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  1. Or just make her 1 work like this and 4 like this (keeping invul, replacing the cowardice encouraging ring and energy cost with the stored damage turning to hp loss thats purged with finishers and delayed with kills).
  2. Thank you for proving my point about the "plays once leaves 0.01% play time folks", so to simplify it, if you aint just being afk with 280% range (which unless you're doing arena endo runs or are being afk is massive overkill) you might find that he has a melee centric resource juggling gameloop, where by cycling energy>hp>energy lets him keep up HC along with terrify AND shadows casts even with no extra max energy and negative efficiency which then both feed back into more energy and hp. And that due to limited range on kill recovery and most dismember ways being melee, sp knockback lets him split prio shadow targets and do knockdowns when upclose (and when doing slides between bullet jumps through the tileset). So yes, he very much does have a very good gameloop even if it was nerfed by the trashxecute being counter value in when SP gets spammed.
  3. No. He needs tiny updates like Nezha did. Return SP to release form (true damage) or to % current hp with minimum damage (post armor) so that it scales and removal of trashxecute nerf; maybe a second 1 augment for the people that want the kit nerf of the trashxecute that then also removes the cc from it just to solve all the "plays once leaves" 0.01% play time folks complaints), swap Terrify secondary effect with augments and then make augment strip resistances instead of the armor base did (so 40% slow base, 40% resistance drop to hp, armor and shields for augment) so that it doesnt impede non-melee non-aoe allies, give shadows mandachord style ui for unit priority+ai type along with ally PT so that they dont bodyblock and tweak passive from 5 heal on kill to 0.5% lifesteal on hit. He has a sold gameloop, his shadows already work for 1/5 potential gameplay styles, he just needs that spammy direct damage to start ramp and not to hamper allies and have that garbage nerf removed from him (or hell just replaced with the soul rush that wraith/sevagoth concept lost when it was replaced what was og a suggestion for nekros terrify to be what gloom is).
  4. Serious,serious. Even without specter or buff stack abuse, but just a ally with a decent weapon to charge it (high base or mass pellet count), circa level 485~500 sp non-eximus grineer should insta pop. Also as someone who spent way too much time on Nekros, the person was right in calling out the dude with nekros in his username to use him wrong. Shadows are the best/highest prio non-ai overwrite taunt (or soft taunt as one might call it), SP was a ok cheap 1h augur/brief shield refuel with positioning based cc (still waiting on the day DE finally inform people in the tips that its either a soft launch/knockdown, mid yeet or tenno space program based on proximity and elevation compared to target) till trashxecute nerf to it, terrify sadly annoys allies/makes their life needlessly bothersome for getting headshots if you dont run creeping but its still a good cc that goes through some bullS#&$ cases of immunities. He is/was literally one of the few frames without forced dependencies but entirely working on mechanical synergy between otherwise independently functional skills for his gameloop. Then the trashxecute happened that both ate up a chance to buff him properly AND managed to nerf the little usability his 1 had because now you risk filling your troops with trash in the situations where you want to spam it and would have to use it on heavys when they are already dead when against them you want to yeet from afar or knockdown on approach before the chance to damage them.
  5. This is funny because Absorb (unagumented) is one of the best scaling aoe damage nukes in game.
  6. Nekros best 2 buffs would be undoing the trashxecute nerf to soul punch and turning it to true damage like it used to be on his release (or % damage). Oh and making the pinky spaghetti on the prime optional.
  7. All throw weapon aoe effects are (and have been since gun workshop) bugged so that they are unmoddable/only mods that work on them are damage mods, fire rate mods and in case of jav mag size since they pull the values off the regular shots. As such it suffers from the "either build crit primary fire only or alt fire utility only with max fire rate".
  8. He should have been less infested baseline and more (full body) Infested at max stacks. Also yes, 1 could have had 2 stages, pre 10 stacks shooting out white technocyte building spikes, post 10 spikes covered in tendrils and the floor goop spread going along the animation. 2 should have had a orokin trap orb base with sub 10 stacks pull animation being the gold energy tendrils, post 10 the actual infested tentacles. 3 could have had the umbilical initially be a orokin corruption drone that only post 10 is replaced by the tiny projectile and umbilical instead of energy threader.
  9. All forward combos should be (as initially promised in the melee 2.9998 preview devstream) full free movement. All dashes should have keyboard steer (as a ok amount used to have and as slide attack still partially has).
  10. Everyone uses PReach thus folks used to old melee on non whips dont have a problem if it gets over 4.4~4.5m range (from muscle memory at least) id assume.
