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  1. Nah, same issue existed before, with charge attacks it just had the """upside""" of charge attacks requiring long hold and wiffed if not held for full duration (being channeled instead of charged), however it was obvious with pause combos which with sufficient attack speed would auto trigger.
  2. What DE needs to do first is undo the stealth nerfs.
  3. A lot of the list is missing forest due to the trees (in a negative way). E.g. Tempo royale is totally murdered because all of its free move and keyboard steer got removed for animation locks. Broken bull may still have a stun on it, but overall CW is far more accurate in doing what each attack chain is supposed to do (especially since all nuances, except for the too much spin stagger which has recovery based on attack speed thus can be ignored instead of having to swap out of it prior, removed) while rending crane is MASSIVELY better, having 2 high damage almost static options AND the best gap closer cleave of them all. Much like how IP for swords probably has the best slash spam, tho all sword stances (even the best with Vengeful Revenant) have at least 1 animation lock on the forward combo. Blind Justice may have dope modifiers and slash procs with a comfy (and properly for body animation reasoned only camera steer lock) on the gap closer start attack, but overall it too is massively S#&$ from a actual user control point, having multiple hard locks, said comfy gap closer start follwed by essentially a wiff attack/terrible hitbox and then a body twitch slam attack and the static combo literally teleporting you left right because of how they hastily cut apart and re-stitched the animations. Or for another case of absolute derp restitching, the 2h nikana stance now uses 1h animations for some of its attacks, which further cements in the trend that each attack chains animation that could have been left with just new keybinds instead of gutted, also was done while ignoring the description of the stances. TLDR: the issue is a lot of movement only slowdowns, keyboard steer, free move got replaced by animation locks, all cut apart animations had a tendency to be glued with animation locks and the animation trimming that happened sometimes even removed parts of a attacks smaller nuances like movement acceleration. Lifted status being S#&$ for not using the lift from exodia/rhino stomp/vauban bastille is 100% on point tho.
  4. Is there a chance that youll slowly introduce toggle prime details option for deluxe skins that share enough of the mesh bone locations? Also when will we be able to remove the finger spaghetti from nekros prime?
  5. I think the complaint is that mouse sensitivity cant be defaulted to system values/mouse accel is permanently on in WF only applying for higher rez instead of low rz (likely due to sensitivity values despite being a % bar actually having hard caps) like in many a game that also support consoles (for some god forsaken reason) with some "vehicles" having different values ontop of that and the proportions of it with ones DPI dont align well/ 50 sensitivity isnt accurate to the mouse dpi. Personally i tend to tweak around settings for any game for the first 20~ minutes (after however many hours character creation takes if its a RPG) and have it set up to not have to bother with dpi settings, but on a less subjective level it is a legit complaint. Or in other words, like the person above noted, a unorthodox display of hubris, but very well.
  6. I still think that heavy weapons should be equipped in place of a primary and secondary as a regular weapon (with infinite ammo like AW form). Also DE undo the stealth nerf of the AW guns...
  7. I mean, the stances animation changes were for the vast majority rush jobs too. Maybe last week restitches at best. Especially from the raw amount of teleporting from the end of one attack to the starting position of another that got glued together with animation locks.
  8. OR, its you ignoring a simpler solution supported by the rest of the games references to the frames by taking a exposition setup designed to explain umbra and are applying it to the rest of the frames thus creating the plot hole. Thats your timeline, mine is prime frames (the originals) are pure technocyte and steel, where umbra, as i repeatedly stated and you keep ignoring/not reading it, is the 9th late test subject as the war with the sentients is already close to over, ballas testing the efficiency of making frames in a new way that replaces the need for tenno (since the secred he gives to hunhow are coordinates for the "vile devil rejects that should not be underestimated"). Thats you THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE TENNO IF INSTEAD OF PRIME FRAMES BALLAS JUST MADE UMBRA FRAMES FROM THE START/that instead of building, if he was transforming people, there was no need for the tenno because Umbra by all accounts works without one and was perfectly controllable already despite wanting to gut Ballas like a fish (a entirely relationship due to making him murder his son and maybe rest of family problem, not something innate). Because the tenno did. Because the og frames being technocyte robots (cyborgs technically since bio-nanomachines but same point, inanimate matter and some strain of infestation) thus couldnt be used without the tenno/at best twitch to maybe other sources of infestation, ballas couldnt finish the umbra out of testing and finally the proper failure in the fact that the tenno gutted the orokin. Also it are failures in ballas' mind. Still doesnt explain away the fact that umbra frame(s would be/)is already animate without a operator permanently and was controllable by ballas; specifically why the other frames need operators if they are all transformed dax soldiers. All it does is further reinforce the point that all but umbra frames are not transformed humanoids, but built from inanimate matter and technocyte. Except ballas does and no its still there. Because the umbra frames already work on their own and we go with your fanfic version of events that all frames are umbra/transformed, there is no need for the operators because umbra worked on his own perfectly well and despite the hostile relationship caused entirely by the dialogue and orders right after the creation process, still was able to be controlled by Ballas. The tenno are literally nothing but a weakness and a massive plot hole in your reinterpretation of the sacrifice quest.
