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  1. Except that life strike requires heavy attacks limiting it in build options OR makes it extremely unreliable and far less practical to use as actual lifesteal when it was nerfed to heavy attacks instead of channeling, thus yes it lost massively and if its not buffed back to work as it should healing return should also get nerfed proportionally.
  2. HR got a extreme buff with both gun-melee instant swap and now the double proc at no resource cost and 100% uptime. Lifestrike meanwhile became useless for non initial combo setups. If anything HR shouldnt count status procs the attack that triggers it itself applies anymore to be more like the post channel-removed nerfed life strike.
  3. Give that armor crack to something like impact or puncture. Cold used to have condition duration on it till DE nerfed it in patch 25.7, now with stacking cold its the perfect time for it to get un-nerfed (10% condi duration per stack) and a freeze effect at 10 stacks.
  4. True, hell id go as far as asking for individual slot based keybinds and ability to rebind stances (especially since DE butchered them making most static stances animation lock you forward, most foward combos have animation locked roots, etc), tho in that persons specific request, what they are asking for is functionally already in game as the only difference between quickmelee and melee mode is to have manual instead of auto block thus have to press weapon swap to go back to guns/gun mode quick hip fires if you dont use LMB to melee. Or in TLDR: not opposted to being able to heavy slam from gun, i just want to keep melee mode melee.
  5. Melee mode exists specifically for melee. Quick hip fire from melee is gun mode if you have the LMB toggle set for guns instead of melee. Dont muddle/nerf melee even more than it was in terms of clean playstyle than it already was.
  6. Actually, no. its the same formula only because the base status chance stat for shotguns is per shot, which goes through a nerf by pellet count calculation instead of re-calculating probability from it for each pellet, as the kohms spool, their base multishot increases thus it nerfs itself. The 75% status chance is in fact the status the kohm has at spool 1 per pellet. Its also why if you empty the magazine and auto reload, the first shot bugs out and does each pellet with 75% status since the coding of reload-boosted spool is based off the spool level before reloading. If the Kohm used the old system, it would always have the same status per pellet no matter the spool level since multishot boosts per shot status chance by its probability increase instead of as flat addition.
  7. True, tho on that point, personally id like it to get its spread removed across the board/in both aimed and hipfire (and maybe very tiny buff to projectile speed) to focus on the headshot aspect, but as said in a few other posts, higher crit or a solid reduction in burst fire delay and just making its lifesteal universal while droping it from effectively 20% base damage to 0.15% lifesteal damage would be nice too (making use of infinite ammo as a spray n pray gun)
  8. Why i said principle. The properly written difference is 1 - (1 - 3 * 0.sc)1/spp (what was said) vs (1 - (1 - 3 * 0.sc)1/spp)*3 (what would have been a nerf as you arent converting status mods, just base stats, but still ok) vs sc/spp*3 (which is just a nerf by pellet count) Despite P 0.30 not actually being a 30% (but the compound probability of a much smaller chance across events), most people still write it as such for simplicity and in cases without a lot of other variables, almost identical functionality, much like how people can write 1/3 as 0.333* despite the r1 being important part and pi as 3.141. Its why for a relic radshare rare P = 0.34 instead of 40% despite individual 10% chance per rare. Hope you get what im at and sorry if i sound preachy by now.
  9. I believe that extremely swings depending on modding and base stats of a shotgun. Quick vague napkin math guess gives me that its around +280~290% status chance from mods on a high pellet status shotty that correctly breaking down by pellet gets better results (since a 50% status per shot increase on a 20% 8 pellet shoty increased its per pellet status chance by circa 57% while its just a +50% with them now working as burst making modding/full build or not a big factor). Then shotguns would be just slightly less efficient at status on the high end assuming new mods and just buffed in the mid point. If they did what you just said because most shotguns would be just barely better than what they currently are (like 20% better if we napkin math and round up) or in other words go up to some 2-6 procs (which would still be a nice buff, just still not very competitive), unless we return status chance mods to calculate off total status probability. By the logic of proper probability conversion being OP post 100%+ status changes, loads of guns that have 10+ fire rate, can achieve 2x multishot at least and are at 30%+ fire rate should have gotten nerfed. In fact a nice bunch of weapons now sit in the 70~80 status procs a second range sustained reliably (mostly cloud effects like pox and mutalist cernos, but some regular rifles too, the rifles being the ones that on some extremely iffy gameplay and quality builds can RNG themselves into 100 procs in around a second). The more sane status weapons with overall good/regular status builds are in the 40-60 proc range (which would be right around 3x buffed status then calc per pellet from it for all but the Kohm if it didnt nerf itself as it spooled up which would be slightly above the curve... or just at around the top depending on what we take as the kohms true MS and status value). Hell even old/outdated status rifles and hybrid guns currently have better status chance than what used to be status shotguns. Sure, i just wanted to make the point extremely clear, the 100% point isnt the crux of the issue, its that status shotguns other than exergis and pre spool kohm got nerfed to no longer be status weapons. As in, nothing personal against you and even just doing proper division first and then multiplying the old status per pellet correctly as you are using as a ballpark would at least not be a randomly bigger nerf to high pellet guns for no reason (still a net multi pellet nerf but one that could possibly be justified even if not what what stated).