  11. BTW, stance almost entirely a mishmash of other stances with arm bones locked in heavy/AW gun mode: Forward combo is gunblade shoot+claw uppercut static combo is 2h nikana + Majestic Abandon and Crowd Fall Static block combo is reverse+regular Broken Bull spins with Resplendent Calma rise slam Forward block combo finale/slam is Bold Reprise Oh and heavy is the glaive Rising Moon/non SO tonfla rising spin (forgot stance name sorry) but again, arms locked and really slowed down (this one IMO is very smart case of reuse since you wouldnt expect For short, only the ride animation is unique and it too seems just a decently modified kdrive crouch. Noone of this would be a problem if it werent mashed together with animation locks as glue and given proper properties with how WF handlies input que. Well ok i lie a bit, the fact that ride isnt the heavy attack and lets you just keep riding forever (but just being terrible damage at low combo) is a problem in terms of potential fun factor lost, but hey w/e.
  12. The entire stance is just a single new animation (partially, clearly based on kdrive crouch dash but sufficient bone tweaks to count as new) and everything else mostly just copied over with animation lock glue from heavy blade, gunblade and claw stances with the heavy weapon/ground AW gun arm bones locked. It should have been at that point a heavy blade with a heavy attack override that makes the ride a infinite heavy that loses speed and damage as combo drops. Also yes, forward melee with animation time shorter than input que shouldnt be a thing (then again animation locks as glue shouldnt be a thing, old dash keyboard street should return and Tempo Royale should be returned to its old smooth glory *man misses pause combo here but who cares, it was bad before and its hitbox got nerfed now in 2.998 to the point where it misses everything to the right of you at the start or even made better along with all melee having a no animation lock forward combo/free strafing and full speed influence by w rather than locked in fixed distance movement).
  13. And its extra funny because the Prob Cernos is far closer to a Paris in limb and grip design (aka everything except the aiming arch+stabilizer combo) which doesnt have alt faction or at least infested variant already like Cernos.
  14. You dont need over 180% strength (or 100% of going for the Rheap aug, tho then you wouldnt use ore gaze). And if surrounded you have 4 for petrification but again that would be if going Rheap. No, 36 or even just 20~25m on a 60 degree cone is more than sufficient to cover most good farming tile rooms (its why a no range mod nekros still works in almost all content for loot if the party doesnt split up, tho 145% min is better just to guarantee coverage and be less limiting on bone papa positioning). And spawns even on SP arent quick enough for you to do it more often than every 4-8s depending on tile (as such is same as if going regularly through a mission shooting out a petrify every 2 smack loops), especially not if farming thus funneling enemies. Naturally for nekros, but khora and hydroid cases are entirely up to perference of gameloop. Hydroid is guaranteed extra loot rolls, but slowest, Khora is fastest if you sacrifice loot or slower but still higher % if wall dome camping, atlas asks the most enemy awareness and longest damage ramp with lowest drop rate but most active gameloop and over large ground/when not camping higher drop rates than khora (since petrified everything>only enemies in dome, that is ofc assuming you/you and potential party kill enemies at same pace in both comparisons). So a time saver augment is doing what a time saver augment does. Ok. and extra loots value/how much it amounts to depends on you. 45% extra loot if casually playing around/doing fissures really doesnt seem a bad deal in exchange for reducing the amount you overkill enemies by some 60%. 1) Petrify loot drop from petrify effect has no stacking block with another loot bonus nor does it have any equivalent (like ivaras pickpocketing). Shattered enemies body chunks are still desecrated and if tagged by khora or hydroid or smacked by a somehow killed wu it still works. 2) Loot frame farm stacks aint about consistency, but speed. Its why Ivara isnt used at all for prowl in loot comps (but can be for navigator aoe memes). Fact that you can smack ore gaze on hydroid (or nekros, even if he is better off being the gloom or larva person) just means that the otherwise meh for instant floor wipes kit of atlas doesnt compete. Its not petrify nor his fists, but walls and the 2 buddies that are better off being summoned for a petrify and then instantly blown up for rubble that are holding his (general, but also) loot frame position back. 3) Tho as said, i dont care if they return it to 50%, just saying DE would likely then nerf it to no longer be effected by power strength.