  9. Ballas was in control of Umbra tho. Their conflict stems entirely from that very fact being used by Ballas in a antagonistic way (its just a tiny bit about culling his bloodline for each stone lost in go and ordering him to kill his son). IF the frames were made from humanoids getting infested, there is no point to the tenno, just dont threaten to kill the recruits families (or at least do so while keeping them leveraged in a safe place without actually killing them). Half of step 3 and all of 4 and 5 are pointless by Ballas establishing that a dax converted still has to obey the commands of (at least one) Orokin, unless the process is not the same. Nice projecting Even ignoring trying to use semantics due to how technocyte muddles the issue by it being bio-nanomachines instead of pure tech, Umbra Excal is still a dax soldier. A infested one and a umbra frame, but he is still dax, he is still the dude who was ordered to kill his son by Ballas. Same how a charger is still the corpse (or not as with the last nightwave story) of a grineer. Dont confuse the cancerous technocyte bio-nanomachines for the products of flesh (and in case of the mutalist strain, metal too) created. Golem in both non religious ancient and even modern common use just means construct/robot/automaton/artifically animated matter. And the derisive part is towards the rest of the council siding with spacemom treating the tenno as not being a threat (which they wouldnt have been with proper care). No, its spoken to the rest of the council. In terms of time frame it could be early in the revival of the warframe project (which is the more likely option) or after ballas was already trying to get his way into testing on making umbra frames/replacement for himself without the tenno, but its to a fellow executor. Also while insulting, devil is still a accurate description of the tenno from ballas' pov even then because they stole not just the attention of the one he loved but also her sight. A gene sequence is not a living thing, even the most complex DNA and RNA mollecules. You can use it to grow clones. Neither of which is conclusive to the point that you can somehow siphon away resources from a transformation that at best takes a few days if not a few hours. Depends on what you mean with "infested" primes, we have support for the fact that "a strain of infestation" is the type of technocyte used for regular, non-umbra frames, which was obvious even before. Why Helminth gives our frames pimples can maybe be excused too by saying that we can somehow convert the wild infestation into a similar-yet-not-identical version with our on ship helminth chair and the foundry. What we dont have for is that all frames are humanoids that got transformed by infesting them. The fact that he calls them such, that the copy frames have actual metal rims and plates of tech as salad v shows with valkyr and that it creates a massive plot hole on the fact that the tenno are entirely pointless then because we have direct proof with umbra that infesting dax to transform them into umbras are perfectly controllable isnt evidence enough? No. You just have 2 separate scene statements that Orokin attempted to use infested at some point in time vs the sentients (timeframe including the option for the moments before the betrayal thus umbra tests) No. Warframes came as a result later, again great plague and the codex entry of the infestation very much lean towards orokin were playing around with trying to use infestation in various ways (and with various setbacks). The only thing that infestation of humanoids resulted in other than the various infested enemies is ballas making a later version down the line (probably to replace the tenno, again because by his pov we are the cause of spacemoms death and all the evils) that created umbra frames. Millions of sheep can agree that piss is rain, it wont stop being piss. The burden of proof is on you removing the massive plot hole of "why do the frames need tenno in the first place when ballas can perfectly order umbra(s) around in the first place other than the existing lore stating they are golems unlike the umbra(s)". Do you believe that orokin literally had 0 people that actually liked the concepts of "survival of the species", "loved ones being alive" and maybe even "serve the country/empire/species" among their ranks and that of their various servants?