  10. Because the old status chance wasnt a flat number but a probability sum, thus you are dividing the net probability part by part a amount of times equal to pellet count. e.g. if its its 30% chance total divided across 10 instances, its circa 3.5% chance per instance, thus if you multiply by 3 later you get 10.5% chance per pellet. if you multiply the actual total chance (90% chance total across 10 instances), you get circa 20.5% chance per pellet (since its chance for event to not happen to the power of instances, aka 0.795*0.795*0.795*0.795*0.795*0.795*0.795*0.795*0.795*0.795 = 0.10% of the event not happening, thus 90% chance of the shot to proc). Or, if you just want the principle of the idea, its why 8:2*2*2 is 16, but 8:(2*2*2) is 1.
  11. Not my argument, but the entire point why the thread has over 20 pages instead of just 3-6. No, they said it would be buffed 3x because direct conversion to burst calc instead of per shot probability would be a massive nerf to shotguns in general. Again, no the graph and wording was that the status per shot was to be buffed 3x The part i agree on is that the current numbers are #*!%ed either way. If shotguns are to be treated as rifles and didnt want to do the probability proper, then DE should have just picked new numbers that seem appropriate as a "status weapon" with 12% status chance and 9 fire rate is not a status weapon. In fact its worse than the stats hybrid weapons have yet its around the point most status shotguns fell to.
  12. Except its old status *3 /pellet count. Steve said himself they will buff total status chance by 3 on the devstream multiple times. Confusion might arise since the math for the current broken pellet nerf works in either order, but doesnt when you recalc probability (iirc there was a table a few pages ago that shows it off). Tigris 90% requires 25% chance across 8 pellets to be hit. No, im talking exactly about the promised process from the devstream. They stated that they dont want a huge nerf, which it was; that they are going to buff status chance (aka per shot probabiliy, not per pellet one) by "3xing it on all shotguns in the game", which they didnt; the graf DE used even used status probability per shot, not per pellet as demonstrated by the red and blue lines, the blue "buffed" x coordinate was literally 3x y coordinate value). In fact even Steves yahtzee comparison kicks in here since multishot for shotguns is indeed much more like fire rate for other guns (and inverse for fire rate), EXPLICITLY NOTED THAT ITS ABOUT TOTAL PROBABILIY and multiple times stating that you could proc twice with the same instance/pellet. Or in much simpler, if you were confused and thought buffing per pellet chance 3x of e.g. the tigris was a buff to status chance by 3x, no, its a status chance buff of like 2.05~06ish. P.S. there was no complicated curve, its a basic multiplication chain/chance to the power of events, quite literally grade school stuff.
  13. Slight correction, its not just about 100% status, its that DE didnt actually buff shotguns by 3x status chance since proc probability isnt a sum of all the pellets. This in turn means that the average proc per second for the stats a shotgun had proportionally dropped down the more pellets a shotgun had compared to its status. Or in slighty different terms, im guessing a nice chunk of the complaints wouldnt be there if Tigris Prime and Boar Prime had the 25% they should have had, Sobek the 28 or at least 25~26% (if balancing more by full build), etc since then the in practice output of status shotguns would have been on a similar curve as of non-status and lower pellet count shotguns.
  14. ONLY IF ALL WEAPONS WERE EQUAL. I swear you're that kid that keeps removing remainders from multiple fraction conversions to decimal and then argues that the number is correct resulting in 20 trucks existing in question that asks about how many boxes are there in 12 trucks. In very simple then going from a point of operations, since r1 is sum of probability of N count of x1 chances and the operation of the table is r1x3:N=r2, the higher m2 is, the more r2 is nerfed in comparison to r1 and the lower x2 will applied to N count giving us R3 instead of R2. e.g. 30x3/8= 11.25, 30x3/3 however remains 30. No matter how far you scale it, if its above 3 it will be lower, thats the problem when not reverse calculating probability. Let me guess you also think that a radshare has a 40% chance to give a rare instead of 34.3~ish. Aka its nerfing by pellet count.
  15. The slash proc potential (not average output) change is a good demonstration of how hard the nerf to status guns was tho.
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