  15. How is a 0.3s 36m aoe that CCs, enables your gameloop and buffs damage by~ 32 to 80% getting a 21~44% extra loot chance as bad as a 1.8s animation that needs to be spammed and is the only gameplay you experience even possible to compare? Especially since ore gaze is a optional augment not a base effect. Atlas relishes range due to how his 1 and 4 on cast stun work (and due to 50/170+x3 working really solid with 2-3 free slots depending on forma you wanna invest if you dont wanna go 265+ survival setup) so free to use 20-40% loot you can overlap multiple times vs a static 1 tentacle field/2 jungle jim areas seems mostly like a worthwhile trade. Dont see much reason for nor against returning it to 50% but i guess DE would then make it unmoddable value like the other loot augments.
  16. >Doesnt know how to press 2 and walk into damage. Is this the "chroma doesnt work without self damage because i cant afford the 2 seconds it takes for the giant space mech/spider crab mech to step on me" thread all over again?
  17. If you dropped the bloodlust idea (no need to add a gauge to every frames base kit, especially if melee might get DT mode) and made 3 a paralysis augment instead where instead off on bloodlust its based on her missing shields at cast and as mentioned 4 was just nier berserk (no need to remove claw lifesteal since both are what a A2 proper build in nier already would achieve and maybe kept invul with the current damage store buffer counting as the soak/influencing hp loss, ofc los cowardice encouraging bs removed) and maybe not having tap/hold on ripline (if 2 functions of same tool dont overlap in use context no need to separate control) id pretty much fully agree. Why do people have the concept that 4.7m (up to 5.4 actually in some attacks) is bad range? Thats what pre range changes galatine prime has on TR hoop slams. Its 0.4 shorter of what everyones favourite grineer blender on a rope had on slide attacks. Yes there is a lot of stance jank especially post changes (tho old pause combo was jank too so not that drastic of a nerf unlike a lot of other stances got) but thats general animation lock hell average of melee 2.9998, that is entirely circumvented by spinning like a maniac beyblade/samus screw attack (till DE fixes stances as a whole to have free move on forward as promised and return keyboard steer on dashes).
  18. Alternatively: Make Ripline this (proper momentum retention, partial/45 degree keyboard steering like melee dashes used to have, add sevagoth claw pull ragdoll block that moves with valkyr/pulls enemy always into melee), And Hysteria this (claws withfull invul and lifesteal kept, but los cowardice bs encouragement removed, energy cost changed to hp drain, stored damage leaks over time increasing drain while decreasing stored value, kills pause drain, finishers remove a big chunk or all stored damage AKA let the berserker berserk). Also why do people keep wanting to change a decent passive?
  19. I know its nitpicking but not only is it not natural distribution, but it also isnt a case of zipfian distribution because the most popular changes by context/unrelated environmental changes, not just time or changes of the net system. AND we dont have unaccounted variables, we know wu is popular due to afkability, speed and passive which guarantees survival in the shorter mission lengths. True tho that it isnt really a problem as long as DE designs content well.
  20. I know, it used to just amp movement to a fixed value keeping all speed buffs. ATM it only retains a few (slightly buggy) ways to retain increased speed. Thus exactly why i said since the slightly above mobilize+decent bullet jump mobility of it is a massive draw to wu for the quick kill missions as part of being a players "universal use frame".
  21. If Wu gets nerfed at all it would be removing the speed boost/having cloud go at base movement speed but allowing speed buffs to effect it.
  22. Except RPS doesnt work when all 3 are active base parts of the vast majority of weapons. They arent tools you extra slot in vs something, its the baseline that should show how a weapon is used. Puncture should likely make a enemy lose body length for the sake of PT/FT and generate a weakspot that counts for headshots. Impact should unlock parazon on everyone and at 10 guarantee the bleed states. That way you have the dot, the direct kill/cleave and the utility/resource type. Also why Slash should go back to being anti health by dealing directly health damage instead of energy shields preventing bloodloss.
  23. No, its literally 220%. How can you miss the point that "1.55, 1, 1, 1, 1" is 2.2 total lower than "1.55, 1.55, 1.55, 1.55, 1.55". Keep being wrong tho and claiming that buffing a build that much isnt buffing the build. Even if its just 1 mission, you are buffing the build in general which is still power creep. No different than making every hp/armor/shield type extra 100% weak to magnetic (or any other element). A person choosing to play with a different build isnt even relevant for that. 0 QOL raw power creep no matter what.
  24. Thats just a problem with puncture proc having effectively no place and impact recently being soft nerfed instead of the parazon option being universal and 10 stacks guaranteeing the lich/thrall invul down bleedout time.
  25. Its not convenience, its damage. Heat is the best dot, viral outperforms corrosive in SP and is effectively universal damage amp for relevant content. People are willing to run effectively 7 mod builds in some missions simply because of how effective bane of grineer is when relevant. As such power creep to 1.4 net damage is only that, raw power creep.
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