  10. Titania is still on old new/pre railjack AW controls instead of new AW controls thus cant sprint to the sides and cant sprint while aiming.
  11. Still no melee 3.0 stance smoothing/fixes to the animation locks used as glue, missing subtle attack modifiers (shift/sprint for faster movement on non-hard animation locks, attacks with movement slowdown but free move, acceleration boost on some slide, latch and air attacks, etc) and reverting the (relatively "few") stances that got absolutely butchered like TR.
  12. Except it is because we got a video on how Ballas infested people and made umbra frames. How is the fact that a technocyte puppet inconsistent with the fact that its the frames are pure technocyte and metal, not a transformed person. And hello, that is from the second dream. Much like the og titania/the to-be-prime-but-had-resources-stole-from-the-project titania which responded be it due to the infestation reacting to someone it saw as a ally/part of itself or due to latant transference. If you want to even entertain the fanfic idea that non-umbra/non-test subject 1-9+ frames are infested humands EXPLAIN WHY BALLAS DIDNT JUST CONTROL FRAMES FROM THE START LIKE HE DOES WITH UMBRA EXCAL. Explain why the dax didnt in line give themselves to the country they then willingly died for both vs sentients and vs tenno to serve as frames. EXPLAIN. Here is the hint, you cant because you took a quote explaining umbra out of its quest context thereby creating massive retcons and plot holes and now want to apply that fanfic instead of the established primes are pure technocyte and metal explanation that even the quest itself supports because the image on screen during the very quote states test subject, not warframe.
  13. OR instead of changing around some mods to no effect, why not just let damn finishers count as mercy kills if it actually kills the enemy on the first try.
  14. As annoying as it is (and on some tennogen caused the issue of having channeling effects on the wrong edge), i think its a leftover of early design to better show off the model (which is derp because captura and turning your frame around are options).
  15. Can we just point out that if the pull strengths for ripline got reversed and the velocity kill happened on enemies instead of the player, the skills would be perfect/do what they are intended to do (well archline doesnt kill your acceleration truly, it lets you keep as much speed as movement speed you got, but the point stands and in both cases, it doesnt kill the enemy speed boost). When you pull yourself to something, you should be force dragged the 1/3rd of the way in as you are, but then keep accelerating for the time it would take if the skill pulled you to the piece of map you hooked yourself too (in any direction you force steer), any recasts overwriting the effect and if you are beyond the target point (be it due to portal on valkyr or blink on itzal) it shouldnt drag you back to that point. Also on the changes, mag pull should not pull enemies out of bubbles.
  16. Its literally more than you have: "but these aren't Dax soldiers. These are golems possessed by devil minds.", "Now I build these vile weapons called "Warframes" all for one purpose: death.", "next Warframe I've been commanded to build, but in secret I've been siphoning resources from the project.", "My sister needs the orphan child, not it'sInfested puppet.", "No self, no sense, no death. Just a metal puppet, dangling on Tenno strings."
  17. Thats you people. Literally every single other instance of warframe origins in the established lore. Again read above. Ofc, the sacrifice is about the exception(s) to the rule, the at least one surviving (out of at least 9) test subject by ballas making frames that wouldnt require tenno (and didnt).
