls should always keep you animation locked in the roll with 75% dr or that bullet jumps let you ... jump+ or that sliding has momentum increase. You wanting people who payed attention and PROPERLY responded punished because they didnt do it your inefficient wa
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