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  1. Reverse, its at a point of essentially re-fairing it for players. Enemy power creep and reaching beyond the expected value of their levels caused players to latch onto a new standard by which the developers were then judged. Numbers can always be squished (at which point depends on the devs, but proof is in the melee 2.99998 which aside from butchering 80% of stance animations did actually massively reduce the hypothetical top end but also align its ceiling closer to the floor; tho some might argue the floor for melee performance is now too high but thats for another thread), but enemies
  2. As said, 4 is actually really solid. It not being used for what its visual flavour would indicate (aoe petrify ignoring most objects and rubble generator when without enemies with sometimes minor distraction role instead of 2 buddies to smack with) is just solved with time (and making the giant rumbler augment actually good if someone really wants to go that route since its already a downgrade for the skill as far as everything else listed much like how chromatic blade removes slash from the equation for excal).
  3. Because it already scales off the equipped melee. Its fair that DE could make it always use EB scaling instead of only the active weapon one, but thats really just a question if you want to encourage builds that use both melee options or just EB.
  4. DE just needs to decide if hema is a precision weapon or spray n pray. Either remove its spread, reduce burst recoil (but keep post last shot recoil, maybe combine it all to said last shot) and bump crit for headshot focus. Or change lifesteal to be universal and make it auto-burst with a small base damage buff.
  5. 1 ability. 4 if counted as just rumblers might be dogS#&$ no matter how set up (especially since they lost their taunt slam ages ago), but much like all minion skills it tends to have something else redeeming it or even making it really solid. In Atlas' case its that its a solid aoe petrify with very loose LOS restrictions (well line of effect as it only doesnt petrify enemies that are seen as unpathable to) while filling the role as independent rubble generator to fill time between bigger spawns and/or for the augment setup. And it can clean starchart enemies on pop even wi
  6. You dont even need to manipulate the crosshair. Spread and spread manipulation values already exist in game. And if going by old school shooters design is a no no there really is no reason why DE shouldnt implement a recoil decay delay based on fire rate (where the longer you shoot, the less the recoil will try to decay/return to og position until you completely stop shooting) to stop the screen spaz, much like 80%+ well designed modern shooters have.
  7. No. Target Fixation already isnt a wasted slot (tho bunnyhop zephyr as a whole is a meme build because you are building for massive overkill as after you reach the ehp point of enemies their level scaling cant keep up AND it provides a skill floor for performance as you can lose it all). Also im not sure where you're getting the idea that level 110 bombards will be tickled by TF 17000%+ divebombs when even on neutral strength it 2-3 shots level 180s (or 10 shot Steel path 110s which with your 4 turn still into a 1 shot due to damage spread if you didnt ramp by then) AND ALL THIS assuming you
  8. Thats entirely on DE not making the entire camera be a weakspot/headshot to punch through the shieldgate. Nah, it made a even more braindead option (run fake hp soak and/or invul) into a 8-16 cost mod tax for using aoe (much like how turning non-aoe to pseudo aoe tends to be a 12+ mod cost tax). No. Especially not for adaptation as its a 67% DR on hp while its 90% dr on shields when maxed out as its modified by innate resistance values. Just BR+Adapt on any frame that doesnt have a high channel tax/doesnt need 60% bonus efficiency shields flat out give more across mission EHP a
  9. You cant copyright a idea, only specific execution. Also asymetric pvp toolset doesnt convert perfectly to worth in pve.
  10. Im 90% sure that scales down HARD with effect intensity as at 74% i barely even notice the gloom aura active from other players with it helminthed or playing wraithy boyo. Could just be folks with other colour choices (and forma for 2nd channel) that turn it less visible.
  11. One thing, some attacks legit lost their hitboxes from melee 2.0 to 2.99998. Rempo Toyale (aka the butchered Tempo Royale) for example on its block foward has a massive gap on its sides (despite the weapon being there) on certain parts of the animation due to the way the animations got cut apart and those bits of the attack likely having their hitbox detections on the prior and followup attack that got lost in trimming (which is extra funny because it had its attack order shuffeled which it didnt need to since the current static combo that moves you faster than its forward combo was already
  12. Just to note, nullify(/suppress/cancel/negate as it are its synonyms in the form its used instead of as legal or mathematical sense) does not mean turn off/end, as such just by name i agree more with the other fella in the sense of they should just suppress the effects while in the field. It would make combas stronger than nullies if they actually did as their name said (negate instead of remove/dispel the abilities), but thats (99%) fair (the 1% being easily solved by DE making the wave require true perma LOS and not be usable by them right on spawn). Juno, much like Terra Elite and R
  13. Or simply make the revival time disable the offensive bits of the pet thus making survival relevant for the actual signature features of the pet. Or even better make vacuum and radars baseline stats you get with frame rankup (or possibly even if we go a tiny bit more RPG, let players choose their rankup stats and even go negative into some to get more points to distribute) and pets entirely optional.
  14. I just want DE to at least let you play sorties at least when at cap with the riven drop just replaced by something like endo or relic pack (if rivens cant be yeetus deleltused or converted into actual selectable corrupted mods instead of being p2w gacha bullS#&$ slot machines).
  15. Regen should just have its charges recovered by picking up a certain amount of health or energy orbs.
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