  18. Its literally called Technocyte in game on Nano Spores. Nope its umbra. Again Ballas himself calls them golems and we have confirmation from titania that they are built. Nope, its next section/new screen. One is infested humanoids, next is back to the first image of the warframes. Nope, Primes are steel and technocyte, not humanoids that got transformed. Nope, again Ballas orders him to kill his son same as he orders him to stop. And you do realize that the first target of a pissed off transformed dax would be the dude who just kept whispering to him that for each stone lost in a game a member of his family will die. nanobiomachines and resources while the Umbra are which because they are Dax and demonstrated to be under perfect control by the orokin such as ballas wouldnt be able to You know, just as umbra excal couldnt touch ballas till the potato kid took control Except that only umbra are infested dax with the rest being golems out of innert material and technocyte. The infested werent because the orokin cant control the infested, nor raw infestation bio-nanomachines such as the prime frames. Yes he does, he literally orders him to kill his son, then likely gets him locked up on earth, then actually to stop to get killed, then orders him to stop in an attempt to get him killed a second time but tenno transference beats his control over Umbra. Except thats not Except for the whole killing his son and not being able to raise a hand against his orokin master (which could be transference or the fact that he is dax). No its not. You control the snake the moment you can order it to stop moving and to attack someone else, thats kinda the definition of control. To directly influence the behaviour of someone or something else. Same as the tenno do. And no, the potato kid is the one who overwrites the umbra control just as you do in gameplay. And you have the "but these aren't Dax soldiers. These are golems possessed by devil minds." "Now I build these vile weapons called "Warframes" all for one purpose: death." "next Warframe I've been commanded to build, but in secret I've been siphoning resources from the project." "My sister needs the orphan child, not it'sInfested puppet." (mind you, grineer queens have been around since the era thus would have solid enough info on what the warframes actually are) OR even better, from the words of Hunhow, the person who actually knows the full detail of what Ballas told him instead of a single partial recording "No self, no sense, no death. Just a metal puppet, dangling on Tenno strings." (notable for the fact that Umbras squishy-ness comes from actually having organs on the inside, including eyes/well at least one eye and nerves, instead of technocyte). Or how about the fact that the orokin text on the vitruivian during the infested parts themselves says test subject, the same thing that was on umbras promotion page (only test subject 9), not warframe. Again, further implying the infested humanoids being ballas' side project near the end of the war OR a test to use raw infestation (as the text itself stated before) before turning to the proper non-umbra warframes, both being different things from the regular "lumping technocyte onto metal and gold" process.
  19. They arent because infestation is a cancerous version of it. Technocyte is still in ga,e. No its just umbra. Which is a separate section from Thats Infested or Umbra, not primes who ballas himself calls golems. No, he ordered the father to kill his son despite having functional memories of his son. Ballas control over umbra frames yet lack over the normal frames that arent infested dax is exactly the point. There is no need for tenno if the original prime frames are infested humanoids since DEMONSTRABLY BALLAS HAS ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER THEM TILL (/IF) A TENNO TAKES OVER. Because he ordered him to kill his son, naturally he wants to kill him but cant because ballas can order him not to. Yes it does, if he can order a father to kill his son he can well bloody order a frame to go off and kill the sentients or whatever else and return to him. Except it is and nano spores flat out call it such ontop of the devs. Thats your interpretation. In reality DE didnt even know what the hell warframe will be till after it got funded and even then it took totalbiscuit (back in 2013) to steer a massive amount of people to it for it to start taking shape in core gameloop.
  20. Spellbind has a place in her kit (dot defense and solo augment trigger), Tribute is great now that it has a use (razorfly generator) her passive needs to be bugfixed since im 100% sure now that it no longer works on her razorwing dodge (which btw, it did effect, it wasnt just a out of 4 effect/worked on her barrel roll and dodge just as all other bullet jump mods influence dodge distance), the crux is giving lantern a place in the game loop. As for controls, they just need to be updated to new new AW control (which return sprinting sidewarys and sprinting while aiming).
  21. No they are not, they are built from metal and technocyte. Umbra are transformed. No its not, umbra was explicitly made as it was, i even quoted you the line. "But you won't have to imagine. A lovingly cultured Infestation swarms within your blood. Your transformation has begun, reshaping you into a sacred surrogate of the unholy Tenno... A Warframe with but a Single. Burning. Memory. It is... a miracle!" And yes the primes which were infested constructs instead of umbra frames were a failure till transference. Because constructs out of metal and technocyte need someone to actually move them. Something transformed dax/umbra frames dont need. He literally orders him to kill his son and to stop and he does so. Did skip the cutscenes in sacrifice to not see how ballas gives umbra excal orders and he has to obey them (till the player overrides the control)? Very good projecting from you there. Thats not a retcon of established lore. But i actually have the timeline and in game events supporting it in addition to that, you meanwhile have a single line which you draw out of the context of the quest explaining why umbra exists and attempt to retcon the rest of the game which just creates plot holes. Again explain why ballas didnt just control the frames then? WHY THE NEED FOR THE TENNO? Umbra who completely hates ballas guts still has to obey and serve him until we overwrite that. There is no reason why the potato kids were needed AT ALL if they could can just convert loyal soldiers into (umbra) frames. Both of you actually argue a point with backup evidence instead of spamming "nuh uh, but this one line thats relevant for only umbra".
  22. No it wouldnt because the only climb for going into the void and tenno devils would be a climb up the stairs to get lazor murdererd. And no, no its not. Not just because the dude was cutting apart copies/rhinos which means its either end of the empire times thus corpus or post collapse thus salad-under like corpus (be it salad himself or his dad/teacher/whatever doesnt matter, point is rhino prime codex doesnt happen during the relevant ballas times). And yes they do, again Lotus explictly called in Salad bro in for his more clear knowledge of the prior events. While the connection of tenno and frame is only known by those that worked with the potato kids themselves, the vague knowledge of the main events (ship yeeted in void, ship lost, kids that murdered around returning) is semi-public. And yes they do, while not directly to the moon, they both keep launching expeditions into the void and void keys are relevant parts in a nice chunk of mission types. And no.Hunhow didnt know the secret, the sentients in general didnt. Its why lotus turncoating or getting mind wiped even works/worked as a plot point. He knows it after the war is over and he got stuck in your anus exactly because ballas would have told him the location of the potato kids. Also, no, the player tenno think of themselves as warframes because of the void block spacemom set on em and the cryo sleep meaning they couldnt physically jump out of frames and that most of their memories are of themselves as frames. And no. They are made from technocyte, they just arent infested humanoids but the raw bio-mech nanomachines and metal chunks. Just as the cloned frames. And because retcons in general arent allowed in cases of published existing work/death of the author. I at least have the benefit of the actual timeline and character logic being correct while you assume that somehow the publicly known warframes and potato kid devils that even got a slaughter celebration were unknown during the orokin times to give profits to some 2 dudes that at the same time were cutting them apart and that ballas/orokin crew wouldnt use the loyal and willing to protect dax to serve as frames which from near end of the old war up till the new war in however many hundreds of years it was WAS STILL UNDER CONTROL AS PROVEN WITH UMBRA DESPITE HIS HATE FOR BALLAS, but instead it somehow needed the tenno despite again, umbra not needing a tenno at all to serve ballas makes any logical sense? Seriously how the hells does "people that are loyal and controllable need potato kid to control despite evidence to the contrary being true for years" make any sense compared to "it always were just technocyte dolls that potato kids would give animus/soul/mind/void fuel to, meanwhile ballas was doing #*!%ery with a replacement method, aptly called test subjects, when he wanted to betray the orokin and kill the ones that corrupted both his project and "caused" the death of his love"? Clearly you have to have something better off to go than that illogical nonsense or the cries of "Muh retcons its muh retcons" when it still doesnt explain anything.
  23. Titania, like nekros, zephyr, trin and hydro are by no means bad (titania needs a bugfix to use new new AW model for 4 and passive work on AW dodge again and probably a replacement effect for lanter/make lantern actually do something useful to core game loop like how tribute was converted into the razorfly generation she lacked, zeph 4 better control, nekros a lifesteal/life on hit passive and un-nerf to his 2 augment, trins well of life better implemented and hydro also needs a more reliable/integrated passive). Nyx however needs some love.
  24. Yes, yes it does. In fact thats literally what Alad V does. Its literally part of the zanuka plot that Corpus want to replicate warframes powers and zanuka was the first proper success. Its literally the reason why basic valkyr looks like she does. And ofc the orokin wouldnt need to start dissecting the infestation or testing the frames response time, ballas already made them correctly with the primes and the response time is based on the tenno unless its a umbra. Not to mention that because the 10-0 was only a thing of vague knowledge, multiple rhino copies existed that got cut apart by the dude AND the other guys main incentive is GROFIT.
  25. 1) There is lockon in game already 2) Encouraging it further would just reduce the quality of melee stances because it supports sloppy animation design/it started off as a mechanic as a crutch for consoles due to controllers lack of precision 3) Heavy slam>jump>spam attack while holding back already does what you asked for (send enemy in air and hit em while not moving you), issue is only in lift status not working like the exodia/rhino stomp/bastille
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